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What is Organic Marketing in SEO & Social Media?


Video Transcript for What is Organic Marketing in SEO and Social Media?:


[00:00:01] Hi there. So this video I'm going to answer the question. What is organic marketing and SEO and social media? And before I get too far, I think there's actually two questions and one here. So the first question is what's the difference between organic marketing and paid marketing when it comes to online and digital in a second question as how our SEO and social media connected. So for the first question is pretty simple organic marketing [00:00:31] are different ways to drive traffic to your website and just to market your brand but I'll directly paying a platform. So to do organic whether it's SEO social media. I don't think it's actually free either you're putting in Sweat Equity or you're paying a consultant or agency to do it for you your brand or your company, so

It's a start [00:01:01] we're going to go over here to Google. So you'll see here. This is a simple search phrase search query for emergency locksmith and we see that these ads here at the top. These are actually paid listings. So these would not be considered organic. But if you scroll down here further, you'll see there's the map pack. So these are organic and then you have your organic search results. So the way [00:01:31] this is written this displayed on a search engine results page change drastically over the years, but typically it's going to be 10 organic listing results. And then you might have some ads at the top here if it's something that's local based you're going to have this not packed and if you scroll down here, you're probably sometimes you'll have ads here at the bottom as well. So that's pretty much organic in this is just an example.

Google but pretty [00:02:01] much all of the major search engines being Yahoo. They have their own kind of variation of this of paid listings where you're directly pain as search engine company for Clicks in organic listings where based on how well optimize your website is and that's a whole nother topic that determines your ranking here in the organic now moving over to social media where there's also a ganic and paid [00:02:31] list or pay placements. So I just was scrolling down my my my Facebook timeline just now and this is actually a example of a paid placement on Facebook. So this is something by WP engine very popular hosting company for WordPress websites and you can see here. It's pretty easy to see there. This says sponsor, so that means they paid for this placement.

Whereas you're going to have some [00:03:01] companies that they have organic placements. Not sure if I would be able to even be able to find one. I think you get the point there but it works the same way as Google where you're paying Facebook directly for displacement for displacement and you might be paying per click per impression per conversion. I really depends on your goals for your marketing campaign. Now every other social [00:03:31] media channel pretty much has their own variation of this so I know Twitter has sponsored tweets Instagram, of course YouTube they have ads that run at the beginning or in the middle much to my displeasure of a video, but those that's really the difference between organic and paid.

Now how our SEO and social media interconnected. So SEO, you know, there's there are things that aren't so much content related [00:04:01] like technical things like making sure that your website speed is up to par making sure that your website is mobile-friendly making sure that your meta tags or will optimize for your keywords. But and of course, there's also link building but content plays a major part because Google and other major search engines really only want to return the best results that going to provide the most value for their users. So [00:04:31] typically if you have really well written content or really in-depth content that's going to provide a great user experience. And so that's why constant is very important. Now, I read a role somewhere. I forgot where where who said it but constant is

Twenty percent actually writing the content and 80% promoting a concept. So and that's where social media comes into play social media, you know, we [00:05:01] all know the car the popular platforms Facebook Twitter Youtube LinkedIn Instagram Pinterest and so on but there are a ton of other websites out there in social media provides a Avenue where you can promote your content again, you can do it organically where you're just posting for example to your Facebook business page or you can actually promote your content with ads so it really depends on your budget and what your [00:05:31] goals are but that's really how social media and SEO are interconnected. Now, there's also some value as far as branding and having different profiles on major social networks this adds to your brain insta T and that

It also helps your SEO as well. So I won't go too much into detail on that part. I will leave a link to another video where [00:06:01] I talked about SEO social media for about an hour, but hopefully this video has been helpful and answers your question. Take care.


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