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SEO for Restoration Companies

Running a successful restoration company requires the ability to gain the trust of locals in the areas you serve while also providing high-quality results. Knowing how to effectively implement restoration marketing ideas is essential to help build a professional reputation for your business and brand. One of the most essential damages restoration marketing tools includes SEO. Restoration SEO is extremely valuable and can significantly impact the overall success you experience online and in your local region.



What is SEO?

SEO is also known as search engine optimization. Search engine optimization has been a tool used by web developers and digital marketers alike since the dawn of the internet and public websites. Websites that are optimized for search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and DuckDuckGo are much more likely to appear within the first page of search results whenever a user is browsing for relevant keywords and phrases. An optimized website that appears frequently within search engine results is likely to receive more online traffic, leads, and clients.


Why Does Restoration SEO Matter?

Restoration SEO is search engine optimization that is hyper-focused on the damage restoration services you offer and provide to clients in your area.

Some of the most notable benefits of optimizing your website for search engines include:


  • Boost Your Ranking: Websites that appear within the first page of search results are much more likely to receive visitors and gain traction online. Individuals who use search engines are seeking quick results and feel as if websites that appear first are more authentic and trustworthy. If your restoration company's website appears above other competitors in your local area, it is much easier to generate restoration leads and new clientele.

  • Improve Your Page Rank: Search engines such as Google provide page rankings for websites, informing users of a website's validity and trustworthiness. The more optimized your website is, the better your page rank will be from Google. A website with a higher Google page rank is likely to appear more professional and legitimate, which may increase lead generation and overall sales you generate.

  • Build a Professional Reputation: When your damage restoration's website appears first within local search results, it generates more leads and interest in your business. In addition to honing in on search engine optimization, add your restoration company to Google MyBusiness to expand your online reach even further. Using Google My Business is also a great way to generate and establish the presence of your restoration company online while boosting your website's SEO.


Research Restoration Damage Keywords

restoration damage keywords destiny marketing solutionsWhen you are ready to begin optimizing your damage restoration's website for top search engines, it is important to research and become familiar with the most commonly searched words and top keywords that are most relevant to the services and products you offer.

Research top searched words and find the top keyword for restoration companies in your area by using free tools such as Google Trends. Consider the type of services you provide and which services that you offer are most popular and always in-demand. Research and compare keywords and common phrases that are most frequently associated with the damage restoration services you offer.

Compare the popularity of various phrases and keywords over time to create content, blogs, and new pages on your own website to fulfill the demand of your audience. Implementing keywords properly and effectively throughout your website is essential to avoid spamming search engines or having your website blacklisted from top search engines altogether.

Whenever you are optimizing your restoration company's website, it is important to do so in a manner that is legitimate and acceptable according to any rules or regulations top search engines currently have in place.

Learn more about keyword research for your restoration company below:



