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PPC for Damage Restoration Companies

Running a successful restoration company can feel daunting and overwhelming if you are unprepared to go up against your local and regional competition. In order to remain relevant, developing and launching a digital marketing strategy is a must for any restoration company in the business. When your goal is to generate more damage restoration leads, becoming familiar with a variety of digital marketing tactics and techniques is essential.



Create a Restoration Marketing Strategy

Companies that pay for leads do so with a variety of online marketing techniques. Some of the most popular lead generation tactics in digital marketing today include:


PPC advertising marketing destiny marketing solutions


  • PPC: PPC, or pay-per-click marketing

  • Third-Party Advertising: Launch individual advertising campaigns on specific websites or URLs that are most relevant to your audience.

  • Social Media Marketing: Marketing strategy based on popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is still one of the most popular and effective digital marketing methods used by both individuals and corporations alike.

  • Content Marketing: Content is king when it comes to building an online following, establishing a brand, and generating revenue. A great content strategy is one of the quickest ways to establish credibility and authority in your chosen market or industry.


Devising your restoration PPC advertising strategy is the first step to establishing your business online while piquing the interest of locals and prospective customers.


PPC Tips

PPC, or pay-per-click, is one of the oldest and most popular forms of digital advertising used today. With PPC campaigns, set your budget and select specific websites or directories where you would like to advertise your website or URL on.


ppc success tips destiny marketing solutions


When you want to generate a PPC lead with your restoration PPC advertising strategy, keep the following tips in mind:


  • Research Competitors: Spend time researching your competitors. Research, review, and compare the official website of your top local competitors. Research top keywords and phrases that are being used to find your local competitors online with free tools such as Google Trends.

  • Track Trends: Keep track of popular keywords, phrases, and sayings in the restoration industry that are currently being searched with tools such as Google Trends.

  • Use A/B Testing: Use A/B testing to launch multiple advertisements while slightly altering your CTA, or call-to-action with each different ad campaign you run. A/B testing is extremely beneficial when reviewing the CTR (clickthrough rate) of each of your advertisements. Use A/B testing while altering your CTAs to learn how to better communicate with prospective customers or clients near you based on the audience and demographic you are trying to reach.

  • Set Daily Spending Limits: Whenever you run a restoration PPC advertising campaign, set daily spending limits in place. Avoid overspending on useless or unsuccessful campaigns by limiting your daily spending limit while simultaneously monitoring the results of your A/B tests and individual campaigns in real-time. Increase spending on working ads and replace ads that are not delivering the desired results you have in mind.


Using Local Service Ads

Local Service Ads, also known as LSAs, are local ads that are placed on Google to help users identify businesses near them. Local visibility is a top priority for many businesses, including companies involved in the restoration industry. Because of the niche market your restoration company falls within, it is important to focus on boosting your website's ranking within top search engines and within all local service advertisements you launch.


Google Guarantee Program

The Google Guarantee program is designed to help small business owners to receive the traffic they pay for online. Small business owners have the ability to opt into the Google-based guarantee program with an initial entrance fee of $2,000 USD. Once the fee is paid, Google will then begin working to ensure that your advertising budget is maximized and is only utilized when you receive clicks from your live advertisements using the Google ad servers.


Restoration PPC advertising and digital marketing campaigns do not have to feel tedious, stressful, or confusing. With the right tips, tools, resources, and a complete understanding of your local target audience, maximize your online reach and generate the damage restoration you need for continued success.


Learn more about PPC advertising for your restoration company below:



Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Wherever you are. When you're watching this Leonard Parker here. And I'm here for the second segment of our restoration marketing webinar. In this second, I'm really going to go into detail about paid ads, specifically local service ads and how they can you really help Jones start traffic and more importantly, leads for your damaged restoration business. Now, in the first segment, we went over how to build a great website. So what are some of the key components of a great website that are going to, uh, only give your prospective customers a good experience, but also, uh, make them more likely to give you a call or contact you? Now that's the first up building a great Web site. The second stuff is now getting traffic to that website and paid ads. They're a great way to do that off the bat because it's pretty simple. You set the advertising budget for your ad campaign. You turn on your ads, people start clicking on your ads and then you start getting traffic and hopefully leads depending on if you're it really able to. So your service is in, which sets you apart now for the damage restoration industry. Google recently rolled out a service called Google Guaranteed, and you've probably seen this if you ever did a search for damage restoration or really is actually available for a lot of other industries as well. But it's going to be here at the very top of the page and you'll see right away you have this green checkmark. Then he's going to say Google, Google guarantees all in bold there and you see here the ads are fairly simple compared to the traditional Google ads but has sure your business same your review rating area. You serve hours and then your phone number so really straight into the point. And if someone wants to ah, look at other providers, they can click the more butt in here, and it will take them to a list of different service providers in your area. So some of the benefits of local service as they provide customers peace of mind. So these are businesses that have been vetted by Google. There's an application process, and, um, it's not as easy as before where you can just throw up some ads and you know the user they could click on and potentially work with a company that's not very credible. Ah, this is a standard program, and it's something that really Google wants to provide a better experience for its users. So that's really how it provides peace of mind to two customers when they're calling you. So at least they know, even know if the job doesn't go as planned. They do have a guarantee from Google that they can get their money back, so it definitely provides customers. Peace of mind allows your business to stand out on more competitors. Um, again, pretty much what I say in the first point there. Ah, businesses that have gone through this process customer can really be. Have some trust that you are a legitimate company and all of the companies that are available or providers in your area they're not gonna have gone through this program. They're not gonna take any steps to go through this program. So it's really important that if you do meet the criteria to be in the Google Guarantee program that you spend the times, actually, you know, apply and get us something and you know, this is pretty obvious, but it's worth mentioning. Here you have prime real estate on the search results page, so Ah, this is a search I did for water damage restoration near me. So very popular search for people looking for Restoration Service's and these ads are at the very top, So it’s usually the first thing someone sees. So it's you're really putting yourself in a position for your ad to be clicked compared to even a map pack and so many or gaining listings where there may be less click percentage, depending on your area, um, and level of competition. So those are some of the benefits such as saving your ad spend. That really depends on your overall marketing budget. But you know, Holly, recommend that you release devote maybe five hundreds of $1000 per month and again now really depends on your goals and your competition in your area. Because if you're in the metro area like Houston or L. A or New York, you know, you probably have companies are spending 10 times that amount, so I really kind of being aware of what your competitors are spending or how some ballpark idea is a good starting point. Ah, but it's an investment in, definitely if you have the right investment. If you really take the time to look at what your competitors are going, it can be a great investment to get things rolling for your website. For your business. No, a few of the Dean's, um, that I often see with Google ads. And really, this applies to any paid advertising campaign. Ah, you want to make sure that your website analytics conversion tracking this set up in Google Analytics, Google analytics. If you're not familiar, it's a free tool, and it will pretty much give you the information you need. I may take time for to get enough data, but you will tell you where your traffic is coming from, where your conversions are coming from, and really, that's what can help you figure out OK, we have the six months of data or this year worth of data, where we get the most business. Let's double down on our marketing channel and maybe reduce our budget and some of these other areas that aren't working quite a swell for us. And that's really the first step of an effective marketing campaign sending up the infrastructure where you're arguing that data. And if you're going to be spending money on Google ads, you at least need to know. Okay, what are the results even with So my clicks due from Google from an act compared to, um, you know, another channel like social media or see Oh, Ah, how long this thing on the page already converting it, someone so very important that step is very important. Ah, step number two. And this is something I see off then confirmed that you're actually targeting the area that you serve. So if I'm in Houston, I've seen cases, where you know there’s a company, is not a national company, but it's a company in Los Angeles who's as air showing here in Houston. Now, unless they're planning to expand to the Houston area. Um, there's no reason why I should see their ads. So you want to make sure that you're targeting only those specific areas that you actually service And the great thing about Google Go ask is that you can actually set a radius so you If you know typically your team doesn't go outside a 25 mile or 40-mile radius. Well, then you can set up that said, set that setting in the Google ads platform to only focus on those areas. On the other hand, if you know that you only target started zip codes or certain suburbs, then you can also set up that level of targeting in your group for your goal adds use negative