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DSD to build solar + storage project at California business park

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 29th April

Bishop Ranch already holds the distinction of the largest concentration of LEED-certified space outside of a major metropolitan area, and this latest installation will build on that achievement.

Previous DSD installation at Bishop Ranch

The first site DSD designed and installed was at City Center Bishop Ranch, the largest outdoor shopping and lifestyle center in the world to be awarded LEED Platinum Certification due in part to the rooftop and canopy PV systems that produce 1.33 MW of renewable energy and designed to offset annual energy usage for City Center by 75% on average. In the last year, the solar installation at City Center Bishop Ranch produced about 2.15 GWh of energy, of which only 1.91 GWh was used by the center, and resulted in approximately $316,000 of savings.

“DSD is the perfect partner to help us achieve our renewable energy goals. They have the ability to create innovative and architecturally beautiful solar solutions that blend seamlessly with Bishop Ranch’s overall aesthetic while optimizing energy production,” said Alexander Mehran, Jr., President and CEO of Sunset Development Company. “This solar installation complements our core green philosophy, award-winning transit program, extensive recycling initiative, and green cleaning practices that have come to define Bishop Ranch.”

The two installations combined will produce an estimated 4,771 MWh/year.

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