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Bill Gates invests $ 50 million in agricultural robots

Written by: Leonard Parker | Houston Business News | September 24, 2021

Bill Gates continues to invest in companies related to the environment. Now the founder Microsoft put his money into a startup that develops robots that can grow plants in a sustainable way.

According to a report Iron Ox, a Silicon Valley startup, recently managed to raise $ 50 million in a round led by the tycoon's Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

The startup is developing robots, which are integrated into a hydroponic system, which consumes 90% less water than traditional farms.

Hydroponics refers to soilless agriculture, it is a method of growing plants using mineral solutions.

“World-class investors know that humanity's most important quest is to reverse climate change. To get there, we cannot settle for increasingly sustainable crops, and we cannot ask consumers to commit to taste, convenience or value, "Iron Ox CEO and Co-Founder Brandon Alexander said in a statement. .

The robots have sensors that allow them to measure the nitrogen and acidity levels of the water, with the aim of achieving healthy plant growth. The technology company has crops of strawberries, Thai basil, and is developing those of tomatoes, parsley and coriander. Iron Ox operates farms in Northern California and, earlier this year, began construction of a new one measuring approximately 49.7 thousand square feet in Lockhart, Texas.

Bill Gates and renewable energy

Recently, Breakthrough Energy announced that it managed to raise close to $ 1 billion to develop clean energies that will be key to fighting climate change. Among the seven investment corporations are large companies such as American Airlines, Bank of America and General Motors.

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