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Anonymous Texas website for snitching on abortions get turned off

Written by: Leonard Parker | Houston Business News | 08th September

Abortion-right supporters rally at the Texas Capitol in July, before the new law was signed into law.Getty Images file photo

A mind-boggling provision in Texas' new abortion law allows private citizens to sue virtually anyone involved with helping a woman obtain an abortion. The bounty if someone successfully sues and wins is $10,000, plus attorney fees. 

In the days leading up to the law, which went into effect on September 1, an anti-abortion group launched, a website site where whistleblowers can submit details of the supposed violations, and even upload files to support their claims.

In the days that followed, the website garnered national headlines after pro-choice Americans (and TikTokers) flooded the site with false claims. Now, the website's host, GoDaddy, is giving the site 24 hours to move or the company will shut it down. 

Abortion rights demonstrators including Jaylene Solache, of Dallas, Texas, right, rally, Wednesday, March 4, 2020, outside the Supreme Court in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Jacquelyn Martin, STF / Associated Press

According to the New York Times, GoDaddy informed Texas Right to Life late Thursday that it had 24 hours to find a new hosting provider before cutting off service.

“We have informed they have 24 hours to move to another provider for violating our terms of service,” Dan C. Race, a GoDaddy spokesman, told the Times

The Times reports that GoDaddy’s rules prohibit customers from collecting or harvesting nonpublic information about anyone without their prior written consent.