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.Com vs .Net: Is There a Difference for SEO?


Video Transcript for .Com vs .Net: Is There a Difference for SEO? 


[00:00:01] Hi there, good morning Leonard Parker here. And in this video. I'm going to answer a another question from Cora for today. And the question is is there a difference for SEO in regards dotnet and could dotnet become more popular in the Google search results and answer the simple answer is no there are there is no SEO benefit from having domain domain name or [00:00:31] outside of those you also have

So yeah, of course wait.

Looks like my text features from working today yikes.

[00:01:02] Anyway, I'll just start on a notepad then so you and dotnet which we've already talked about. But you also have that work which is pretty popular and is usually going to be some organization more than likely nonprofit you have dot dot me that's grown in popularity recently dot Tech. I've even seen the sea done is [00:01:32] you know, there's a ton of them out there and depending on if you're outside of the US you might also have a some country specific options as well. Now as far as SEO, there's really no difference here. You know when I looking at backlinks, however, you know dot edu Dot govt

Up sites. Those are the cream of the crop because dot [00:02:02] edu websites are usually all going to be affiliated with some type of institution of higher education. And since it's linked to a university or college and it's going to have high credibility in a high reputation. So dot edu backlinks are always great now dot-gov as the name sounds it's going to be the website for some organization or something that's in some way [00:02:32] affiliated with the government and again similar to that edu websites. Those are very good for backlink building in our kind of the creme creme de La Creme when it comes to backlinks now.

As far as you know, when you're picking a website domain as I said, none of these are going to have a direct impact on your SEO [00:03:03] is the most popular and you know, when someone comes to your website and it's something like that big sword at me maybe a suffix that they're not as familiar with it might you know, just for a split second question make them question your business and how legitimate you are. So in those cases you don't want to you know, present that or do something to bring that that that that [00:03:33] micro second of doubt and your prospects mine. So if it is available, I always say go with domain suffix, and if you do have the budget also purchase your brand name the main

In dot org dot me all of them that way, you know, you can protect your brand and someone else can't buy your brand name for another suffix, and then maybe they talk a lot of bad [00:04:03] things about you or your business. So that's just one way you can protect your brand, but as far as SEO know there is no direct impact. So hopefully that answers your question and gave you a bit more insights on to these different suffice suffixes for domain names, but if you do have any additional questions, feel free to reach out. Take care. Have a great rest of your day.