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What is the Best Way to Improve SEO? Part 5B: Importance of Relevancy for Link Building


Video Transcript for Importance of Link Building Relevancy for Houston Business Owners:


[00:00:02] Hi everyone, Leonard Parker here. Thanks for stopping by to watch the video. So in this video this video is the second part of a mini series that we're doing on link building and the first part first video I gave you just [00:00:17] a general overview of the link building process the goals of Link building for your website and your SEO campaign and just some of the some of the really high level things that you should look at when you're looking to build links to your to your company's [00:00:32] website. Now in this video, I'm going to go further in detail about one one point IA talked about in the first video which is relevancy and really present to you a framework when you're thinking about relevancy [00:00:47] for your backlinks and how you can use that framework when you're going out prospecting and looking for link building opportunities for your company's website as I said in the first

Video [00:01:02] this this series is really meant for SEO beginners. So maybe you're a business owner. Don't know much about SEO but you're really looking to improve your visibility in the Google search engine results [00:01:17] and not really meant for SEO Specialist or if you've been doing SEO for some time. So that's the case. Thanks for stopping by make sure to subscribe and you can check out some of some of our more some of our videos for more on more advanced [00:01:32] Topics in the future now just jumping right into the video. So this is a local relevancy pyramid and all credit to Nathan gots from gotcha Co this is his framework. [00:01:47] If you are looking to learn SEO he has a great course so I highly recommend that but I'm going to just kind of go over each of these different sections of the pyramid and I'm going to give you

Apple for [00:02:02] a fictional business here in Houston. So at the very top we have geo-targeted and Niche relevant. So these are basically those websites that are not [00:02:17] only targeted to your city but targeted to your specific industry. So for example, if you were a limousine driver or owner of a limousine Zim limousine company in Houston, [00:02:33] you would go after websites that are directories for Houston limousine drivers, but that's only that's the only thing that they target so those are very few and far between but when you do find those make sure that you [00:02:49] build backlink from to your website from those

The next section here is a geo-targeted. So these are links that are targeted to your city. And if you're in a huge City [00:03:04] like Houston, you can even drill down to your cert your area in the city. So let's say you have a accounting firm in West Chase West Chase. There is a Chamber of Commerce [00:03:19] and that area believe it's the Houston West Chamber of Commerce. And basically that would be a great geo-targeted backlink opportunity for you. If you were to join that chamber and get a backlink from your [00:03:34] chamber profile to your website another example, there are many Houston business directories out there online business directories out there. So you were to add your business to those directories then

[00:03:50] You know you would that would be perfect geo-targeted backlink for you. And so these first two levels they are all about Geo targeted Niche for all of this and the third level is as well. So [00:04:06] their level let's go back to the accounting firm example, let's say you're not able to find a West Chase accounting directory or website. Well, you can go after opportunities that are [00:04:21] outside your area. So if it's a national blog or a Blog that reaches a national audience and the blog is all about accounting then I would be a great Niche relevant opportunity for you. [00:04:36] So I would definitely go after that. Let's say if you if you're a plumber maybe you're a member of a national plumbers Association or Union, that would be a great website.

If you have a plumbing [00:04:51] company here in Houston, even though it's not Geo relevant. It's still relevant to your industry and the service that you offer your customers. So that's 100% natural event Now 50 percent natural event. [00:05:06] This is where things get a little different so lets you know going back to our accounting firm example, let's say that, you know, you're already exhausted all of the accounting [00:05:21] firm opportunities out there for backlinks and now you're still looking to expand your our build your backlink profile, but you are still not ranking well for your Target phrases, so at this point you might want [00:05:36] to go after some some backlinks that are not as specific to accounting but they're still you know, somewhat relevant. So a perfect example of this would be a financial

Services directory or [00:05:51] financial services website still very much related to a counseling but it's not as related or a specific as a back link or web site devoted specifically to accounting and accounting [00:06:06] firms. So that would be an example another example, if you are a restoration contractor and you've already exhausted all your restoration website backlink opportunities, [00:06:21] you can go a level higher and look at home services backlinks. So HomeAdvisor would be a great example of this and there are many homes Home Services Home Improvement websites and blogs out there. So those would be [00:06:36] all fitting here into this fourth level of the pyramid. And then finally the fifth level of the pyramid are those that it says 25% Niche relevant. So these are of course a lot more.

Roll and usually [00:06:51] these are going to be business websites. So if you have any type of business than they would be these websites will be relevant because you're also a business owner or if you're a entrepreneur coach and [00:07:07] you know, a Business website would be perfect for you. And these are you know, they're going to be at your highest level so business technology, you know, if we're going back to the geo geo relevancy [00:07:22] part, maybe these are websites that Target all of the country or all of the reason being being the the Americas. These are the lowest hanging or we say the lowest hanging fruit [00:07:37] and just as you can see in this pyramid the first backlink opportunities, you should go after those at the top here and these you should lead to the end so maybe not put as much effort or

Sources as far as money or time and [00:07:52] cities but they can definitely still help help you build a healthy and strong backlink profile to give your website more Authority now before I end the video I'm just going to write out no example. So let's [00:08:07] say you know, you are a this one. What's an example we haven't used yet. So let's say you're a bell layer Dennis.

Actually this type this [00:08:22] because my handwriting is terrible. So let's say your company your business.

let's say you sir you provide dental services to

[00:08:39] to Bel Air or residents of Bel Air

So from there.

Geo targeted [00:08:54] and it's relevant. So there just happened to be a pillar website for dentists. That would be obviously should be the first on your list.

You can even expand that and say Houston [00:09:09] website for dentists.

So this is perfect kind of going in the second level here. So geo-targeted, so it might be easier to find websites [00:09:24] for bail their businesses. And of course you can also find websites for Houston businesses.

Now we have [00:09:39] at the third level 100 and it's relevant ones percentage relevancy. So this can be website for dentists.

Let's say if you specialize in Orthodontics, no website.

[00:09:56] For or don't six don't specialists.

So this would be 100 Niche lunch percentage relevant. Now 50% [00:10:11] this relevant. This could be something like website for health professionals. I think that would be the best example so websites that Target help professionals. So maybe it's a [00:10:26] website for you know, if regardless of your area of expertise, you know somewhere where you can go blog or you can build a profile for you or your practice your dental practice and then [00:10:41] finally Niche relevancy, so website for business owners, you know, that's very general. But let's say you're a veteran so website for [00:10:57] veteran business owners or your you affiliate with some minority groups. So website

For minority business owners. These are [00:11:12] all the very, you know, you're just kind of skimming the surface on how actually how relevant they are. But these are they still apply to your business. If you know, you meet those meet those at qualifications, so [00:11:27] that brings me to the end of the video. I hope it has been helpful helpful kind of drilling down more into how I think about local relevancy and backlink relevancy. If you haven't yet make sure you subscribe [00:11:42] to see more videos like this. We're going to have a few more videos about link building and then from time to time. I also publish other videos really related to other areas of SEO. So thanks for watching and I hope to see you back soon [00:11:57] for our next video. Take care. Have a great rest of your Sunday.


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Building Relevant Backlinks Diagram (Bellaire Dentist Example)


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