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How are Press Releases Used for Content & SEO?


Video Transcript for How are Press Releases Used for Content & SEO?


[00:00:01] Good morning, sir, Leonard Parker here in this video. I'm going to respond to a question. I came across about press releases and what are the best ways to use press releases for content. And so I'm going to talk a little bit about just kind of at a high level General marketing recommendation, but then I'll drill down into the benefits of press releases for SEO later in the video now for your general kind of high level marketing strategy [00:00:31] if you just open your business or if you just open a local franchise location, or if you have started a new service or create a new product to offer your customers, press releases are a great way to let the world know what's going on in your business. I would say if you are a local based business basically if you're you serve customers and clients.

Defined [00:01:01] radius, it would be more beneficial to you to go with a local press release firm or press release firm that has connections with local media Publications. If you don't already have those connections, if you're watching this from Houston highly recommend Bernstein associates. They are a PR firm based in Bel Air and they work with clients in a variety of Industries years of experience and I've worked with them for about the past year and [00:01:31] I highly recommend them. So I'll leave the link to their website here in the video description so you can take a look. Now. Let's say if you're not local base, maybe you're a national company a software company assess company, press releases still have the same benefit. But instead of going to your local Outlets, you want to Target National Outlet. So you want to work with a firm that has connections.

With Publications [00:02:02] that have a nationwide or even International Leadership and whatever Niche or industry your product or service or software whatever is appropriate you want to make sure that that PR firm has Connections in that industry. So sometimes local PR firms. They will also have those connections. So I would just inquire and but I still press releases [00:02:32] are a great way to let the world know about sure about what's going on with your business now surely down into SEO and the benefits of press releases for SEO. So there are many articles out there and expressio experts out there that say that press releases really don't have a benefit as far as improving your or getting visibility in the search engine results pages.

And there's some truth. Well, maybe years ago. [00:03:02] You could just run a press release put the same keyword in there and Syndicate that article 100 times so that would be 100 sites linking back to your site with a keyword targeted link, but that really doesn't work anymore. In fact taking a strategy taking out approach could be more harmful to your website then beneficial but the way I use press releases is for [00:03:32] anchor text profile solution. So when you're building backlinks out to your website, there are different types of types of anchors. So anchor is simply whatever text that that website is using to link back to your site. So we just did a quick example here. Let's just go to any web page.

Let's see. That's just go to

[00:04:10] I'm going to zoom in here a bit but more so you can see.

Okay, so, let's see.

Okay, so obviously all of these links they link to other pages on the CNN website, but for this page try to stay away from politics, he had a Florida City who has to pay six hundred thousand dollars Ransom. I guess some hacker sees their computer [00:04:40] systems. So the page is that's linking to those are defined page for that. But the anchor text are using is this complete phrase. So that's pretty much an initial anchor text. So CN is CNN is a huge website, but this still applies to your site, which is probably probably a lot smaller now going back to what I was going to go over when you're building backlinks are different types of anchors that you want to include in your backlink profile. [00:05:10] So you have branded anchors

have naked urls

You have generic so that would be something like click here to learn more excetera. You have partial keyword matches. So let's say if you were a Houston family attorney, you know something and let's say your your primary keyword was Houston family [00:05:40] lawyer, you know a partial keyword match example would be Houston family law firm. So not your exact match keyword, but still very relevant to your your the services that your firm offers and then we have exact match keywords.

So this would be your Houston family lawyer. The usually these are going to be kind of [00:06:10] hide the high ticket High search volume keyword and then make a URL that's just simply your website website URL. So w-w-w dot you Stayin family and then your Brennan anchors. Let's just say your name of your firm was XYZ Houston family law. So you should when you're building out back links, you should have a mix of these different [00:06:40] types of anchors and your backlink profile and these should be be should make up certain for the percentages. So I would say you're branded anchor should be about 70 to 80% of your anchor profile Nick a URLs and a 15% and I'm just throwing this off the

So the math might not all add up your generic, you know, maybe you want to make that eight to ten percent.