Hi there Leonard Parker Here in this segment of the SEO lesson. I'm going to go into detail on how you can start off doing some really good keyword research for your s yo campaign. So really, when you're thinking about keyword research, you should think about this. If you put yourself in the shoes of your prospective customer so most of them they're in an emergency situation. , they're really looking for someone to help them restore the damage and do it do so as quickly as possible. In these cases, um, you really want to hit? You know what we call the bottom of the funnel so they're ready to buy. They just looking for who is the best restoration company to go with. But, you know, if you have any service is that isn’t really emergency service is like carpet cleaning, for example, think about what are some of the other things someone would be considering when you're looking for a service provider? , that's really always gonna be the starting point, you know, think about what types of things your prospective customers footing into Google and you no bill, your key were list that way. So key were research tools. So there are a lot of really good software pay software out there. But if you're only doing this for one website well, then it might not make sense to go and get, you know, a subscription to one of those pay software. , offerings. So look at Google search console. If you already have a website, this is a utility for utility from ghoul that you should be using. , So if it isn't installed in a way, you know, if it's installed or not, just typing Google Search console to go and just click one of these options. And if you're locked into your Google account, you don't see anything coming up. Well, then that's how you know that it's not installed, so you need to go and set up. We will search console for your website. , so let's say you don't you just have a brand new website and, you're just getting these things up to set up so you won't have any data in your Google search console. In those cases, I like to use another tool called uber suggests, and what I like about this to First off, it's free, so that's always That's always good. , but then, all you need is to log in or set up an account with your Google account, your Gmail, and then you can actually use this to find some really good keywords for your service is so let's just say, for example, and I'll do something really General white water damage restoration. I am sorry. So, first you would go to the overview tab, go to water damage, go to the search bar type in water damage restoration hit search so it might take a little bit of time to load. But you see, here these are the search numbers nation right, And I'll even give you some information about Google ads. So that's on average. How much you are spending per click if you're bidding for water damage restoration. Now, we scrolled down here. Just go to view all keyword ideas, so you kind of get a feel for some different phrases here. So water damage, restoration order, damage, race restoration. You're me. , lot of these are local keywords, so it's basically water damaged restoration, plus the city So you know, whatever your location is, our target locations are recommend that you add those as target phrases cost the water damage restoration, water damage, restoration costs, water damage restoration tips, which, depending on your strategy, may not be a good keyword because these air more than likely people who are looking to do it themselves. , but maybe if there's something that they can do to prevent water damage emergencies, then, that could be a good keyword to go after, let's see what else here. So a lot of these are kind of nature. Show our location related? , let's say, first, let's go to the related tap here. See there any ideas there? I think it loaded. So going back to one of our previous videos where, we went over how to do the Q and A. So this is another way you can go and find some questions that people are asking. They have a questions tap here, which is great. So you see here these are some other phrases you can use all smoke and water damage restoration. , so you really have to go through here and figure out what's relevant for your business. And the service is that your your company provides importance of water damage, restoration benefits or water damage restoration steps. So again it might be someone who's trying to do it themselves. , yes. Oh, really? Just go do going through here and figure out what your elephant now, Another reason why I like this tool. Let's say that you have a competitive ER and they're doing really well in the Google search results. So for this example, I'll go back to Chicago and let's go to the first page. So a good strategy when you're getting started with SEO and you're trying to figure out which keywords to target, you're really just not sure where to start is to look at the top 3 to 5 search results here, so we have yelp dot com expert sees dot com. I was I will avoid websites like the's, but actually look at actual cos company websites. So Chicago water and fire dot com look like a pretty going, let's play this back into our uber suggest tool, and again give that a few seconds to load some information. So these guys, they're they're ranking for 379 keywords. So if I'm in Chicago and I know these guys are one of my competitors, no, pretty much started looking at this list here. So, Chicago, what if fire? h. Let's sort this by position, because I'll give us somewhere. Give us some relevant phrases. , it doesn't look like it's, sorting for me right now, but you can always export this to, Excel file if you're doing this yourself, and you can, sorted and excel. But why don't we go ahead and do that, actually care service? Open it. So I think so. Okay, So again, we're trying to, kind of get idea on what they're really ranking well for because though, that will give us a good idea and actually relevant keywords. So data filter sore from A to Z. So right, so that's going to give us from Chicago related terms, too. So I would just go down this list and see, you know, kind of where they're going afterward. A ranking for no, maybe go no lower than 20. And those would be good, You know, initial targets for your website, and of course, you want to look at volume as well. A volume on average. That's how many people are searching for that phrase every month. And Dan, one very important thing to consider here a swell is the difficulty. So it's great. Let's say you found a phrase that's relevant for your restoration company. It gets 5000 searches per month. Let's say the difficulty is 90 and let's say you're just now starting your website Are you really haven't put much effort into your website? And so let's say your rating is maybe a 20. So in order to rank for that phrase, it's you have a very long uphill battle because , that key were, If it has a difficulty of 90 that shows that it's a very competitive keyword, and more than likely you're going to be going against websites that you are well established have gray SEO, great back links and the whole nine. So what I would recommend if you're starting off or even if you're just really getting going with your SEO. It's a look at your domain score and I'll show you what that is in a minute and try to target those phrases that have no difficulty