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13 Topics that Restoration Contractors can Blog About to Become Local Leaders

Written by: Leonard Parker | Local Search Marketing | 08th June


restoration blogs


Restoration contractors can reach more potential customers and business partners by maintaining a blog on their website. However, some restoration contractors might struggle with coming up with topics to blog about.


Contractors need to choose topics that will allow them to become local leaders in their industry. The following are 13 great blogging ideas that will help contractors achieve a local leadership role in their industry:


Take frequently asked questions from customers and turn them into a blog post


Having a website and blog gives you a great chance to interact with your customers and you're community. One thing you should be doing on your website is giving website visitors an opportunity to communicate with you. This should include the ability to send in questions that you can answer.


You're probably going to get some of the same questions multiple time. It's a good idea to take frequently asked questions from customers and use them as material to create a blog entry. This shows that you're engaging with customers and catering to their needs.


Provide tips on how to prepare for and minimize damage from natural disasters


You should be offering marketing ideas for disaster restoration if you want to maximize the potential of your restoration contracting operation. Natural disasters are one of the biggest causes of the need for restoration work. Restoration work repairing natural disaster damage needs to reestablish the safety and stability of buildings, so it is essential that this work is executed properly. Providing tips on how to properly restore natural disaster damage properties is a good way to become a local leader in a community.


Showcase past projects that your company has completed


You can fill your blog while promoting your company in a way that interests prospective customers by posting about past projects. You can use your blog as a kind of a portfolio that shows what your company is capable of. This can give website viewers a better idea of what kind of work you handle.


Blog posts showcasing past projects should definitely include pictures and possibly even video content to have the best possible effect. These posts can show how your company handles the restoration process.


Ways to increase the resale value of a property through restoration


Customers will be interested in learning what some of the most cost effective ways are to raise the value of real estate properties. Sometimes, restoration projects that raise resale values the most and are the most cost effective aren't actually that obvious. You can provide your insight as a leader in the restoration business to give your customers ideas and possibly spark partnerships.


Safety consequences brought on by water damage


Water damage can lead to safety hazards like poor interior air quality and the presence of potentially toxic black mold growth. Water damage can also weaken a property structurally. Customers need to know about safety consequences of water damage so that they have a good understanding of why restoration work is so important for a property.


Advice for negotiating the sale of a property after restoration


Some customers might be concerned that undergoing damage and requiring restoration work might bring down the resale value of certain properties. Customers will then want to know the relationship between restoration work and resale values on properties.


Such a blog topic can ensure that a reader knows how to make sure that restoration work restores property values to what they were before the natural disaster, accident, or malfunction led to the water damage or any other type of need for restoration work.


Detail solutions for water damage issues


There are numerous ways to repair water damage and restore a safe and comfortable interior to a home or other type of property. Some possible methods of restoring water damaged properties include through dehumidifying properties to dry them out or to sanitize them using cleaners. Customers will be interested in how water damage can be repaired and what types of procedures are necessary to restore interiors to the condition they were in before the accident or event.


Be specific about water damage by addressing damage caused by certain sources


Different causes of water damage require different types of work. Water damage caused by a plumbing accident, for example, will require both restoration and plumbing repairs that ensure that the episode will not repeat itself. Blog posts can explore how to respond to various causes of water damage including plumbing malfunctions, natural disasters, and drainage problems on the outside of a structure.


Advice for negotiating the costs of restoration work


A blog post focused on the cost of restoration work can explain what influences that total costs of a restoration project. Pricing is an important issue to consider and one that customers will inevitably want to explore. This blog post can discuss both what drives up restoration costs and what brings them down.


Advice for working with contractors


Customers will want to learn about the procedures of working with contractors. They will be interested to learn about factors like how work is scheduled and how pricing and payments are made. A blog post that provides advice, tips, and basic information about processes of working with contractors will be helpful to those interested in restoration contracting services.


Tips on maintaining properties to avoid damage


Damage requiring restoration work such as water damage can sometimes be avoided entirely through proper maintenance of plumbing fixtures and structural features of a building. Prevention of damage is often less expensive and less problematic than restoration work after the fact. Customers interested in restoration contracting can take an interest in maintenance work that will allow them to avoid further property damage in the future.


Give advice on how water damage can be prevented


Water damage is one of the most costly types of damage a property can experience. It can also often be easily prevented through proper plumbing system maintenance and roofing maintenance that will prevent leakage, for example.


Highlight local events going on currently


Those working as contractors should connect with their community by being aware of what special evens are going on. Whether special events discussed relate to restoration work or not, restoration blogs can help attract a larger audience in their communities by discussing and highlighting local events in some blog posts.