your partial keyword matches

[00:07:12] Make that something around 3 to 5% Then your exact keyword matches. You want to make that one to three percent, but the key takeaway here is that your exact keyword matches. You should really save those those links for your really big backlinks. So those websites that have a very high domain Authority and they really, you know, like whatever is the top publication [00:07:42] of your industry rather than a curse on the other hand should make up the bulk of your profile and it's a lot safer because you know, if you are building your brand it only makes sense. That websites would be linking back to you with your company name. Now. How does this how does this apply to press releases? Well, press release is providing opportunities for you to really build out branded anchors for your your company's website. So when you're syndicating article, too

[00:08:12] 100 plus websites press sites, and they are linking back to you with your company name. Well that pretty much will take care of your branded anchors and then the same can be said for Nikki URL. So some press release syndication Services. They will allow you to Anchors. So I always do a branded anchor and a naked URL and that's really how press releases can help with your SEO. So why I agreed that they're not a Magic [00:08:42] Bullet, they can definitely help with anchor text diversification. Now, let's say you're a local based business. So really this applies to all businesses local and National, you know, some press release indication services will allow you to embed a YouTube video into your press release if they do I highly recommend this because those in beds they do help with the engagement for your YouTube channel, so

[00:09:13] If you are shopping for PR syndication Services, you know, that's one feature that I would look for that day. Allow you to embed videos another feature in this is more related to local based businesses is some syndication services will also allow you to embed your map. So embedding your map kind of similar to videos. It gets more exposure to your business where you are and those embeds [00:09:43] through help with your organic visibility. Now with that said if you're going to go to local route again, I highly recommend working with a local PR firm that has connections with local media. I think that's where you're going to see the best return on your investment. But even if that is out of the budget you have to you have to use a lower cost service embedding those amounts to help now in addition.

Into [00:10:13] embedding a map. I will also recommend embedding or including your name address and phone information for your business. Now this information is pretty easy to find if you type in any business, so we just said office of elution.

Okay, you see here. If you do have a Google my business you should [00:10:43] like we can help you with that if you don't but if you just type in your business name, you should see something like this here on the right hand side. This is the Google Knowledge panel. And you see here. This is your address. So you want to make sure to include all of this your business name and your phone number and usually you want to include that at the bottom of the press release and I'll be really helpful as far as a what's called an unstructured citation. So again, the more places [00:11:13] that your business information shows up on the web the more credibility and more more positive SEO signal it was sent to your business. So highly recommended and some syndication Services. They're usually open with that but they might have a specific format that they want to use for your name address and phone information for your business.

Now finally and this is somewhat of a more advanced tactic [00:11:44] but press releases can also be a way to build a I guess what you would call a lower-level kind of protection for your other link building tactics in a way you can do this is using what's order called Google stacks and Google Stacks are basically different Google properties. So Google Sheets Google Docs Google Slides pretty much the entire Google Suite [00:12:14] you basically can set those up where you can build backlinks to your site from those properties include your press release in that folder that you set up on Google Drive, so I won't go into detail about those here that can be its own separate video. But once you build out that Google stack you can thin build

Backlinks to that to that Google layer, and that way you can kind of have a mix of quality and quantity [00:12:44] when you're in advanced stages of your link building strategy. So other than that, that's how I use press releases for SEO and one last thing at one benefit of using press releases. I talked about the anchor text profile and how that should be diverse. But there's also this idea of do follow verse no follow links.

And usually press releases they're going to [00:13:14] be nofollow and it's really good to have a mix of both. So in a nutshell do follow links, they pass SEO value to your site. No follow links Stone, but no follow links are still an important part of your backlink profile because no site sites. Not are not going to link to your site 100% of the time with do follow links. That's just not natural. So having those nofollow links does add a bit of okay. This is a natural-looking backlink profile [00:13:44] now say a rough mix there would be no 8220. So 80% do follow links 20% Nofollow links. However, if you really want to dig in and figure out what your breakdown should be for do follow verse nofollow and anchor text, you know how highly recommend you look at your competition and you can use a tool like Neil Patel super suggest tool and if you do have

Budget you can go for one of the more one of [00:14:14] the premium tools that might provide more data such as a ahrefs site Explorer and Majestic SEO, so I'll link to all of those here in here in the video description, but in a nutshell, that's how I use press releases for my SEO campaigns and a highly recommended. If you are just looking how to incorporate them into your overall online marketing strategy and your SEO strategy. So, thanks and feel free to reach out if you have any questions


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