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Content & Social Media Manager – Spring, TX 77386

Written by: Leonard Parker | Houston Marketing Opportunities | 25th October

We are looking for a dynamic Content and Social Media Manager to join the team. In this role, you'll develop and oversee the both blog and social media marketing strategies to ensure goals are met. You'll also act as the primary point of contact between brands and the persons.

To ensure success as a digital account manager, you should be able to implement complex, detailed digital strategies in an accurate and timely manner. Ultimately, a top-notch digital account manager should be a sociable, creative individual with the ability to interpret a persons digital needs.

Content and Social Media Manager Responsibilities:

Determining brand and digital creators needs by conducting meetings to outline their digital goals. Create digital storytelling. Developing and implementing a comprehensive digital strategy for brands. Overseeing digital creator's online presence and identifying areas of improvement and trends. Presenting effective social media strategies. Analyzing the effectiveness of digital strategies by tracking metrics such as digital creator's conversion rates. Creating and maintaining positive, long-term relationships with brands to build trust. Writing reports on digital advertising campaign performance on a monthly or weekly basis. Acting as a point of contact for clients to address any digital management queries or concerns. Keeping abreast with the digital industry and trends. Daily posting and managing on both social and blog.

Content and Social Media Manager Requirements:

Working towards or has a degree in marketing, communication, or a related field. A certification in digital marketing management preferred but not mandatory. At least 1 year of experience as a digital account manager, or a similar role. Excellent knowledge of digital best practices, marketing strategies, and social media management. Familiarity with social media and digital platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email marketing, and Google+. Create Canva storylines and on brand digital frames. Knows or is a fast learner with Wordpress. Proficiency in digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics. Good communication and interpersonal skills. Efficient in writing. Solid organizational and time management skills are a must.