keywords. So there may be cases where this would apply for do it yourselfers where maybe they're just looking for information on how to, uh, do, Ah, certain restoration. Maybe they're more hands-on and don't want to work with a company. Maybe have been burned in the past, who knows? But those types of searches are, you know, pretty irrelevant for PPC and even maybe for SEO, but definitely, for PPC for your Google ads, you only want those clicks that our people they are clueless, they're in a bad situation. They're looking for professional help and you're looking for professional help right now so you want to use negative keywords to weed out. Does those bad queries or not bad queries or queries that really aren't going to lead to a potential customer. And you know this is something that we always do for our campaigns. It's a starting point, and I recommend that something that should be reviewed regularly, whereas you know my start with a list of 15 to 20 negative keywords. But if you've been running your ads for six months, you look at your query report for your cool and you might have 50 more phrases that you never thought about but people are using to click on your ads. You always want to make sure that you're reviewing this regularly, and I recommend looking at it at least once a month. Ah, useful hours, not our words express. You want the functionality and capabilities off that all of those capabilities that outwards offers, so making sure that you use full outwards and sure you're sending traffic to a mobile-friendly landing page, and we talked quite a bit about this in the first segment about making sure that your website it's mobile-friendly. But people now more than ever are using their mobile device to browse the web and to look for different service is so again, you know, if you're sending your users to a specific landing page, you want to make sure that the page is easy to use on your mobile device again. If you're paying money for ads, you want to make sure that there's nothing in that from where they click, the add to where they call you anything that hopes up that process. And I didn't list this here, but it's kind of obvious, but it's amazing how often I see this, but no. Typically, if you're using any type of formal your landing page, make sure to form works and it goes to the right person on your team or to write, you know, right people on your team. I've had situations where the form was may be connected to an employee email who doesn't work there anymore. So obviously, all of those leads, they're going to a dead email. So what I recommend instead of ah, linking an email your forms for an email to an individual team member you use and, um, used as a broad email like cells at your company dot com or, um, prospects at your company dot com that way. If there are changes with your team, or even if there is someone new aboard who's gonna be handling those leads that everyone gets those emails and then you know, if you're the business owner or your head of cells or something always know you can always your email us well, just to make sure that, uh, nothing nothing is no falling through the cracks. No, for most damage restoration companies, school ads are going to be the place to go as far as really getting that traffic and those leads as quickly as possible. But let's say that you know you have some time you want to build our relationship. So maybe in addition to the emergency Restoration service issue offer things like carpet cleaning our odor elimination things there are important, but maybe not as quiet, as urgent as there are a few feet of water in my living room. So in a case, advertising on Facebook and linked in may be a good opportunity for your business. So Facebook, you know you can promote non-emergency service says, and you can target specific audiences based on their demographic. So if you're only interested in homeowners or if you're only interested in working with uh, also those who make a certain level of income. Ah, that's possible with Facebook. And the key difference between Facebook and Google ads is that Google ads it's keyword triggered, and you'll see that you're usually gonna pay more per click for Google ads because you're paying a premium because you know that that person is specifically looking for your service. Whereas Facebook, it's definitely more of a passive channel where so it may be scrolling looking at their friends or family pages, maybe up updating their profile. But maybe they're not necessarily looking for your service is, but they see your ad for carpet cleaning or pressure washing or whatever it is that you offer. They say, Hey, you know, it's been a while since I've had our carpets and our house cleaned. Um, maybe it's time to, you know, do another carpet cleaning job. Um, and that's a great way to stay in front of them. Um, there's a Dane that I like to use for all of our marketing campaigns, and it's the marketing rule of seven. So just because somewhere click your ad or they've gone to your website doesn't always mean that they're going to convert. So you need to find ways to stay top of mind and really build their relationship over time. And this is very important. If you provide non-emergency services is because people have time, there may be going to shop around. Maybe it's not an urgent matter. So you have to find ways to stay top of mind and Facebook, especially when you incorporate Facebook remarketing. It can be a very powerful way for you to stay top of mind. Um, and so really Facebook. It's pretty straightforward here. So here on the left-hand side, you know, it's really gonna be based on an image. So image or videos if you are really good with V. O. R. There's someone on your team who is really good on camera. It might be a really good opportunity to stay on top, you know, kind of set yourself apart, and then you're gonna have a brief snippet about You know what you offer You're gonna have some call to action. So I always like to, you know, make it a little catchy. So that catches someone's attention because remember someone on Facebook is unnecessary looking at your service. So you're gonna have to do more to catch their attention and their studies that show that women in the photo performed better than a man. It depends on your brand and really, what image you're trying to promote. But if you are providing none, emergency service's Facebook is a great place to be. Now linked, then and I will recommend lengthening, um on Lee if you are targeting, uh, other businesses so you don't really focus on residential, but you're really looking at more at businesses or even if would envy to be. You're focused on specific industries. Um, it allows you linked in ads, allows you to target your ass to a specific position or title within a company. So if you know that, typically the