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APsystems launches new dual-module microinverter with potential 960-V output

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 28th September

APsystems has unveiled a new dual-module, single-phase microinverter for residential and commercial solar applications called the DS3 series. DS3 will have a power output range of 640 to 880 V (with 960-V models available on demand only).

The DS3 series is designed to be paired with any module type and size, including 60- and 72-cell modules, 120- and 144 split-cell modules, as well as bifacial modules. The new product line is also fully compatible with APsystems’ existing QS1 and YC600 microinverters as well as ECU-R, ECU-C and ECU-B gateway devices.

The DS3 series has a 97% efficiency rating, remote upgradeability and encrypted Zigbee wireless for faster communication speed and enhanced system security.

The new microinverter line will launch by Q4 of this year.

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