that's in a ballpark range. So maybe no more than a few more spots above its let's say your domain score was a 20. I probably wouldn't try to go after anything hired in the 25 but anything under 20 that's fair game and day and kind of just filter out and then figure out okay of those phrases, which of those actually house on volume? And that way you're going after phrases where, you know, in 1/6 months, a 12 month timeline, you actually have a realistic chance for ranking for, whereas for going out there or something that has a 9 90 difficulty, you could be trying for years and still won't get there. So, um, that's one way you can save some time on getting improving your rankings for keywords. , so now you can try traffic and get leads for phrases that are queries that are very relevant to your business, and your service is No, I didn't teach us something about, um, your domain score. And since we're already in Neil Patel's tool, we can stay here. , but there are other tools out there like Moz or SEMRush. They all have their own version of the main score. So these guys actually have it. The main score of two. , so if I'm in Chicago, I would probably try to go after this because that's not a very high didn't score at all. , and they're actually ranking for some pretty competitive keywords. So that tells me, as an SEO is a digital marketer, that there might be a good opportunity there. Nevertheless, that's what I would look at when doing my keyword research. And then if you don't want to go through all that more, a simpler way to get some key words is just go to Google. Go Thio Mrs. Type in Chicago Water Damage Restoration Look at what phrases air popping up here and this drop down menu. These are phrases that people are using frequently, and these are all always get additions to your target key where it was his search. Sometimes you'll have here at the bottom there'll be some other ideas as well. So searches related to Chicago water damage restoration. Sometimes it's just , repeat of what was gonna drop down. But sometimes there are also some new phrases here. So those were some quick ways you can get, you know, some key word ideas for your for your restoration website. Now, when it actually comes to optimizing your website for those keywords, there are a few things you want to keep in mind here. So let's say you're, , full service restoration company. You offer fire mold. , water odor elimination is so on. You wanna have specific pages for each of those keywords? And what I like to use is call a keyword map where you basically take every important page in your website that you liked to rink and then map it to a keyword or a series of keywords, and then not make sure that each page is targeting you really positioning that page to do well for that key word. You want to make sure that you use your key words in your title tax and every not clear what a title tag is. , it's pretty much less actually Goto website, so you'll see SCO. Let's go back to our friends at Shekhar Chicago Water and Fire. So you're a title tag of this little textured I just popped up. So for their home page, it's Chicago WaterFire Restoration colon. 24 hour emergency response. , pretty straightforward there, um, the national title tech. So what you want to do is usually take your most important key word and sticking into the tunnel tack for your home page and then, you know, depending on what the pages about, So let's see what they have going on in their service is pages. So this is their water mitigation Pai sho. They chose to use water damage restoration. And then, you know you have the option, including your company name at the end, or there's some unique value that you offer. In this case, they offer 24 hour service in response. , that's somewhere where you can include it and your title type in your all tax. So you're all tag is something actually, you can't see from the front end of your website. But Google, they preferred at their the websites that they return in their search engine. It are there as user friendly as possible, and all tax originally were all about sensibility. So if I'm using a website and I'm vision impaired, um, all tag is something that you attach to your image to give him or context. And it will told that person whose vision vision impaired what that image is about. So it provides some context for that image. Now, that image is that all tag is somewhere where you can also include a key word, along with a longer description of what that image is about. So that's a great place. Include sure, your key word as well. , internal links. So let's say now let's use their page, for example. They have all of these different service is. And so let's say, in under the water mitigation section, they had 4 to 5 pages, all related in some way to water mitigation or water damage restoration. It's a very good strategy to link all of these pages together. On this is where we call and less yo language. , silo. And basically you're creating a topical silo just on water damage restoration or water mitigation. And by linking all of those pages together, when Google crawls or reviews the website, they're goingto link in a sleazy all of these pages together as gonna help your wealth side with topical relevancy. around that area. So a good strategy, Let's say, for 2020 you really want Maur mold remediation jobs. So in that case, you know what I would recommend. It's not only do you have your mold remediation page, but you also put together, you know, maybe 4 to 5 other pages mess. It's a starting point that really go into detail topics about mold remediation so things that your prospective customers should know before they call you. And you know, once you have all of those articles published on your website that linked them together to really improve the website's topical relevance for mold remediation. And then finally, when you're looking at key words, you don't want to over optimize, and this could get really tricky. But a good rule of thumb here is Don't do something that's obviously Spanish. So if you have a page on your website, that's 500 words. There shouldn't be 50 instances of the same phrase over and over again. That's obviously Spammy, and it's over optimized. There are a lot of different ways where you can over optimize for a keyword and might not even know it, And I can't very you know, based on your competitors that can vary based on your Web, signing your content on your page. So if you need help figuring out you know where you're up to over optimizing for your keywords or if your brand new to this SEO stuff and really it's just need help with the research part. , we are providing free consultations too. Viewers of this Robin or is so my my pictures on the way. But you can call this number. We can provide a free consultation. There's no obligation. But we do see a way that we can help you. Long term. I would be making an offer at the end of that call. But if you're just looking for some direction on where to go, feel free to give us a call for that consultation and every student to the end of the video regarding keywords. Key words are very important. And they're pretty much the starting point when you're talking about SEO for your website. No, In the next segment, I'm going to go more into detail about business citations. , for your SEO


