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What is the Best Way to Improve SEO? Part 5D: How to Build Foundational Backlinks for Your Local Business


Video Transcript for How to Build Foundational Backlinks for Your Local Business:


[00:00:02] Good morning. Everyone Leonard Parker here happy hump day. If you're in Houston area be safe out there. Looks like it's going to be a rainy day. And just if you don't have to be on the roads don't don't go out. So thanks for tuning in for this video. Today. I'm going to continue my miniseries about link building and some different link building tactics. You can get started with for your local business whether you're in Houston [00:00:32] Austin Dallas or any city or town in the country. This would apply. So the big Focus today are your foundational backlinks and way you should approach this as think of your company of your business as a brand. So when someone Google's your your company name or your business name, not only sure your website come up, but your

Google my business profile should [00:01:02] also come up your Facebook page your Twitter account your LinkedIn your company LinkedIn profile. If you have one there are quite a few others, but what we want to do is

create or establish your company as a brand identity and brand stay win when it comes to search engine rankings. And of course higher search engine rankings [00:01:32] correlates with more traffic to your website. So to start things off you want to focus on citation. So citations are you know listings from third-party websites that basically reference your business and idea here is you know, you're if you're legitimate business, you're going to have a Google my business profile. You're going to have a profile [00:02:02] on being it's called being places. You're going to have a Yahoo business profile. You're also going to probably have a LinkedIn company profile or super Pages profile and I'll provide a tool. It's called Yaks. You can actually get a free.

And of all of your business listing, so it will show up that if you don't have a listing it will show that the listing is missing missing and if your information is incorrect, I'll also [00:02:32] show that information. So take a look at that link in the video description. And in addition to local links local citations. You also want Niche relevant citations. So let's say you're a what can we do today? Let's say you're a psychiatrist you you provide Psychiatry services to families. They're going to be [00:03:02] specific citations sites out there one that comes to mind is psychology today where if you're a psychiatrist you should have some type of presence and some of those sites are going to be premium. So you're going to have to pay to be included on the website, but those are key.

Huge when it comes to kind of building your brand and providing potential clients and customers New Opportunities or different opportunities to find you. Another example [00:03:32] would be if you provide home services, so maybe your home services contractor you clearly wants to be on HomeAdvisor because you know, they're they're everywhere and as says great exposure for your business and not only that but it's a great way to generate leads away from your website. So, you know, there are certain list. So I'll share the list of the big local citations. You should include your website on I'll also include a link that will [00:04:02] show a list of different Niche citation websites and that link is great because they keep it updated frequently. So not only that so in addition to those slits, you also want to take a look at maybe

Let's see here. Let's say let's say you're in Houston and then you know Houston you want to do a search for like Houston business directory.

[00:04:37] So you can see here. There are different sites. So looks like the Houston Chronicle. They have a directory this Houston family magazine has a directory links to Houston, you know, all these are going to be super high quality. So, you know, what I would suggest is, you know, maybe just look at the first page or to get your business on this on these sites and from there just kind of, you know move forward with some other [00:05:07] strategies, you know, there are different different searches you can do so Houston business directory is someone Houston business listening. Let's see, what's there?

She might get some of the same websites, but you also might get some new ones here.

Yeah, I don't remember seeing my houstonian on there. So yeah, I would say Houston business directory Houston business listing submit your Houston business. That's a good one. [00:05:37] I think those are all good phrases or searches to do if you're looking for those local listings. Now, let's say you want to go the niche route, which I recommend you do a combination of both and let's say let's say your electrician

Patrician submit listing Schmitt listing. Yeah

So we see here. We have a list [00:06:07] of business directory listings that are appropriate for electrician. So business directory looks like here's another one.

Electra YC seeing I think that's something from the the state of government or state of Texas website might not be a good one.

Yeah, and then you know again, you also kind of just want to do some searches. So electric [00:06:37] electrician business listing. Let's see, what's there?

okay, electrician Web 2.0 directory

Yeah, so I think you guys get the the just here so you kind of just want to play around with those search phrases and see if you can find something, you know, find some really good business directories and websites to list your business now to be honest, [00:07:07] as I say all of these won't be super high quality. So before you submit your listing your in consider paying for it, maybe just have a quick look around the website if it's a lot of garbage, so if it says that it's for electricians, but maybe you see you know,

Listings for adult video stores now it might not be a great nothing against little video stores, but I might not be the best site to list your list your [00:07:37] company on so you just looking for quality and you know, make sure that the site looks good.

