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What is RSS Feed Submission in SEO?


Video Transcript for What is RSS Feed Submission in SEO?


[00:00:00] Hi Leonard Parker here today. I'm going to answer a question that came in through core about what is an RSS feed submission as SEO and I won't focus so much on what an RSS feed does in this video. There are plenty of resources out there that could explain it a lot more clearly than I could in this short video. But what I want to focus on is, how can you use an RSS feed [00:00:30] to improve your SEO? So your RSS feed is directly linked to your content your blog's so assuming that you're on a WordPress website, but really applies for any website. Your blog is going to have an RSS feed.

And content marketing. The constant is very important. You want to create great unique content, but you also want to make sure that you promote that content and the best [00:01:00] way possible. So you want to hit the target websites within your industry or where your target client demographic where they hang out online and you want to make sure that you're regularly updating content. Now one tool that I like to use is call if this than that and the short-form version is IFTTT just Google it and you'll find it and basically you can sync your WordPress website [00:01:30] or whatever platform. You're using Squarespace Joomla wherever you can sync it to wear anytime that you promote content on your WordPress website.

That content will automatically be publish on other third-party websites like Facebook medium, you know, there are a ton of different applications you can use and so I really like to use if this then that's a setup that syndication [00:02:01] and that's all built or all supported by your web site's RSS feed now something else that you can look at and it's kind of an additional layer to If This Then That syndication is building a Google stack that sync to your syndication Network where all of your promoted content would be placed. Now in another video. I mentioned that you want to find as many unique ways to use Google properties [00:02:31] as you can because these are higher authority properties and they can almost build a shield of protection for your website when you're going out there to do other types.

Of Link building, why guest blogging resource page Outreach broken link building press releases and even if you want to go to black-headed route with PBNs or anything else that Google stack that's what it's called. It provides a SEO Shield so that your website is protected [00:03:01] from any direct bad links now do the if this then that syndication and your Google Stacks, you will be getting great promotion of your content. So highly recommended that if you are looking to pursue content marketing as a means to increase the visibility for your business and to improve your overall SEO and highly recommend that you get [00:03:31] started with if this then that syndication and then build Google stacks on top of them. So hopefully this kind of takes a different angle to this question help you better understand.

You can use RSS feeds for SEO. So if you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out. I provide a link to the transcript under this video. Thanks. Have a great day.


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