Other Areas of Focus for Your Restoration Website's SEO

These are other areas of SEO you should focus on for your restoration company's website:


On-Page & Technical SEO



Hello. Good morning. Good afternoon and good evening. Wherever you are watching Leonard Parker here again and this segment of our SEO lesson, I'm really going to go into detail about on page and Technical SEO. And even though I've split these last few sections, that's a separate videos that Google mind business, the business, this things and citations. And on Page and technical SEO actually knowing the actual execution of a campaign, we were typically duties altogether. It is usually going to be some of the first things that we look at when starting a new SEO campaign. Now on page two, timing SEO is a very important to understand priorities. And really, that goes to two things. First, prioritizing those pages that are really going to be driving traffic and leads to your to your restoration company. , the second thing is really understanding which on page and technical issues are really going to move the needle because things like made of descriptions which I'll get into in a future video. , you're gonna find that there may be issues, but they don't have a direct impact on your SEO. They're going to be other things that maybe aren't as important. But in this video, highlight those areas that are important and are worth your time to investigate and resolve. If there are any issues now, what is on Page Jesse? , so it's pretty much the practice of changing different elements on your actual website, with the content to make a better optimized to show up in the search results. So this can include everything from your title tags, your headings, um, addressing the links on your website. I can't comprise different things, which I'll get into here in a minute, sending Posto on the other hand, , and a no show. It's doing anything that would help Google Review or the SEO were for it. Crawl your website more efficiently, so that could mean no fixing broken links or even looking at some of the areas. I've already gone over as far as improving a website speed and just making your website easier to crawl and and pretty much, you know, I'll give you a quick less here, the way this works. Let's say you launch your Web site today in order for it to start showing up in Google Google's bots are crawlers called spiders that actually have to crawl your website and index each page on your website. And so that may take some time, depending on you know, if you submit it, set up your website and Google search console. If you've done all of you know, best practices for your SEO. That can take time. However, it's very important that you get your website called an index as quickly as possible because that's the first step on getting traffic and getting no improved rankings on your website. Now let's say you have a website. You have one for some time now and you might already have some on page Tenoch allessio issues. Well, in this case, I like to use a tool called Screaming Frog. , I've already gone over Google search console. So if you don't have that set up on your website, how do you recommend recommended that you get a set up? , the screaming frog is my go to is a free tool. , you can call it 500 pages on your site for free. And really, what you're looking for here are broken links so specifically for UH, 400 errors and 500 errors. Missing page page titles, missing or duplicate, heading one tags and missing, heading to tax. And then the Jason L. D. Schema. That's more of events. , topic, which I'll get into a bit here in the next slide. But first I'll show you do a quick demonstration of screaming frog. Okay, so let's just see what use a different city. Let's do Los Angeles water damage restoration. So someone in L. A is going to get a will. Really quick free site on it. Unless you use this. Go tips. A website that's on the second page. Let's just wait for screaming Fraker do it. Staying in tow load. We have to hear open. It's close. One of these. Okay? Bonnets loading. Maybe I could just do a quick look at Google search Counsel if you're not familiar with it. Right. Okay, so you just click into Google search console. If you already haven't installed, you'll just go appear to this little sandwich icon. But if you don't have an install screaming frocks kind of in a way right now. , you would just set it up here. But it's gonna be, , Prompt Where you can actually putting your website and allow you to set up your sight with Google Search console. Let's say you already have it installed, so we'll just look at one of my test websites here. , hurry up. Okay, so this is just one of the tests websites I used to test out different things, different strategies. , that's why it's six along two of them trying to open. Okay, So a few things that you want to look at here first, us your coverage. So basically, it's gonna tell you there any coverage errors. So you see here there's one error. , just open a report. So it was like, there's some type of redirect error, so I'm not even sure what that pages, But, um, you know, we'll just make sure that that's something that you fix and really, where I like to use Google search console for It's kind of like a dash for utility where, you know, I just want a quick glance of the health of my website. This provides a lot of different things for me to check out here. I'm going back to the overview time enhancement So you're really just looking at kind of glancing. Do to see if there any errors? , security and manual actions. So of your science penalized, sometimes Google will actually tell you it's penalized. So, you know, even though this is a test website, you never want to see those penalties. Any security issues also really important. So no security issues? , let's see here anything else. Speed so doesn't look like there's no data for this website. Sign maps. Very important. So no site map. So actually need to submit a song, Same maps. And make sure when you're setting a Google search console that's something I use Submit. That's pretty much it, um, Google search console. So if you don't see any heirs, that's a good thing. Now going to screw me frog. It's a little bit