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What is Page Authority?


Video Transcript for What is Page Authority?


[00:00:01] Good morning, Leonard Parker here in this video. I'm going to go over a question. We received yesterday about page Authority and simply the person was asking what is Page Authority so patient Doherty in a nutshell is a metric created by Moz SEO moss and it basically tells you how much Authority a specific URL or page for your website has and [00:00:31] before I go into an example of that. I think it's important to differentiate the main Authority and Page Authority. So let's say we had a website here.

Let's say let's go for a chiropractor site and let's say the main Authority.

Is 45. [00:01:01] Okay and let's say this is our home page.

Then just to give you an example here. Let's say on that chiropractors website. We have something for so assume this chiropractor website. We have three pages. So it's a small website and let's say we have a page on neck pain.

[00:01:32] We have a page on.

sports injury

and we have a page on.

arthritis, so arthritis treatment

now important thing to know about the main Authority is that

[00:02:02] At the top level it's 45 and at the minute Doherty passes to each of these individual pages. So the home page has a domain authority of 45 the neck pain page the sports injuries page. I mean arthritis Pages they all have a 45 domain Authority. Now, each of these individual pages are going to have going to have a different page Authority so we can have where the home page has a page [00:02:32] Authority.


we can have the neck pain page PA of 10.

Sports Injury, then you get the point here 15 and then arthritis page has a page up page authority of 12. Okay. Now why [00:03:02] are these different so the main Authority that's pretty much going to be site wide, so it's not going to change at all for any page page Authority is different because each individual page has a different Authority and usually your home page or whatever the main pages on your website. It's going to have the highest page Authority and Mazda use they have an algorithm of how they calculate the page the dority and it's on a zero [00:03:32] to 100 logarithmic scale. So the higher you go up the higher the harder it is to continue to improve your page Authority. So to go from a page authority of 0 to 10. It's much easier than going

From a page Authority from 50 to 60. And so one of the main factors in this in this calculation all your links so the backlink profile so the website [00:04:02] as a whole has its own backlink profile. That's why it has a site-wide domain Authority but each page hat might have different backlink profiles and usually in most SEO campaigns. Most of your links are going to go to your homepage. That's why it's usually going to have the highest page Authority. But let's say the sports injuries page is a year older than the neck pain page. Well, it's just how it's had more time to collect backlinks. And so [00:04:32] if those backlinks are relevant good authority it's going to have a higher page Authority. So the easiest way to measure this is if you download dmoz Chrome bar order it's in it's

Chrome believe it's also available in Firefox. You can see here you'll just

Turn it on and you have the main Authority that's the a is 51 and then the page Authority is 51. [00:05:02] So the PA is your page Authority and you can kind of see here the links to it now to give you an example. Let's look at chiropractors here in Houston, right? So I just did a simple Google search for Houston chiropractor office. And can we go down here? Let's just look at this first website. So Advanced Houston So this specific page has a domain authority of 27 and a page authority [00:05:32] of 31. Okay. Now we look at the second result here is the same website events Houston Well, I guess they have a Houston chiropractor page and then they also have a Houston Chiropractic Center page. So as you can see the domain Authority is the same but the page Authority is different so that one had a page authority of 31. This one has a

Authority of 22. So that's a real life example and it's pretty much the same for any website out there. [00:06:02] Now the way I use page Authority. So let's say I have a you know, just using the chiropractor example, maybe I have a nationwide brand and I have offices chiropractic offices in different locations. Well, let's say I really want to have push and have a you know, more organic visibility in Texas. So that means I really need to push my Houston page. I really need to push my Dallas San Antonio [00:06:32] Austin is so on pages. And one thing I would look at is the page Authority for each of those pages and it is low compared to the competition. Then I would have a concerted effort to push more backlinks get backlinks to those individual location pages.

So that's one way to use page Authority. Now another way to use page Authority. Let's say if you're just in general doing link building guest blog posts are [00:07:02] great. They're great kind of low hanging fruit way to get backlinks to your website. And if you do your research correctly in your Outreach correctly, you can really find some great opportunities. However, guest blog posts. It's going to have a very low page Authority. It might be even one because when that post is published then it's going to it's a brand new page. So unless the website owner is building backlinks to it or promoting it on social [00:07:32] media. It's going to have a very low page story. So if you're looking at the patient's already metric, you might want to look at other link building tactics some of the most popular more popular tactics for this would be Resource page. I'll reach being inclusion be included in.

On our scholarship Pages being included on resources Pages for universities. You can also look at Niche edits where basically the website owner [00:08:02] has a age or old blog posts or some content on their website where they'll go in and update it with your link or your snippet. So that page has some Authority its Nan brand-new. You'll actually see more benefit from that backlink versus if it's a brand new blog post or guest blog posts. So just something to consider when you are doing Outreach and looking to build backlinks to your site. So hopefully this answers [00:08:32] the question and feel free to reach out if you have a need any additional clarification thanks. This has been Leonard Parker if you haven't subscribed yet subscribe to our Channel we put together similar videos like this. They lie and really looking forward to helping the business owners out there with their SEO.

And being better better able to navigate it. So take care. Have a great rest of your Wednesday.


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