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Case Study: How Destiny Marketing Increased Client Lead Generation by 68% and Improved Google Rankings More Than 400%

case study destiny marketing solutions increased client lead generation

As more potential customers turn to search engines for finding local businesses, unoptimized websites are left behind. Typically, most customers click on links that show up on the first page of search engine results and don't search through additional pages.

Fine-tuning a website so that it ranks as high as possible requires technical knowledge and marketing experience in an area known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This process requires marketing and technology experts to create a website that Google and other search engines recognize as trustworthy and relevant to a user's search terms.

Landing pages, blog posts, photographs, videos, and local content work collectively to create a website that is appealing to customers and visible in search results. The website's titles, page descriptions, and content also need to be welcoming and user-friendly.

Here's how one growing business in a highly competitive market used Destiny Marketing to significantly improve Google rankings and increase lead generation by 68%. Large and small businesses can use the same strategies and tactics to get dramatic results and grow considerably in a matter of months.

Our Client

The client was a new water damage restoration company trying to reach homeowners and businesses. Since a handful of large franchise brands dominate the water restoration industry, the client was struggling to gain name recognition and visibility.

Conclusion #1: The client needed to increase their online visibility.

Pay-per-click advertising in Google search results wasn't within the client's marketing budget range. But, they needed to improve their organic search engine rankings to be seen by potential customers, even when the economy is performing poorly.

Conclusion #2: The client needed SEO keyword improvements to show up higher in search results and be seen by customers.

The client's website had minimal content and few pictures and videos. Although they had lots of technical knowledge about water restoration, their website didn't establish them as a trustworthy authority that customers could rely on.

Conclusion #3: The client needed clear, informative, and engaging content that would help customers and satisfy Google's algorithms so it could show up higher in search results.

The client's primary goal was to gain a foothold in small to mid-sized cities with populations of 50,000 - 250,000 people before moving on to national market shares. They needed a dramatic increase in leads that would convert to local jobs.

Although more jobs are typically available in larger cities, gaining visibility is much more difficult. The client knew they should start small and grow into broader markets.

Conclusion #4: The client needed to do a trial campaign to increase visibility in a small city. This campaign could later be replicated in other locations.

Since water damage can occur even outside of natural disasters, there was plenty of demand for the client's services. They knew they had the expertise and customer service skills necessary to win over their clients, but they needed to achieve better brand and name recognition.

Our Results

We created a series of SEO-optimized landing pages for water restoration services in a small North Carolina city. The client's site saw a 43% growth in organic traffic. The growth rate increased month after month.

This was due to a 441% improvement in Google rankings for key search terms. The client scored 4th-place rankings for key search terms, including:

  • Water removal and extraction
  • Flood damage repair
  • Water pipe repair
  • Water damage restoration
  • Water restoration expert

This resulted in the client appearing on the first page of search results for local searches that included these keyword phrases.

Pageviews don't mean anything unless they increase leads and jobs. Fortunately, the client achieved a 68% growth in lead generation and a significant increase in sales, also known as a conversion rate. Customers requested the client's services instead of just viewing the website.

We had just created a winning strategy for an upstart company with no brand recognition and a small existing customer base. Using the same process, it was easy for the company to continue growing into other cities, including nearby Raleigh, North Carolina.

seo optimization case study destiny marketing solutions

How We Did It

Google and other search engines use a range of artificial intelligence programs to evaluate websites and determine their relevance for customers. These programs and algorithms are continually tweaked, so marketing experts have to stay on top of the latest changes.

In order to generate leads, the client website needs to be recognized as a trustworthy source. We created original content to make the client's website more visible and valuable for potential customers. We included:

Part #1 - Careful Keyword Selection

Water restoration covers a range of specific services, including water pipe repair, water removal and extraction, flood damage repair, and more. By including these terms in strategic places in the website text, we brought the website up to the first page of Google search results for these terms. We also aimed to promote the client's most profitable services.

Part #2 - Hyperlocalization

Traditional local advertising methods - like phone books - are not nearly as popular as they were in decades past. Potential customers often use names of neighborhoods and other small geographical areas when searching for businesses. Many websites ignore these names and only include major city or county names.

In order to attract as many pageviews and leads as possible, we included neighborhood and district names for this North Carolina city. We included geomodifiers in keyword phrases and images to increase the local ranking of the business.

Since most people search for a service when they have an actual need and not just a passing interest, geotagging can help you pinpoint your customers and help your business appear on the first page in the search engine results.

Part #3 - Clear, Simple Landing Pages

The main landing page uses a professional video and a short description of the client's services and expertise. We included a contact form immediately to the right of the content, reducing the number of clicks the customer has to make before a lead is completed.

Part #4 - Pillar Pages

Pillar pages about individual services are the best way to provide more information to interested customers. Like the main landing page, the pillar pages include multimedia content and a simple call-to-action.

The pillar pages use question-and-answer formatting to provide customers with basic information about why professional water restoration services are necessary. Pillar pages included water pipe repair, water damage restoration, flood damage repair, water removal and extraction, and other key services.

Part #5 - Blog Posts

In addition to searching for specific services, potential customers may search for answers to common questions or troubleshooting information for problems related to water damage. By creating blog posts with comprehensive content about these topics, we improved the client's website visibility even more. We also included some blog posts on local lifestyle topics to boost local visibility and trust.

Part #6 - Interlinking and Backlinking

Search engines take note of which websites are linking to each other and give some priority to websites that use relevant links. Special preference is given to sites that link to authoritarian sites, such as reliable news outlets and reference sites. We included links to local authoritarian content in the client's website content.

Part #7 - Examining Metrics

Websites collect a range of data on customer behavior, including how the customer found the site, time spent on each page, and what pages were clicked on next. To make sure a page is functioning as designed, a marketing team must look at all these data points and optimize the page further if needed. This data leads to the final conversion rate or the number of sales that occur, so we carefully examined the metrics to get client results.

Client Satisfaction

Of course, the sharp increase in leads and Google search rankings was well-received. "It has been a pleasure working with Leonard and his team. They are experts at what they do, and really understand the restoration business," the client said.

Now, the client also has a playbook for future growth. With more city-specific landing pages and localized content, the client can expand into nearby cities or even a new state.

Methods That Work

This case study is relevant to any industry. In order to reach local customers, website content should be crafted by an expert to meet those customers' needs.

Some companies don't market directly to consumers, and instead use B2B marketing to get results. Search engine results still play a role in B2B marketing, especially for businesses that need to be seen as authorities in their field. Expert content can help build client confidence and increase sales in a matter of weeks.

Destiny Marketing has a proven track record of results for small and large businesses. We take advantage of the science behind search engine optimization to increase rankings and leads from actual customers. Our process can take your business to the next level, regardless of industry or target audience. Contact us for a consultation to learn how we can help boost your business leads and sales.