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Energy Toolbase adds Enel X storage solutions to ETB Developer

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 10th November

By SB Staff November 9, 2021 View Profile

Energy Toolbase announced a platform integration with Enel X North America, giving project developers the ability to run storage dispatch simulations and savings analyses on the ETB Developer platform that are representative of how Enel X storage solutions will operate in the field. This will streamline the project development process for commercial project developers looking to model and deploy Enel X controlled storage systems.

“Commercial and industrial customers continue to play a leading role in the energy transition through the adoption of energy flexibility solutions like battery storage that deliver cost savings and help meet sustainability goals,” said Phil Martin, Vice President of Energy Storage at Enel X. “By bringing together Enel X’s energy storage expertise with Energy Toolbase’s leading platform, we’re providing our commercial solar developer partners a more seamless way to add storage to their projects with a powerful toolset to model, optimize and close projects.”

Enel X, the Enel Group’s advanced energy services business line, brings more than 20 years of energy industry domain expertise, with an energy storage portfolio spanning over 110 MW worldwide. The company deploys standalone storage and solar-plus-storage projects, having deployed projects of differing sizes for a variety of customers and industry types.

Enel X’s DER.OS powers the energy storage system by coordinating system dispatch and maximizing the savings from batteries, solar, backup generation, electric vehicle charging, and other distributed energy resources. DER.OS uses advanced machine and patented technology to optimize across multiple value streams to predict system peaks, analyze grid conditions, forecast facility load, store excess on-site solar energy, and participate in utility grid services programs such as demand response.

The ETB Developer software platform is a leading tool for performing utility rate and financial analysis of solar and energy storage projects. The platform provides precise calculations of utility costs, energy savings, and project economics. ETB Developer leverages an in-house utility rates team to ensure accurate and accountable utility costs and savings projections for both solar and energy storage projects.

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