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Where Exactly Do You Build and Create SEO Backlinks for YouTube?


Video Transcript for Where Exactly Do You Build and Create SEO Backlinks for YouTube?


[00:00:01] Hi there, Leonard Parker here today. I'm going to just respond quickly to a question that came in on quora about where exactly do you build and create SEO backlinks for YouTube videos. And this is a good question. But YouTube videos really aren't any different than any other web asset as long as you have either the wet the video the individual video URL the playlist URL if you're using playlists [00:00:31] or even your channel URL, you can build backlinks to those to those two to those links to those URLs the benefit of YouTube or really any Google property versus your website is that since these properties have so much Authority because they are all under the Google umbrella. You can pretty much

Throw the [00:01:01] kitchen sink at them and you won't be penalized. She won't see an issue now that's true for now that may change in the future. But for YouTube videos you can use automated link building software few popular options out. There are GSA SEO autopilot money robot. You also have Ranker X which can also provide video embeds [00:01:32] and really just build links that way, you know, of course, you can also build, you know, more legitimate manual links, but if you're really looking for a volume then go go to the automated opcode the automated route and if you don't have that software or if you know, you don't have the budget for it or to know how to use it those types of things can be found on Fiverr pretty easily and I was just sort do they differ?

Fiber providers [00:02:02] ratings The make sure that they know what they're doing. Other than that with YouTube videos. You can also embed those on two different websites. And this really technically isn't link building to the video but it does add more visibility and it does provide more options for people to view that video. So for example, if you have a website, you can embed your YouTube video onto your website [00:02:33] and that when someone actually goes to your website and Views it watch this it then that would count us of you. And so that's you know, views user engagement are also very important when you're talking about YouTube videos. There are some press release syndicates and it's imitation providers out there that will allow you to embed a video in your press release. That's a very easy way to get more.

Embeds for your YouTube videos. [00:03:03] Other than that you can also share on social media or build out what are called Web 2.0 web sites like WordPress websites Tumblr websites and so on to get more opportunities for embeds. So that's pretty much it on that part YouTube videos. I highly recommend if you're not using them in your marketing strategy to incorporate them because if you are able to Target your keywords appropriately able to get some user engagement [00:03:33] and then you also embed those videos onto your website. You can you'll see situations where you are. Your website is ranking on the first page and your video is as well. So that's exactly where you want to be because you're taking up more real estate for for that particular search query. So I hope this video has been helpful and answers your question, but feel free to reach out if you have any others. Thanks.


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