more detail, so we're gonna use our example from L. A the L A area. So why don't we do rest? , clean way. So screaming frog, a lot going on here, but it's pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. So you just copy and paste your u R l hear it start. So that's gonna take some time to crawl. And depending on how many pages out there there are on your website, that's pretty much how long it's gonna take. So that was pretty quick. So going back to our presentation here, a few things that were looking up for first broken links They can be a real deal breaker with your own pay, Jesse. , so to find your broken links, you know, you have a few options here, so probably the easiest way there's gonna be a right hand man, you here. So just screw. You're going to get to a section call response codes. And then from near, you'll see client Eric client errors and several errors. So it looks like they have to client errors. And these may or may not be, , important pages, but, , definitely something to start investigating server errors. They don't have anything on the server side, So that's good. So I would take a look at those 400 errors. , JSON-LD schema for the last missing page titles. So remember, , one of our previous videos, we talked about Paige titles. So basically, that's anything that's here in the top. So this is a Google sheet of the page title, the title, and meta descriptions. And so let's just take a quick look. See there any missing page title issues so missing? So no issues there. But that's pretty much. Or you were you ago Paige titles and then fills our for missing So good news there. Missing or duplicate, heading one tags So you just go to the H one tab missing. So no issues there duplicate. No issues there. So that's good. Then finally missing. Heading to tags. So go to the H to tab. Go to missing. No issues there, So looks like there's been some really good on paychecks SEO for this website. So there weren't many issues now, as I said, I'll said scheme implementation for last. So schema Pretty much it's, , very technical topic. But you know, in a nutshell, it's any more information to your website that provides Google more concepts about your business, and I'll show you exactly what that looks like here in a minute. So in order to check, a website for schema here, first we go to internal actually structure data would be the better Ready? Go. And you see here these are all the pages on the site so short for data details. So actually doesn't look like they have any schema on the site because you'll see here there's a columnist as total types and it zero across the board. So in that case, you know what I would recommend for it is website owner this business owner kind of to take the next step with our own patient tunnel. SEO is to add some schema to the site and there, you know, for a damaged restoration company, there are certain types of schema that would be the most appropriate. So the first is website schema. , so that's usually if you're building your website and WordPress or any of the other popular platforms. That's pretty much going to be built into your team organization schema. This should be added to your home page. This really is kind of like a branding scheme, a tow you am or branding context to your to your your business website. Local business. Chema. So this is going to pretty much tell Google that your local business targeting a service certain area and you need to add that to your to your to your location pages. So going back to this example, you know pretty much you would probably have a different local business scheme a type for each of these pages, because it's pretty much a page for each location that they target person schema. So this may very depending on your business and your goals. Let's say, um, you're the owner of the business or one of the owners or leadership. They have a really they're really prominent in the local community. Maybe their influence. Sir, It might be a good idea to add that person Seema, to show that that person is affiliated with your restoration company. , that's the only time I would think it would be could. I didn't use it if that's not the case, that I would just skip it. , there's also in schema for video. So if you're using video on your Web site, make sure you mark it up with video schema. So already show you how you can find a schema or what scheme is being used and screaming frog. But , there's also a tool from Google called the Google Structure data testing tool. So I'll just grab one of these. You are else here plus to L. A. You just Google for Google structure data testing tool. , where? So it should be the first result. Right? So you just wanna go to just wait for it to load? Yes, just into your o run test. I'll take a little while to load. So they actually do have the local business scheme a type here. So what I was getting at earlier is that this is how the Google crawler reviews your website so schema you'll see that there's some code here. It basically adds a little bit more context to looks like Lindo and provide some different information that's important for the Google bots. Pick up and basically go the scheme. It doesn't have any direct impact on your rankings, but any time you can provide more information, more context about your business, there's always some some indirect benefits for that, so I'll make sure to share a link to this tool. But that's how you check your website first. Jason L d scheme up now I know we got a little bit technical in his video, and if you are lost or just not sure how to implement some of these ideas. Feel free to give us a call for a free consultation. , as we did in this video, I'll run your sight, do screaming frog, and we'll see if there are any errors that you need to clean up. Now, if you're not sure how to get you fixed those errors, um, we I will make an offer at towards the end of that call where we can work together to get those things cleaned up for you. , other than that, Thank you for watching a video. And the next second that we're going to go over backlinks, which is probably when Once you get through with the basics of on-page SEO, Google, my business and so on. Off-page SEO l will go over that next. Thanks.