decision-maker has this position or title, whether that's operations manager or no maintenance manager or whatever, you can actually target those specific positions on lengthening. Now, the thing we've linked in, um, typically your cost per click is going to be even higher in Google. And for definitely hard and Facebook. So I recommend that you know, you may be testing how If you even if you are doing B2B, you test all your ad copy and you're creative, you're that's your image or video on Facebook first before you move onto LinkedIn. So figure out what combination of a copy at Tex Image or video and landing page works best. What combination? And then once you find something that works and you're really getting good results, move over to LinkedIn where you could get a little bit more targeted with position and title and again, uh, linked. And you're going to use the campaign manager. So, um, all of these airways that you use paid ads to, uh, to really promote your business and really get those fleets coming in and again. You know, if you were really looking at Emergency Service's and that's what you're trying to promote, Google is probably your go-to, because these are people who are looking for service providers. But if you also have some non-emergency service's Facebook and linked, then are worth looking into, and these are all platforms are we, um, provider, execute advertising campaigns for our damage restoration clients. Also If there's this are, you know, something that you need help with. Feel free to give us a call at the number below now, before I in this segment kind also went to mention some more advanced tactics for paid advertising. You can take things to the next level so you can do call tracking where you know you can actually have a number that has the same area code. But you know, it's a little bit different. That way you can track those calls. They're coming directly from Google ads. And typically, what I do know I really use called tracking across the board, even on my own agency's website. Ah, we do call tracking for Google ads called Trucking for gaining So people clicking due to Google search results called tracking for social media and even break it down by platform. So we really know where were you getting called? Somewhere We're getting leads, and as I say, you really want to start things off on a strong note as far as your infrastructure and getting data and so some of the popular vendors that we have used call rail and call tracking metrics. There are many other vendors out there, but these are the vendors that I recommended that we have actually used for all marketing and for marketing for our clients remarketing. So remarketing is going back to the marketing role of seven, where you know if you're promoting non-emergency services, you want to stay top of mind because that buying decision isn't quite as urgent. So do it makes of remarketing, where you're setting up a remarketing campaign and depending on the platform that determines the length on how long that you can set that remarketing campaign. I know on Google it's 540 days. But just think about, you know, in real life, what is the typical Ah, you know that person they recognize. They have a need for that service, whether it's carpet cleaning or whatever. And then how long does it usually take for them to buy and from your experience? That's how long you should be running a remarketing campaign about highly recommended. You know, people, on average, aren't going to convert their first time interacting with your brain. Even if they are on your website, I believe the average conversion rate is around 3%. S. Oh, that's 97% of people who go to your wife's I who never do anything. So you don't want to leave all of those people, let all of them fall through. The cracks are remarking. It's a great way to increase that 3% video ads. So again, have you had someone you or someone on your team was really going on video? They can be engaging them, you know, maybe have a good sense of humor. You make a YouTube video and make that a video ad or even doing on Facebook again there. Other way. She could stay in front of people, not just Google. Of course, Google owns YouTube, but its own platform. It's the second largest search engine behind Google. Um, so those are just different ways you can be. You can engage ah, potential customers and stay top of mind competition blocking. And this is really important if you're in a really competitive area. So this is something that we do for all of our campaigns, and this pretty much prevents your competitors from clicking ads. And I hate to say it, but I've experienced where, um, you know, there will be no even marketing companies do this where they'll go out, find competition and just have someone on their team click their competition ads all day. Obviously, what that does it. It exhausts all of their ads spend. So their ads, those show anymore and absolutely it's not at the cold. Not at all. Um, But, hey, it's ah, it's a tough, tough game out there, so just make sure that you set up competition blocking ah, for your aunt campaign so that you can minimize or even eliminate that from happening with you and your campaign and then an extension. So this is ah, directly tied to Google, but they're different extensions that you can use to make your ass stand out more. So you use location extensions where, ah, someone will see your address so they see that you're local. That might make it more likely for them to call you. You can use review snippets where you can kind of link it with your Google. My business and have some of your reviews in your view rating showing, and you can even use site links. So where if someone is kind of looking and researching, they can go directly to the relevant page for the service that they're looking for. So these are ways that you can take a more real estate on that Google search engine results page. And like I said when I was talking about local service ads, you wanna have prime real estate and you want it to be as noticeable as possible. That's going to increase the chances of you getting that click from that hot lead. So hopefully all of this information has been hopeful, as you look at how you can use paid advertising to really market, you're a damaged restoration company and really get more trafficking elites coming into your business. Now again, if you need help if you're clueless, feel free to give us a call here at the number on the screen and no, no obligation. We can do a free complimentary review of your website and really give you some kind of ah, blueprint, a road map of what you need to do to really succeed. So thanks for watching it. And I look forward to seeing you in the next segment where we're going to go over. Honestly, my favorite topic SEO.


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