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Contract manufacturer BCI Engineering unveils its own fixed-tilt solar racking

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 01st April

BCI Engineering is releasing Full Tilt, a new ground-mounted solar racking system. Backed by decades of contract manufacturing and engineering experience, Full Tilt is a fixed-tilt racking solution featuring fewer parts, manufacturer direct pricing and versatile module loading and fastening methods.

Full Tilt fixed-tilt solar racking by BCI Engineering.

The Full Tilt system introduces a new type of panel rail, called the “Longhorn.” The Longhorn lets modules slide into strategically placed notches on the rail, giving the system the ability to self-align modules and improve installation speed. Structurally independent tables are self-squaring, eliminating the need for adjustment and increasing compatibility with steep terrains.

With several identical structural components and optimized beam cantilevers, this six-part system ensures a speedy installation with no lost time sorting through parts, BCI stated in a press release. The rotatable rack gives installers the option to install modules in whichever position they prefer.

“Following a meticulous product development effort, we’re very excited to introduce Full Tilt and demonstrate how its innovative design will deliver time and cost savings value beyond what’s currently available,” said Chris Bartley, VP of business development at BCI. “By combining one of the world’s largest solar racking supply chains with a product designed by industry veterans specifically to address the unmet needs in this market segment, we’re able to consolidate two key elements of the value chain and create the optimal fixed-tilt solution in terms of product quality and cost.”

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