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How Long to See Good Rankings from SEO?


Video Transcript for How Long to Get Good Rankings with SEO?:


[00:00:00] They're in this video. I'm going to answer one of the questions we received over the weekend. And that is once you start a SEO campaign. How long does it take for you to start seeing results and just like anything with marketing? It depends on several variables. Now the first thing probably if you are getting started, it's probably not good news is your websites each and [00:00:30] now we even put number two separate this amount of SEO marketing work.

Perform, so website age. So website age is very important because this is a signal of trust. If you have a website that's been around since 2001. It's going to be much easier to rank than if you have a website that you just bought in [00:01:00] or put up in June a 2018. That's because that web site bought in 2001. It's going to have probably have more content. It's going to have gone through several many iterations of Google algorithm changes and it's just, you know, it has more trust that's been around longer. So I would say if you have not yet bought your website domain that you try to go out and buy what's called an expired domain [00:01:30] and as basically a website URL that is related to your to your site. So

Whatever product or service that you offer, but you actually actually someone owned it before so it's almost like buying a used car except that that the main is going to have some value some SEO value compared. If you bought a fresh domain now if you're looking to buy a branded domain, so my name [00:02:00] is Leonard. So if I wanted to by linear, well, it's highly unlikely that someone also has that same domain the domain name. So I'll probably have to go to new domain new domain name route, but that's one way you can get around the website age obstacle. Now, I won't go into more detail now actually link to an article from Nathan God. She goes into great detailed about how to buy a find these [00:02:30] expired domains, but they are a great way to add more trust to your to your website.

Number two amount of SEO marketing work performed. So kind of similar to number one, you know something that a website's been around since 2001 is very likely that some constant has been added to it something related to SEO has been done and just by the nature of being around 80 years is probably acquired backlinks why even trying [00:03:00] so just like with anything if you're starting brand new and you haven't done any SEO in a website, you know, that's going to determine how easy it is for you to rank a see improvements with your organic visibility. So very important that if you are looking to improve your Google rankings that you jump on getting SEO optimization completed as soon as possible now [00:03:30] number three, and this is a big one competition and honestly number one and number two kind of factor in

Number three here. So let's say that you're in a brand new space. I'm thinking maybe something like crypto. Maybe you don't have a website. That's or any of your competitor websites have been around that long. You know, we're talking not 15 or 20 years. So I kind of takes out website H also amount of SEO. So if you're [00:04:00] in a niche or if you are targeting customers in an area where your competitors haven't done much SEO or online marketing. Well, it might be easier to to Dethrone them from the top of the Google rankings versus if you're in a major city and you work in a niche light Dentistry where everyone is doing SEO for their for their dentist website, so that's why it's really important that you understand your [00:04:30] competition, you know, not just who they are, but take a look at their website if you know that you see that

I have a lot of content on their site a lot of educational content and have also done a good job of SEO then that kind of is your bar for what you're going to have to do to improve your own SEO inorganic visibility. Now, there are several sites out there that that offer allow you to do competitive [00:05:00] analysis, you know, if you're not an SEO or digital marketing professional I highly recommend nail Patel's ubersuggest. It's a free tool and it actually allows you to take a look at your different competitors offerings. So let's say that

Let's see. Let's just grab someone. So let's say we're in Houston.

[00:05:32] Like a little bit more specific. Let's say a leaf this

and let's say our competitor. Let's say we're a leaf is an area of Houston soft West Houston and let's say one of our competitors was

Apple Dennis, so this is grab this URL.

[00:06:03] We're going to paste it into here.

Sure, what happened with the tooled there? That's what happens when you do these things live. So for Apple Dennis, let's take a quick look we can do a manual [00:06:33] inspection because we're smarter than software, right?

So some of the things I would be looking at if I was looking at my competition, so, you know kind of look at what they already have on their site and try to replicate [00:07:03] those things on your own website. So, let's see what we have Google reviews. So that's definitely something you want to add. They have some general information. They have information about their services and our locations. So they actually have several locations. They have a little about a little about snippet.

And of course their name address and phone information, [00:07:33] so I was start here, but also think about how you can improve this. So overall I really don't like the way this site is laid out, you know images aren't really aligned, you know, this all of this is kind of, you know, it's not consistent with the formatting and alignment of in images. Other than that, there's not a whole lot about their services. [00:08:03] So if I were a dentist, I was looking to rank for this area. I would come down here.

And I would actually provide more information about each of these services. So just kind of go into maybe have a snippet for each of these and then link to that link from that to a full page about oral exams or x-rays or any of these other services that that you offer. So that's where I would start [00:08:33] now for backlinks that's really important because I kind of gives you an idea on what's needed to actually rank that page. So I use a site called White some looks like it's working. Oh, that's great. So if you find that Neil Patel stool isn't working. There's a site called Mazda actually office your free trial if you're just doing this to do some competitive research. I think they offer [00:09:03] tense free searches per month. You can plug that into moss and you can get some information about your competitors now part. I'm

You not here.


Yeah, so I don't want to keep this video much longer. I do have some other videos about [00:09:33] how to use my soul. I got backlinks. But the idea here is that you would take maybe three to five of your competitors put their website URL here and then you look at their back links. And the number that you're looking for. There is the number of referring domains. So let's say your website has five referring domains. And the average of your top five competitors is 30 what that tells you that you need to go out and build backlinks from 25 to 30 always [00:10:03] try to do more of similar web sites that are linking to them. So if you're a dentist you want to do something thats related to Dentistry. If you're based in Houston you want to do houston-based links so links from the Houston Chronicle or other prominent Houston Publications, and that's really one of the things you want to look at when you're looking at competition.

So going back to our little sheet here. So how did it Turman how long it [00:10:33] takes to rank for SEO and see results. So website age amount of SEO already completed competition and I think you know, what's most important here and I'll in the video on this is patience. SEO is definitely a long-term game, but it has a long-term benefit. So the what I mean that by that is the Su optimizations that you do for your website in June, you might not really start seeing [00:11:03] meaningful results from it until maybe November or December of the same year. So just be patient and just, you know, be consistent consistently publish content to your website continue to build backlinks to your website. And if you are looking for some kind of early wins go after

Called long tail keywords, and these are keywords that are related to your service or product or related [00:11:33] to your area, but they don't have as much competition as some of the the general keywords. So an example would be Houston dentist. That would be a main keyword versus a leaf pediatric dentist a leaf pediatric dentists just by defaults not going to have as many competitors because there aren't as many dentists in a leaf providing Pediatric Dentistry compared to the number of dentists [00:12:03] providing Dentistry services and all of Houston. So, that's how you want to look at that when you're going after those early wins. So hopefully this video has been helpful and to the person who asked the answers your question, but feel free to reach out if you have any further questions. Thanks and have a great rest of your Tuesday.


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