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80-MWh storage project coming to Dominion Energy Virginia territory

Written by: Leonard Parker | Solar News | 18th September

Energy storage developer East Point Energy has sold the 20-MW/80-MWh Dry Bridge Energy Storage project to Dominion Energy Virginia. The project will likely be the largest energy storage system in Virginia when it becomes operational in 2022.

“East Point was founded on the premise that renewable energy from sources like wind and solar are cost-effective but inherently intermittent,” said Andrew Foukal, CEO of East Point Energy. “Therefore, energy storage is essential to enabling a renewable, resilient, and affordable electric grid. We would like to thank Dominion Energy for their strong partnership on this groundbreaking project.”

Dominion Energy acquired Dry Bridge as part of the company’s 2020 Clean Energy Request for Proposals. Under the Virginia Clean Economy Act, Dominion Energy will build or procure 2,700 MW of energy storage capacity by 2035 and must have 100% of its electricity sales in Virginia come from clean energy sources by 2045.

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