Off-Page SEO and Link Building



Hi there Leonard Parker again. And in this lesson, I'm going to go over backlinks and pretty much link building and why it's important. So you're not familiar with back wings? Back Link is pretty much I have a website. You have a website. I like your constant. I like your service and then I linked back to you. So, this is one of the things that really say goo a ghoul a part in its early days and that while with so many other search engines, you might remember some of them back in the day, they allow you just the stuff keywords, and you could drink your business website pretty easily. Whereas Google incorporated this idea backlinks where if I linked back to you, that's my vote of confidence for your website for your business, for your service is and so the name of the game became how many back wings you could get. And if you could get back Link's from the most authoritative websites now that opened up another door of spamming and just unethical s SEO, which I won't get into in this video. But regardless, faculties remaining an important part of a Sean Jasio campaign, and you will really be missing a boat if you didn't incorporate them and see your overall digital marketing strategy. Now, will you think about backlinking some calling it, from an SEO perspective? That's what we call them, what we're looking at. Just the real world. This is just PR for your company and accepts just getting, a feature you're actually getting that linked to. So let's say there is a recent flood in your area are some heavy, heavy rain heavy flooding, and you were invited to the news station to provide a brief snippet on what homeowners business owner should do to really help recover their damage and their nerve, their property. And that's in the traditional marketing sense is called PR. Public relations, however. , when you also get a link from that news station or that news website, that's a backlink, and that helps your SEO. So when you're looking at building backlinks for your damage restoration website, there are really two types of backlinks. You should be looking at the first of our local links, so some ways that you can get local links are by sponsoring local charities or causes by no actually hosting or sponsoring local events. So maybe, for example, here in Houston a few weeks ago, we had the Houston Marathon know there's anything like that in your area. That would be a great way to expose and build up brand recognition for your restoration company. Get involved in local business groups. So, one of the most popular examples is the Chamber of Commerce. There is pretty much a chamber of commerce everywhere, so try to get involved. Which our local chamber of commerce, if you aren't already, and then the final in this really might take a little bit more work but getting featured in local business by white So looking? No, at, your local news stations, your local radio stations. If you're in a large enough area where their local magazines finding opportunities or they're highlighting and local businesses are local entrepreneurs and you're taking advantage of those opportunities, it always helps that you could take a unique angle. So you're a minority-owned business, Vetter, veteran-owned business or anything that's unique about your background, your experience that could be a great angle to pitch. To tease different local outlets and local links are important because they add local relevance to your business website. So if you're based in San Francisco and you have webs are backlinks from other websites that are about San Francisco, well, that's a good sign when Guru is crawling your website that sure, your site that's you're targeting that area said definitely helps you now to add the second component so that you need to have some niche relevant or industry-relevant. , links us well. So we already talked about this a bit in the citation segment. , but really looking at opportunities to get damage restoration or construction-related links going to your website. So some of the low hanging fruit getting evolved with restoration groups, Look at groups like NORPP, RIA, and IICRC. Those are all really prominent organizations where you can, become a member and, find ways to get links back to your website. And it's not all about back wings, you just want to build a build, your brand, build your name, build that community with fellow restoration professionals. That's a big part of it as well. Another way you can get industry links is by contributing content and experts see, So if you have a certain technique that you use for your restoration jobs and you don't mind sharing it with potential competitors, reach out to outlets like Restoration Remediation magazine. Those are great ways to bill again. Build your brand and showcase your authority and showcase your expertise. Nevertheless, Link building You always say, if all of the things we're going on here on over here in this business section link building is probably the most time and labor-intensive because it's not easy, First, you need to research opportunities you need to do to outreach, and many times you're gonna have to follow up on your initial reach. And then there has to be some exchange of value. So whether that's you exchanging your expertise, exchanging your time, exchanging your money, we're looking at the sponsorship opportunities. There is going to be some exchange of value and links, good links. They take time to build. And so if you're not sure about where to get started with link building for your restoration companies website that feels free to give us a call. This is an area that we focus on four SEO campaigns that we can put together. , high-level strategy for you that you can take and execute. And if you don't have time to do that, well, then that's where we're here for So we would make an offer. We do see that there is an opportunity to work together but give us a call we can figure out, a plan for you for 2020 and beyond. Really help you start building exposure for your brand both in the industry and locally. So thanks for watching it in the next video. We're going to go over just some other things to consider for an SEO, and these are really things that aren't s 30 actionable, but just things to consider, listening to other experts even within the restoration niche. , there are some things that I agree and disagree with. So I just want to get you my insights, but nevertheless, thank you for watching and again reach out. If you have any questions, take care


