Partnership Proposal

A Step-by-Step Plan To Establish Your Market Position

Leonard Parker
February 22nd 2018

Hi Nelson & Daniel

Thanks for taking the time to read this proposal.

This proposal document was designed to...

1. Explain our main objective from working together over the 6 months
2. Give you insight into the work being carried out and the thought process behind it all
3. Show you an accurate timeline of the work we will implement
4. Inform you of the investment required to begin this project

Let's get started...


You may hear about "content marketing" all the time, but what does it really mean? Is it blog posts? Videos? White papers? Where do newsletters fit in? And what about SEO? It can feel pretty overwhelming.

You know your business inside and out. You can talk about the specs till the cows come home-what you need is the expertise to leverage that knowledge to reach your target audience with valuable, informative content that converts prospects into customers, and keep them coming back.

That's where we come in. We know content marketing. Our four-step process results in a plan that is evidence-based, strategic, and do-able. We won't stop until we see results

Your content marketing strategy will tell your audience how awesome Intuilize is, and tell them how they can be part of that awesomeness. It will convert interest into sales, and prospects into long-term loyal customers.

Let's not forget the branding piece of the puzzle.

Developing a strong, authentic brand and delivering it consistently is the foundation upon which every successful business is built. And we can help you lay that first stone. We'll help uncover what makes you special, differentiates you from the competition and defines who you are and what you want to be, and what your target audience wants you to be. The development of this brand will be essential to consistently delivering the right message to the right people to create just the right reaction.

I look forward to discussing this proposal with you in detail, and to working with you to make big things happen.



This is where we listen closely to discover who you are and what your company goals look like. We also research your audience and potential customer base.

  • Customer personas - Who is buying from you now and who else would you like to reach?
  • Keyword search estimates - What are the volume and competitiveness of your words and phrases?
  • Competitive link analysis - What's going on in the industry?
  • Data collection - What are your current site and social media analytics, and how does the rest of your marketing strategy fit?


This is where we strategize and prepare. We do a full site and content audit, optimize all your pages, and make sure every result we're going for is trackable and measurable. Once we've built a foundation of facts, we'll find the perfect communication mix to reach, engage and persuade your target market.

  • Identify conversion opportunities
  • Define and set up content management systems, logistics, and approval processes, and identify content sources
  • Brainstorm content ideas that will educate, entertain, and engage your audience


Ongoing content initiatives require several key decisions: what kind of content? How often? And where will it go?

  • Choose SEO optimized blog posts, E-books, templates, videos, infographics, white papers, newsletters, case studies, and reliable external content
  • Determine frequency by keyword and traffic goals
  • Establish an editorial calendar
  • Generate content
  • Develop a social media plan to support content marketing


Figuring out what worked is the most important step of all. Our work here is done when we can prove to you that your investment is paying off. Whether it's page views, website visits, conversion of prospects, or the bottom line, we're confident you'll see results, including:

  • Monthly reports showing the value of your investment
  • Key metrics and performance indicators

Facebook marketing campaigns are an ongoing process. We respond to what works and move on fast from what doesn't work. Therefore, we anticipate at minimum of two months from the start to the date your campaign is launched. After that, we monitor and adjust, presenting reports to [Client.Company] on a monthly basis. Here's how the process will look:



Est. Completion

Getting to Know You


early March

Development of Core Site Content


early March

Setting the Stage



Designing & Implementing Your Content Marketing Solution


early June

Analytics and Reporting


starting in June


We will leverage different types of content for different stages of your sales funnel. See the graphic below for details:


Search engines award top keyword rankings to the site that proves it is the best fit for the relevancy of a subject or theme that matches the user query. As a result, the primary goal of SEO is to improve the website so that the site is about more than targeted keyword phrases ”” it is about the themes matching those keywords.

More often than not, a website is a disjointed array of unrelated information with no clear central theme. Such a site suffers in search engine rankings for sought after keywords. Siloing a website will serve to clarify your website's subject relevance and will lay the groundwork for high keyword rankings. It is a core building block for search engine optimization and is normally an advanced topic.

The term siloing originated as a way to identify the concept of grouping related information into distinct sections within a website. Much like the chapters in a book, a silo represents a group of themed or subject-specific content on your site. The reason this grouping is such a high SEO priority is that search engines award "keyword" relevancy within their index based on the page and then the rest of the site with the most supporting relevant content. Well ranked websites are founded upon the concept that a website should physically be organized like a doctoral dissertation. A dissertation has a clearly identified title, abstract, table of contents, then content laid out to reinforce the overall theme of the dissertation as a whole, all with references and footnotes supporting the subject.

Often, there are great websites hidden from widespread search engine result pages (SERPs) exposure because they lack an organic search engine optimization strategy or their strategy does not include enough attention to clear subject relevance or siloing. In this document you will find a strategy for improving the clarity of a website's overall theme through siloing with the intent to improve keyword rankings.

Our KPIs

It is important that we establish KPIs so we know if your content marketing campaign is successful or if we need to change course.

These are the KPIs we will track:

  • # of Site Visits
  • Site Content Engagement: Bounce Rate, Average Time on Site
  • Social Media Content Engagement: Likes, Shares, Follows, Retweets, Comments
  • # of Branded Searches
  • # of Branded Searches + Topic
  • Leads - Email Signups, Online Event Attendees, etc
  • Google SERP ranking improvements

Tools we will use include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Hootsuite, and Mailchimp