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How do you stand out on Google as a business owner in a sprawling area full of other businesses and competitors like Katy?

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That's where SEO steps in.

SEO is solid component of any business marketing strategy.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a great way to make your small business the ultimate choice for consumers.

SEO is a viable strategy to accelerate your business's growth and opportunities through the Internet and spread your brand's visibility to consumers from Katy to Fulshear.

A small business needs the most sound and up to date strategies to ensure progressive growth and SEO is one of the best strategies that any Katy  small business owner can possibly ask for.

Below we'll look at some digital marketing tips that Katy business owners can use to stand out in their area.



Search Engine Optimization for Katy Businesses

SEO is great in generating more traffic to your website.

Organic search is constantly evolving, and as a small business and website owner it's important that you  stay on top of the rules and algorithms that influence your business and website's visibility in the search engines.


katy seo destiny marketing solutions
SEO can have a great impact on your Katy business.












A strategic approach your website's SEO can give you a head start among your competition.

As the Katy area continues to grow, it will become increasingly difficult to get your business and brand in front of your target customers.

You can either seek the help of a professional Katy digital marketing consultant or do the work yourself.

If you choose the latter option, you will have a learning curve, but it's not impossible.

Below are SEO tips on how to make sure your site stands out among your local competitors in Katy and surrounding areas:


Use keyword-rich content that is relevant to Katy and your industry

The first secret to SEO is learning to use keywords effectively, or the words that people will type into search engines to find you.

As you are writing your website's content, be sure to use relevant keywords throughout your page.

A search engine crawler scans a page's content from top to bottom, and crawlers tend to give more ranking weight to the first few lines than to the lines at the very bottom of the page.

Be sure to include your highest-potential keywords in those first two or three lines.

Page titles are the text that shows up in the tabs at the top of your browser, and are also the first line that shows in search results (see below for an example)


katy on page seo destiny marketing solutions


Including SEO keywords in the page title helps optimize your website's pages for improved search engine rankings.


Top Keywords for Businesses in Katy

The list below shows how you should combine your location, Katy, with the services or products your company offers customers.

Adjust them to fit your company's products or services:

  • <your company services> Katy
  • Katy <your company services>
  • <your industry> Professional Katy
  • Katy Professional <your industry>
  • <your industry> Consultant Katy
  • Katy <your industry> Consultant

These are just several examples. Again, modify to fit your needs.

If you are stumped on good keywords, you can use one of the following tools to develop a good list of target keywords:

Also, check out the video below for more tips on how to find high potential keywords for your website:



Try to include Katy as well as all the services you provide.

If you provide services to a specific neighborhood, modify the list above to incorporate that specific neighborhood.

Instead of having one page that includes all your services, add one dedicated to each service.

Include the service name in the title along with Katy will help clients find you through their searches.  

For example, if you're a dentist that provides different services like cosmetic dentistry or orthodontic treatment, you should include the following pages on your website:

  • Katy Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Katy Orthodontic Treatment


Other SEO Strategies for Katy Business Owners

The more targeted you are with your keywords, the better your chances for ranking high in the search engine results.

Not only will you improve your website's rankings, but you will also optimize for conversions because you are closely targeting your prospective customers needs.

Other than keywords, there are other ways you can jumpstart your business website's local SEO presence.

Your homepage is the first place a prospective client is going to land and is important to search engines.

Be sure your website makes a great first impression. Include an easy to find contact page with accurate .

Make your website and blog content easy to share.

Empower your visitors to spread the word about your website, which will ultimately increase your web traffic over time.

Make sure you claim your Google MyBusiness profile. Verify your profile, and optimize it for your target keywords. Claim your Google MyBusiness listing here.

Watch the video below for more tips on how to optimize your Google MyBusiness profile:



Claim as many other listings as you can find also. See how your business citations stack up here.

Once you complete these steps, your site can appear when people search for Katy businesses such as yours,  or any keywords related to your location and services.


Social Media Strategies for Katy Businesses

Now that you have evaluated your website and optimized your content for your clients and prospective clients, show it off!

Social media is a great tool to send readers to your website and can help catalyze your SEO efforts.

Social media is a valuable communication channel for personal and commercial use alike.

When posting on any social media site, provide a link back to your website, and be sure that you have links to each of your social media profiles on your main website.

Use social media to demonstrate you and your team's expertise and build trust over time.


Now, the next steps are up to you!

You want to bring in new clients in Katy, and establishing an online presence is important for that.

When creating pages for your site, make sure that your business name is identical throughout, along with your contact information. Always pay attention to details.

Online marketing, when executed properly, is an important resource when marketing your services.

Approach it seriously.

You must maintain your company's online presence so that you remain relevant in Katy and surrounding areas.

If you use the above tips, digital marketing will place you in a great position!

Are you a Katy business owner and unsure of next steps?

Let us help.

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