Our Opinion on Meta Descriptions and Blogging



Hi there, Leonard Parker here again and in this segment is the last segment of SEO. , I'm going to go over Just sharing some of mine in the sites about a couple of topics I've seen discussed as far as digital marketing and specifically SEO in the restoration industry. And I thought I would just add this extra segment here because from what I've heard and what I've read, um, I have my own insights that don't necessarily aren't the same as some of what I've already seen. Now, the first items pretty no straightforward, made a description. So made description is you're if you're not familiar if you ever do a Google search, under the Blue Link, you'll see this little snippet of text that sure made a description. And no, it does not have a direct impact on your SEO. However, it's almost like a mini advertisement for someone who's searching to click due to your website, and, well, it doesn't have a direct impact. It does have an indirect impact on the click you rate. It's so your clickthrough rate, just to use some easy numbers here. Let's say over the next month there are 100 searches for Houston water damage restoration, and of those 100 searches you were able to, your website was able to get five. Let's just say 10 klicks from that search. 10% for your click to raise, actually, pretty good. , and when you consider, the ants on the page, the other websites that are in the organic listings, 10% isn't too bad. And that's the first step. You have to get that click and, combined with some of the other user engagement metrics for your website. So once someone clicks, how long are they staying on your website? What's? Are they going to other pages on your website? Are they calling? You are a filling out completely on conversation on your website. All of those work together, but the first step is to get the click, and so the more clicks you can get a larger percentage of those clicks you can get. Obviously, the more potential leads that are coming to your website and the better. , no more traffic to your site. So again, while Sean made a descriptions, they don't have a direct impact. Google isn't going to penalize you. If you don't have at the right length or you don't use your keyword in the meta description. They can really help. , jump starts from organic traffic and potential leads for your restoration company's website s. So that's just something to think about. I wouldn't prioritized them. , I think some of the topics that are going over and somebody as others yo videos are more important. But I wouldn't completely ignore them either. At least, focus on your top pages and make a short of them that made the descriptions are up to part. You gonna see here? No. This is a search idea for the Houston area. So the 1st 1 was really good. Just the right length. And they have a no a culture action. , the 2nd 1 It looks like they might just be Google. It just might be pulling off content from their page. So no calls action. It doesn't even make sense when you read it all together and then the third also looks like someone actually took the time and put in a major description. Now consider just adding call here to make it explicit. Hey, call us, , we're just adding at the end so that, um, people have direct, explicit instructions on what to do. The next thing. And this is a little bit more in that constant and blogging. And no, I think the general rule of dumb and unfortunately, this was kind of taken out of context is that you should log regularly. You should block weekly daily whatever, and that's true for some businesses. So if you're a news website, or if you're in an industry like finance or know anything that's probably changing on a daily or weekly basis, it's important that you update the content on your website. Otherwise, your concept becomes still outdated, and that's not good for users. But when we're looking at industries no, like restoration, where, unless there's a new technology or new technique, it's really not gonna change much week to week, month to month. In that case, it's really not, um, important. I'm going to put at the top of my priority list for my restoration site to have a block up every week or every month. But blogging a constant itself can be a great way for you to provide value and establish goodwill for your customers and your prospective customers. And this will probably be more of a focus on your nun. Emergency service is, but, when you're putting together concept, what I told my clients is instead of producing something weakly or even monthly, if it takes us three months to put together something that's so great, it's best in class that not only does he blow everything locally, all of the water, but also in a nationwide level, then it's definitely worth the investment. And here's why. Because not only are you able to showcase your expertise on a particular topic, but you become the adore it there, and this is a great way to establish goodwill in your community. So let's say going we're going to be a way we will be going into the spring months here. Pretty soon there's a common problem that you have to resolve for your local residents for customers. If there are a few key things they can do now to prevent those problems here in the next few months, then put together, helpful guide or checklists so that they can avoid those issues you might be wondering, OK, if I help them avoid those issues, Isn't that, taking away from calls like I could be getting later? Sure, but you can't put a price on that goodwill that you're establishing with your local community. I find that when you give value, even if you don't get something, your return that's gonna pay for itself. 10 full over the ball in turn. So focus on If you are incorporating content into your digital strategy, which I recommend you do for your restoration company, make sure that you are focusing on adding value and then, we talked about in the previous video. , the importance of building backward for your website, and typically it's very difficult to build back. Clings to your service are pages because they're very commercial intent. But when you're putting together these guys, the checklist this insightful blog's on different topics. You're providing out of value, and that's what that's the type of content that other website owners are more comfortable with linking to. So it does make link building and link acquisition much easier. And then it also gives you opportunities to target Long tell keywords. Now, you see here in the example I did, a few examples of long tell keywords. So what we were called in. It s your world. This is your head termed Detroit Water damaged restoration. Then for the second bullet point here, we have Detroit residential water damage restoration. So it's a little bit more specific. And then for the dirt point here we have Detroit residential basement water damage restoration. So I didn't do a search volume Look upon any of these, but you can bet that the search volume is gonna be a lot lower for, you're really long till keywords. So again, these air just keywords there really specific. But if someone is searching and typing this sense of Google, they know exactly what the problem is. So their problem aware. But at this point, they're really looking for someone who can help them for this specific problem. So, yeah, there might be, five searches a month for this phrase vs 50 for this phrase here at the top. But these five people who are looking for this, they're ready. Tow, call someone to come to help them with their problem. , so that's how you balance out, Sarge volume with, people who are going to call you. And I'm sure you understand You really want people calling your nut focus so much on search volume. And like I said, um, kind of been a theme in this webinar series you constant. When you put on good content, it helps you establish goodwill with your local community, and you become that go-to authority whenever someone has an issue. So hopefully this is the same as clearing up. Some things about blogging content, meta descriptions. But if you have any other questions, or if you just need a quick, constant strategy that gets you by for the next three months, feel free to give us a call at the number here on the slide. Er, no obligation. This is a free consultation. If I do say an offer where we can help you on a longer-term basis, I will make an offer, but still, there's no obligation. So thanks for watching it. And in the next video, we're going to go into brand reputation management and making sure that your brain is seen in a good light across the web. So thanks for watching it. I look forward to seeing you in the next lesson. Take care.


