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What is SERP in SEO?


Video Transcript for What is SERP in SEO?


[00:00:00] Hi there, Leonard Parker here. And I'm in this video. I'm going to go over a question that I think that's really important to understand if you're doing SEO or you looking to work with a SEO provider for your company's website and question is what is serp in SEO and serp is an abbreviation for search engine results page. I should say acronym is This Acronym for search engine results page [00:00:30] and that's pretty simple when you do a search in Google and just for this video. I'm going to stick with Google but this works the same with being Yahoo. DuckDuckGo any other search engine that you may be using?

This this is the search results page. And what I want to focus on in this video is that the different elements on the search engine results page can vary depending [00:01:00] on what you're typing into Google. So for cat sitter, we see at the very top here we have an ad which is pretty easy to identify with the green add text. Here's another ad you also see that there are D star ratings and these are your review schema and so they are a serp feature and as you can see they kind of stand on the page because there's nothing else that that is this color [00:01:30] but immediately potential customer or client. They know the the quality of your services or how satisfy your past customers have been with your services or products. So very important and if

Can't I would Implement that on your website and then of course we have another ad and this one is a little bit different because as you can see there's actually a phone number here in the ad so that's a call extension. These are all AdWords related [00:02:00] features, but you can see how they render in a search results. Now, I did a search for a particular service that Google thinks would be best served by someone local which they are correct if I'm based in Houston, and I'm looking for a cat sitter. I don't want to see results for someone from New Orleans or LA or New York or wherever I want to see someone who's down the street so that [00:02:30] it's convenient for me to take my cat there for to Avail of they're sitting services now, you'll see this big section here is called your Mount pack and as you can see you have a little little

Map here you also have these three businesses that are within this map pack and you can see there's links to their website and you again you can see their contact information and you can also see their review ratings and [00:03:00] it's very important that if you are targeting a keyword that is local base and that's pretty much going to apply to any local or Services business any business where you're really prioritizing your local audience. It's really important that you find a way to get into this map pack and there are different ways to do that one of you know different factors. One of them is the number of reviews that you get [00:03:30] the other is the organic ranking for your website. So this is the map pack these are your organic rankings. So how much Authority your website has how well is it ranking how relevant it is if

A big city like Houston and let's say I'm on the west side of town, but your business is on the east side of town unless you have a ton of Authority or you know, you actually serve my area [00:04:00] then you're pretty much going to be ruled out of the search results until I spend my search to see a larger area on the map. So that's you know proximity to the Searcher is also very important and there's really not too many ways. You can get around that. So I'll just have a ton of authority anyway kind of moving on here.

One last thing about the the map pack and why it's so important approximately 60 to 70% [00:04:30] of all claims are going to go to one of these three businesses. So even by the time you get to the organic results, you're already kind of cleaning up climbing uphill battle for getting that click from that potential customer client. Now, these are get these these listings are called organic organic liquid listings and pretty easy to spot, you know, they're going to start with this, you know, this blue text and it's going to be underlined and then you're going to have the green text with [00:05:00] the URL and a breadcrumb under it and yeah, that's pretty simple as pretty easy to spot in your syrupy. You're also going to have the knowledge panel and these are questions that people commonly ask related to the search query and you can see here. What does the Caster to do? How much do you pay a cat sitter does roll?

Do casts any how can I feed my cat when I'm away and even you can show down here?

[00:05:30] And this will actually expand based on what you drill down on. So if you are building content for your website, I highly recommend that you do a few key word searches in Google see, you know, see what's showing up here in this knowledge panel and making sure that you address those questions clearly explicitly in your site content. So when I say explicitly I mean having a section heading that says, what does the cast [00:06:00] it or do and then s your response you put something like a what does the cash that are due and then blah blah blah and you know, whatever your answer is and that's very important. So very important part of content marketing and SEO SEO optimization for your content. And then finally at the end of the page you're going to have these related searches. So again, if you're looking at an SEO campaign for your business website try to Target now,

[00:06:30] Only this what we call the head term, but also Target some of these alternative terms as well because people are using them and as long as they're relevant as long as they can fit within the context of your content try to fit them in where possible.

Now moving on to my second example, I did a search for LeBron James and he's probably at this time the most popular player active NBA player and you can see his search results [00:07:00] look a bit different and this usually is what you're going to see for celebrities know regardless of where they're how they became a celebrity in for Major Brands. And you know, when I say Major Brands, I mean Brands like Nike and Amazon Walmart is so on so you can see here at the top we have this video Carousel and so these are videos that are related to that person [00:07:30] or to that organization and this video Carousel in this case is showing up at the top but sometimes it also shows up at you know, somewhere amid page and then also

Also, we see we have a snippet from LeBron James Twitter account. And you know, if you're a large organization, you should also see something something similar to this and then on the right hand side. We have a knowledge panel. [00:08:00] It shows you different pictures of LeBron James presents information pulled from his Wikipedia page and just kind of gives you some stats on his life and some his background then it also links to his Twitter or I'm sorry his social media accounts and it also provides other NBA players that are related to LeBron James. So typically if you're big enough to have a Wikipedia page, you would be eligible for [00:08:30] a serp that looks like this.

And then here again, we see the featured snippet so common questions that people ask about LeBron James are here again. We have the video Carousel and then you see here just more Rich data So currently he's on the Lakers some of these players recently retreated. So this is not quite up to date but you can see here. It's linked to Google's algorithm [00:09:00] has linked LeBron James to these other players that are currently on the Lakers or firmly play for the Lakers. He's also a small forward and basketball. So it's linked him to tease other small forwards in basketball and then he's also won the MVP several times. So he's also been linked to several past MVP winners and then again,

You see here. There's a search results or I should say related search phrases [00:09:30] that people are using related to LeBron James. Now in the final example. I'm going to do a search for a medium-sized business the Remi group and you can see here. They have a knowledge panel not quite as extensive as LeBron James because as many people are probably not searching for them. But still we see that there are some information about this organization here. And then again, we see Glassdoor reviews face [00:10:00] book reviews and so on.

But a lot more simple than the search results page for LeBron James, but those are the different surface features when you are optimizing your website for SEO. You want to figure out let's go back to the casa de example you want to see what's showing up here on the search results page. So as I kind of went over there are different surface [00:10:30] features like the map pack. So you want to make sure that you find ways to optimize for each of those surface features and that may include creating video that may include working on your local SEO so that you're better position to show up in the map pack that may include, you know, really revamped the your content to answer questions that people are asking are related to your service. If there's an image Carousel that showing up in a search results that may be a sign [00:11:00] that you need to incorporate more imagery.

Or original image tree into your content, but really the search results. The search engine results page can tell you exactly what Google is expecting when someone, you know, puts together a page related to that topic and this is what's found our is also what users are expecting. So in pretty much will tell you pretty much give you a recipe for SEO success for your particular [00:11:30] keyword. So hopefully that video has helped answer your question, but if you do have any other questions, feel free to reach out take care and have a great rest of your day.


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