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Marketing Director – Kingwood, TX 77339

Written by: Leonard Parker | Houston Marketing Opportunities | 04th November

Marketing Director

Averages 30-40 hours weekly assisting the Store Director and the team with Events, Promotions, social media, and other In-store opportunities

Overall Job Scope

Our mission is to promote the brand and products of Chick-fil-A. We’re responsible for the events, promotion, and involvement of both Chick-fil-A Northpark Drive and Chick-fil-A Valley Ranch. Our goal is to create Remarkable experiences for our guests through social media and in-store engagement. We work as a team with in-store operations to

Job Responsibilities

o Schedule weekly content for Social Media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) that will engage, promote interaction among guests and promote our brand and product.

o Come up with original content and stay on top of our monthly calendar so that it’s relevant to our store and our guests.

o Use the social media content tool (provided by corporate) to schedule ready-made posts, pictures, and other trending content (Facebook only). This is an amazing tool that makes schedule content easy and fun!

o Respond to comments, messages and posts and keep our pages interactive and up to date. We may also receive complaints or special requests and will direct them accordingly.

o Assist with coming up with original ideas for monthly events (Family Nights, Special Events, National Holidays). Many times, we have a calendar of events planned well in advance. Often coming up with the idea for an event is figuring out how we can engage/involve the community, promote the product and the brand, and create a Remarkable experience for guests.

o Develop and execute a plan/run sheet for the event (Craft, Activity, Supplies, Decorations, Staffing, Operations, etc.). This includes coming up with what staffing may be needed, what we’ll need for supplies and decorations, how this will be executed, then working with operations to make sure we have communicated our plan and we have the necessary staff in place on both the operational side and the event side.

o Market and promote the event through various mediums (text, social media, email, website, store). We can plan a great event, but it doesn’t matter if no one knows or comes! We also do in-store promotion where we’ll have hand-outs and personally invite guests. Often our dining room team will assist with this, but you’ll find that guests come to know you and part of the “fun” is the guest interaction where you get to connect and personally invite them.

o Assist with execution of in-store promotions (such as text offers, events, sampling)

o Develop and execute plans for displays (Front of store/windows & inside foyer)

o Create content and update bulletin boards

o Marketing Pushes during peak times to engage with guests and have them connect with us (Text Rewards, Mobile Ordering, social media, Sampling new products)

o Quarterly Campaigns will be sent out by the corporate office. Our job is to update any promotional materials sent to the store and align our events or social media to the national campaign when appropriate.

o From time-to-time the marketing team may be asked to provide assistance with in-store operations. This is typically scheduled ahead of time when the store may know they need assistance. This may include:

§ Catering Orders (Putting supplies together for pick-ups or taking a delivery)

§ Hosting/Dining Room (A great opportunity to interact with guests while refreshing beverages, taking trays, and keeping an eye on things)

§ Running (Taking orders to tables and again interacting with guests, making sure they have everything they need)

o The Marketing team fields all donation requests or requests for the cow or Chick-fil-A at external events or opportunities.

o When donation requests have been approved, we complete a catering form and turn it in to the store so the donation may be fulfilled within operations.

o When Cow appearances have been approved, we will work with operations to schedule a person for the cow and be responsible for being the “cow handler” at an event (To get the person in and out of the suit, take pictures, be a PR presence at the event or opportunity).

o When community events have been approved, we may take our prize wheel, promotion cards or the cow and be a part of the external opportunity as a PR presence for Chick-fil-A.

o We have various partnerships with different groups. Often these opportunities allow us to host events or attend events where we may bring the cow, prizes, coupons, or engage the community and continue to market Chick-fil-A and our partnership.

o Food Distribution – We have the opportunity to give food away! Especially when we have new products. We often work with our Catering Director to target businesses or places we may want to drop off food.

o Surprise & Delight – Having the ability to “surprise & delight” guests with special promotions, freebies, showing up to schools or businesses with the cow or food, dropping off cookies or coupons, and simply creating a Chick-fil-A Surprise for guests.

o Leadership Development – The Marketing Director often does leadership curriculum with the team to help enhance work relationships, develop individual strengths, and further provide strategy for the store and team. This allows the marketing assistant to take part in this training and development as well as personal growth.

o Bridge to Operations – The Marketing Team may be the first to learn new information or product awareness coming from the corporate office. Often, we get to come up with special in-store opportunities to help promote training, product awareness and excitement among the team (then among guests). This may include running suggestive selling contests, sampling new products for the team, working with the Training Department to implement training and new product information, or coming up with creative ways to engage the team and guests.

In our kitchens, we focus on fresh and simple ingredients. And we always have. Since the beginning, we've served chicken that is whole breast meat, with no added fillers or hormones, and we bread it by hand in our restaurants. Produce is delivered fresh to our kitchens several times a week. Salads are chopped and prepared fresh throughout the day. Whole lemons are freshly squeezed in our restaurants and combined with pure cane sugar and water (yep, that’s all) to make Chick-fil-A Lemonade®. It may not be the easy way, but it's the only way we know.