Restoration companies operate in an extremely niche market, providing you the opportunity to hone in a specific audience once you begin working with your website's SEO. By taking the time to improve your website's search engine optimization, you are increasing the number of restoration leads you are able to generate while also solidifying your place online as one of the most trusted and top restoration companies in your area.


Learn more about SEO for restoration companies from our webinar series below:


Hi there. Good morning. Good afternoon and good evening wherever you are. Thanks for taking a look at the 3rd segment of our restoration marketing Webinar. In this segment, we're really going to go into detail about SEO. , there are a lot of moving parts. I'm actually going to split this segment two separate videos because I know you'll have a ton of time. Hopefully, you're busy with your business. I thought that would be more convenient, so you can just watch each snippet when you have time. Now, In the 1st 2 segments, we went over websites for the first segment and paid advertising for the second segment. And those are always say that to starting points. If you're starting from scratch and going into segment three here less than three here on SEO. And this is something that, you know, it really takes some understanding Is that SEO, it's a long term investment. If you've never done anything with SEO or you haven't touched your SEO for your business website ing years, I usually tell clients you're not gonna make any money off of it for the 1st 6 months is you know, that's just the nature of the beast. That is the Google algorithm. And especially if you're in a city or location where there's a ton of competition, it might be even longer where I would know, stand that timeline. So maybe a year or more. But Essie Oh, it does have its benefits. And, you know, I'm really about building your own assets online. Whether that's a YouTube channel, your website, you know, whatever it is your Facebook page, Facebook business page, whatever it is. And while PPC is great for getting traffic early and getting leads early, let's say, you know, you decide that you turn off those ads Well, that traffic pretty much disappears, so SEO can fill that void even though it's a long term strategy over time, if you're doing s, you know the right way. , you'll see that r a y. And I've seen cases for clients I worked with for a number of years where at first the emphasis was on paid advertising and over time we steadily built up their SEO, and they were able to reduce their ad budget because I SEO was getting them traffic and leads, so I'll jp right into it here. So if you're not familiar, SEO, it's short for search engine optimization. And it's basically the process of tactics of increase in the quality and quantity of the traffic to your website. By increasing the visibility on the searches, your results pages and if you're not sure where all of this says, I'll do a quick demo here. So I had this search results page up for Atlanta water damage restoration. So pretty simple. , you know, you don't have your aunt's at the top, whether those air traditional ads or local service ads, you're going tohave your map pack, which is a very important part of a good SEO campaign. And then after that, you're going to have what I call your organic listings is so when you really have things rolling is when you have a placement in each of these areas. In the ad section, that map section, any organic section on SEO really focuses on the map section in the organic section here, so going back to the presentation here. So there are pros and cons, with SEO. And I'll start with the cons that the results take time. , unless you're in a no on area, that's not very competitive or you have already bean doing SEO. It will take time to see results in ROI. It's definitely a longer term investment compared to ads. , with that investment might be very large upfront where you're just not getting that return, especially if you're in a larger metro area. , they're always you know, that Google algorithm. I believe I read changes. You know, their algorithm changes over 500 times a year, and all of those are major changes your nun in complete control of those changes. So you might have been doing things the right way for years. But algorithm hits and negatively affects your website, so there aren't any guarantees, and your website is at the risk of being penalized if you're not staying on top of your SEO and new trends. however, once you get your SEO once you get moment rolling, you're getting organic traffic. You're getting organic leads. , customers. They're engaging with your company's website. It can be a continuous flow for free, and I say free in quotes because they would take investment to get there. But once you get there, you can really start seeing a flow of organic traffic. And that can be really, really been official. And be a really good compliment to your paid advertising campaign. I gives you more exposure to people who are looking for a solution. So I know there's some people who will skip the ad section because, you know, it's kind of this idea where no, yes, you can pay to play. You can get really easy and quick placement invisibility. But does that necessarily mean you're the best company where typically for your organic listings, the companies that are ranked the highest are usually going to be the best providers because they're either putting out great content. They're getting really good reviews. , you know, they're really that their websites been around awhile, so their business has probably been around a while and someone so typically, if you're just looking at an Apple samples comparison, organic websites and listings are going to be better quality, especially at the very top, , or guinea traffic that has a good chance of converting. So one of the downsides of a paid advertising campaign specifically on Google and we I talked about this in the inn at advertising segment is that you're going tohave clicks there are irrelevant. So essentially you're going to be wasting Aspen on knows a relevant clicks, whereas you obviously can use negative keywords to minimize. Those are relevant clicks. However, they're always going to always, always gonna be a cat and mouse skin. We're gonna have to stay on top of it, whereas Organic Traffic s SEO, assing that you're targeting the right key words that are going to drive Bottom line and revenue results for your damage restoration business, those are typically gonna be higher quality traffic and higher quality leads because they are searching. They did skip the ass section. They're really looking for a provider for there to solve their problem. And then when you're at the top of the map pack and you have pages on your site, that our ranking well, you're going to be seen us the position of authority, you're gonna be in a position of authority for your target area, and this can benefit you in ways you might not imagine. , lot of times when news stations, maybe they need a quote from a particular type of company. They'll just go to Google and grant the first website, see what they're saying about a particular topic. And there you go. You're gonna have, a, be feature in the news while even trying s Oh, there are benefits of that even, you know, being at the top of the search results. Now, people are going to see you as the authority. So again, , you know, Whereas made with the paid advertising, you're going to get some irrelevant clicks. People are just kind of shopping around with organic. You're going to really get better quality traffic. So those are just some of the pros and cons of SEO. I think it's important to understand, though, so that you go in to a digital marketing campaign SEO campaign with the right expectations. So, in this graphic here, this is the typical timeline for PPC and SEO and asse we maybe you're doing some things offline with PR. Maybe you're doing some advertising your local newspaper or your local radio stations or TV station. Uh, this is kind of the timeline you can expect so you can see quick results. PPC is your go-to. So if you're looking, you know your your budget is slow. You're really looking to build up your clientele, Your customers saying really feel you're a pipeline with more jobs. PPC, by all means is the way to go. But if you're looking at kind of more of a long term approach SEO and constant, which I'll speak on later those air definitely two channels that you want to focus on. And really, if your budget allows you want to do all three of these things to really get the best bang for your buck. So why SEO again kind of going back to owning your own assets where, yeah, you don't necessarily own the ghoul algorithm and controlled that. But you can't control what's on your website. You can't control what's on your social media pages, and that's a good asset because, you know, you can send it to someone, someone can look at it, and that's 18 years from now. Ghoul, I don't forsee. It is but cool. People no longer use Google. Maybe it's something else out there. You'll always have your website. You're always have your social media pages, and you can always use that. Those as sells assets are assets for yourselves. Process, with a sound strategy and it's so successful Execution. Like I've already said, SEO does provide a long term source of trafficking leads and the important words There are sound any SEO world there. There's something called white hat and gray and black hat. And while black hat, it's when it's done well and done right. It can definitely be effective if the provider that you're working with is this thing on top of thes algorithm changes and making sure that their tactics online with Google's guidelines. , you can't expose yourself to penalties. Where you have heard of websites is falling off the map of Google because they were using tactics that maybe worked in 2017 but don't necessarily work in 2020 whereas your focus more white had. That's a lot of content. A lot of you know just sound 10 SEO. Uh, those are longer term strategies That can really help you avoid some of those penalties that other businesses may get in the industry and really help set you up for long term success. So there are several areas of focus for SEO as specifically for restoration companies. So Google my business and Google Maps. That's the map section that I showed earlier in this video. That's gonna be, you know, probably the most important part of your SEO campaign. , again going back to the website, making sure your your website is mobile, friendly and easy to use. , really good keyword Targeting. So, figuring out off all of those phrases and key words that people are using what are those really important ones that are going to drive business? Do your SEO campaign proper on page and technical SEO. Oh, really? Are you doing all of the basics right? The fundamentals write citations and business listing. So these are missions and profiles for your business on Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp, Home Advisor and so on, that's an important part of a sound s SEO campaign and then back links on. And this is really most websites are going to get the top five, right? Especially if they are, they have infested marking. But back wings are really are a way that you can set yourself apart and so I'll be making separate videos on each of these different areas of focus. But if you know, watching this, that you have no idea what's going on but or you at least know that you need SEO for your restoration companies website, but don't know where to get started. , feel free to give us a call at the number here on the slide and no-obligation complimentary consultation. It will really help you direct you which way you need to go for 2020 and beyond. So, in the next lesson, I'm really going to go in full detail about Google my business and optimizing your Google MyBusiness listing. But thanks for watching it. And I look forward to speaking with you in the next segment. Take care


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