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Blue Planet Energy debuts slick, stackable LFP battery for any home or business

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 25th March

Blue Planet Energy continues to empower individuals and communities to further their decarbonization and electrification goals with the launch of its Blue Ion HI: a safe, hassle-free energy storage solution for homes, businesses and community resilience projects. Blue Ion HI is built on Blue Planet Energy’s core Blue Ion technology, which pairs inherently safe, conflict-free batteries with embedded intelligence and a sleek design to automatically capture energy from a wide range of renewable and traditional sources. Its innovative enclosure is constructed from high-quality materials for an attractive and durable addition to any home or business. The stackable, maintenance-free system is backed by an unmatched 15-year performance warranty to ensure reliable power delivery, day or night, on or off grid.

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“The Blue Ion HI is an extremely reliable, no maintenance, long-term investment, and my customers love its high-quality, sleek design aesthetics,” said Jeff Richardson, president of CPM Design & Construction, a solar-plus-storage and home construction expert in Hawaii. “It also takes about half the time to install the Blue Ion HI compared to other systems, and its ability to be easily stacked maximizes energy density while minimizing installation footprint.”

What’s cool? From a removable door to no-drill conduit knockouts, Blue Ion HI is purposefully engineered for streamlined installation. Its proprietary racking system allows installers to easily place and stack the lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP) battery modules and to quickly expand capacity in units of 8, 12 or 16 kWh as customers’ energy needs evolve over time, without system overhauling or additional accessories. The battery cells and modules within the Blue Planet Energy products are certified to the highest safety standards in accordance with UL 9540A Test Method.

Blue Ion HI is a premium pairing with any standard inverter and is equipped with Blue Planet Energy’s intuitive Nāmaka communications platform, which seamlessly integrates with on-site existing energy systems — including renewable energy installations, on-site generators and the local electrical grid — to visualize performance data and inform actionable insights around energy usage patterns.

“Whether it’s providing critical backup power during grid outages or intelligently powering everyday life, Blue Ion HI paves a path to self-reliance and sustainability for individuals and organizations around the world,” said Michael Menendez, head of product development and technology for Blue Planet Energy. “Every aspect of this product is thoughtfully designed for safety, simplicity and reliability to deliver the full environmental and economic benefits of energy storage to the masses. With support from our certified dealer network, we’re demystifying energy storage and helping customers to live the future of energy independence today.”