How to write resume tips for job seekers

In this article, we have collected top tips for creating the perfect resume, but you can always turn to the professionals and buy resumes tailored just for you.

Photos and contacts – business

A photo on a resume will always be a plus, even if the position does not involve communication with people. A photo will make your resume personalized: it is easier to notice, and a response from a photo is harder to miss or remove. But choosing a portrait for a resume needs to be critical: a bad photo can ruin everything. Professional portrait photography, business and neutral, works best.

In the contacts section, pay attention to the mailbox – it must correspond to the professional status.

Check your salary against the market

It is not necessary to include your desired salary on your resume, but if you do, employers will not come to you with inappropriate offers. Universal advice: write an amount 15-20% more than what you are earning now. This will provide an opportunity to bargain without prejudice to their own interests. We talked in more detail about how to determine the desired income in one of the articles.

Check your expectations against the average salary in the market: look at vacancies, at statistics by region and professional field. A salary that is overpriced by 40% or more will definitely scare off a recruiter.

Work experience

If you’re not a beginner, experience is the main part of your resume. Approach this section with extreme care.

The experience should look whole, that is, without long career breaks. If there were breaks, then they should have explanations: maternity leave, doing business, freelancing, and so on.

Pay attention to the last three years of work, which interests employers first of all.

In the title of the resume and headings, write the generally accepted job titles in the market, it is not necessary to copy what is written in the work book – the main point. For example, a “sales manager” is better than a vague “line manager”. The “project manager” looks more versatile than the “managing director of the business unit”.

Never copy the list of responsibilities from the job descriptions. Highlight the most important and write it down in understandable language, without clericalism.

In addition to your job responsibilities, be sure to indicate your specific achievements and performance results (for example, “jointly with the IT department, developed corporate standards for controlling business processes”).

The final text of the resume should be a squeeze, from which everything that, in principle, can be removed without losing meaning has been removed.

If you have not been looking for a job for a long time (decree, a long period of work in one place) and therefore you do not have enough self-confidence at the interview, you need to make a selling resume, or you cannot find a job for a long time, after the interview, silence on the part of the employer you can buy resumes from specialists who will create a selling resume for you.