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Patronize these 11 LGBTQ-owned businesses this Pride month (and every month)

Written by: Leonard Parker | Houston Business News | 18th June

Pride Month is in full swing and after a year in lockdown, what better way to celebrate than to patronize a local LGBTQ-owned business?

While many companies recognize Pride with a new rainbow paint job on their logos, this year, let's celebrate by giving back to the businesses that work hard year-round to be inclusive and serve queer clients.

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Here's a list of 11 LGBTQ-owned businesses around Houston, from fashion houses to dance studios and restaurants to yoga retreats.    

Anthony Ferrell and Alan Lett, Owners

When it comes to high-quality customized shirts, no company does it better than AF Custom Shirts. Apart from excellent apparel, Ferrell and his husband Lett provide monthly training to small businesses with videos and seminars to help them learn how to use resources that are readily available to them.

Rosa Montereal, Owner

At one of the few trans-owned businesses in the Houston area, Montereal provides top-notch haircuts at an affordable price. She is a professional master stylist, creative colorist and amazing barber. 

Christopher Barry, Owner

Buddy’s is more than just a gay bar in Houston. Buddy’s provides fantastic events every month that vary from fashion shows to steak nights, to its popular Karaoke nights. 

Michael Dorsey and Chih Lin, Owners

Chih Lin, left, and Mike Dorsey of Dumpling Dudez.

Dumpling Dudez

Looking for a unique dumpling experience? Look no further than Dumpling Dudez. Where else can you get rainbow dumplings in the Houston area? Dorsey and his husband Lin, in their cooking classes, help people create lasting memories and delicious dumplings. This is part of the magic that happens when you attend a class with the Dumpling Dudez.

Juan Quintero, Owner

HortiProcess, dedicated to the specialty coffee and tropical fruit industry, highlights tradition and culture through the gastronomy of the tropics. For Pride Month, use the promotional code PRIDE for 35 percent off.

Antonio and Diego Chiarello, Owners

This Italian café features gorgeous pastries that remind us of the beauty Italy has to offer. Diego, an esteemed chef, shares his love of his culture and homeland at La Sicilia. This establishment captures the American essence of baked goods and merges them wonderfully with his specialties from Sicily.

Charles Armstrong, Owner

JR’s Bar and Grill is one of the most talked about gay bars in Houston. Offering a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community, this establishment promotes local artists and DJs from the queer community. JR’s continues to be a destination for a good time, Pride month or not.

Perfecto Ramirez, Owner

Owned and operated by Ramirez, Sky Dreams Dance Studio provides everyone an enjoyable experience. His dance choreography encourages kids and adults to understand the importance of being responsible, committed and hard-working. By motivating local kids and adults to understand the concept of teamwork, he not only teaches them how to dance but also builds confidence and allows them to explore different genres of music and cultures.

Tamika & Lenie Caston-Miller, Owners

Tamika, left, and Lenie Caston-Miller bought the property for The Ranch Houston in January.

Annie Mulligan, Houston Chronicle / Contributor

This wellness community creates a space where BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people can feel seen, heard and empowered. The facility allows members to reconnect with nature and each other through art and yoga. In addition, they offer free and dramatically discounted services for any paid workshop or event at TRH for those who need it most. All proceeds go back to funding scholarships and education programs for the community.

Krysten Mabry, Owner

Mabry works hard to create an environment where everyone can improve themselves through the practice of yoga. With classes focusing on fitness, mindfulness and recovery, what better way to spend a Monday night? 

Julie Mabry, Owner

Julie Mabry, owner of Pearl Bar, poses for a photograph at the bar Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020, in Houston. The Human Rights Campaign awarded Pearl Bar, Houston’s only lesbian bar, funding to help preserve it during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Godofredo A. Vásquez, Houston Chronicle / Staff photographer

One of the last lesbian bars in Texas, and one of the last 21 in the U.S., the Pearl Bar serves as a hangout for many. Now with a more inclusive vibe, non-stop parties and awesome drinks, it is an environment where everyone is appreciated and accepted.