So that's where I was, you know, that's pretty much it for local citations and Niche citations now brand a profile. So these are somewhat related but you know, these are websites or profiles like setting up a Facebook business page setting up a LinkedIn company profile for your company setting up a Twitter account. There [00:08:07] are different ways, especially for the social media profiles where you can connect all of these. So let's say if you're only active on Facebook, well, you can configure these to post directly to your LinkedIn or post directly to your Twitter. I won't go into that in a video. But if you do have questions on it, feel free to leave a comment here in the in the in here in this thread, but you want to make sure that you are that you are setting [00:08:37] up those types of profiles because they add to your Brand's weight in kind of just contribute to

Building your brand brand Equity online. So those are citations for ended profiles. No big thing with these with these types of websites. You want to make sure that a few things are consistent across and this is where a lot of businesses they run into trouble because they're not actively many scheana. So let's say you've been in business for [00:09:07] 15 years, you know, maybe you'll switch locations, but you're on your other profiles online. You never update your address. We're let's say you just moved into a new location, but that particular address is still associated with a no business that was there, but it's no longer there. So I see all see those types of problems all the time, but there's just a few things you want to make sure you know confirm so you want to make sure that your business name is consistent. [00:09:37] So let's say if you're Joe Blow electrician

Blessed be the name of your website. That's the name of your Google my business profile. But let's say on your Yelp profile. Your name is Joe Blow electrician. I don't know. We'll see so those are actually inconsistencies because because of the LLC at the end, so you want [00:10:07] to make sure whatever your official business name is you want to make sure that it's the exact same across all of your profiles and I would say if you already have a Google my business listing. So again, that's this guy here on the right hand side down about to show you.

So this guy here so you usually want to use this as your reference because this is probably your most important your [00:10:37] important profile. So just use your Google my business as a reference for the name and really the name the address the phone number and so on and you should be good to go. So other than business name, of course address, you know, if you're at the wrong address people can't find you who need your services and you know, that's that's not very friendly to the consumer. So let's say you're at one two, three, Maple Street. Let's say that's what's on your Google [00:11:07] my business profile, but let's say on your Yelp profile. Again. It's 123 Maple Street Suite.

100 so even though it's the same probably probably the same building adding that Suite 100 at the end is an inconsistency. So whatever your address is, basically how you receive. No, that's what you should use for your address. No phone number that's pretty clear, but make sure that [00:11:37] it's accurate across the board and then some of this.

phone number

not sure why that's not moving after way. So let's move everything down a bit. So you're so we did business name address phone number your website that's should be obvious when you want to make sure [00:12:07] you're using the same website URL on every profile and then I've also seen some things where zip code can be a factor. So again, it's probably really wouldn't be an issue unless you've done a office relocation or a relocation for your company. So just some things to keep in mind and just make sure that those things are consistent across the board and you should be fine now moving on to the press releases and you know, I see a lot in the SEO community that [00:12:37] press releases don't really have much weight but depends on how you use them. So if you're just opening your business now, I think a press release especially targeted to the local community. It's a great way to get get the word out about your

About your new business your new offering and even if you've been in business for 10 years, maybe there's a new service that you're offering or maybe you're doing an office relocation know trying to find [00:13:07] good angles to produce a press release on because that can be a great way to build exposure to your to your business, but it can also help SEO. So for your press releases you want to make sure that you know for your SEO that you're using either branded anchor text. So anchor text is just whatever texture using and a link to link to another site or what we call a naked URLs. So using [00:13:37] our friend Joe Blow as an example.

Oh a branded anchor would be Joe Blow electrician. So it's just the name of the business or it can be his name Joe Blow or whatever a naked URL just as it sounds it's just the actual URL to his website. So it can be Joe Blow I could be [00:14:10] or you know, you can add the https or HTTP in front of it where it becomes Joe Blow And those are your different variations of naked URLs. So if you are using press releases, I do recommend that you focus on just using either branded links or Nikki URL links so that

[00:14:40] Or some first you're building up your anchor text profile in addition to that, you know if you're using like keyword, so let's say Joe Blow is targeting Houston electrician as one of his key words. Usually when you tend to create a press release it's going to go out to 50 to 100. If not more outlets and having all of those backlinks using Houston electrician. It's really fishy, right? So you want to make sure that you stay away from that and there [00:15:10] are different press release services that allow you to embed a map of your your local business address. So you were just in bed this guy right here, and if that's possible if they offer that I would say go for it. Just more providing more information to your to your potential customer, and if you do have them also try to embed videos and one last thing you actually want to embed what's call your neck, so that

[00:15:40] What we just talked about your business name address and phone number.

Okay, and that will really, you know, kind of just get more exposure for for your location details. So once you're finished with citations when you're finish and bring the profiles and press releases you want to look at some other kind of affiliations that you may have. So if it be your alma mater, so for many universities, they have [00:16:10] alumni profiles where you can actually put in your profile. Of course, you'll put in which you're working on. You can even include a link to your website and that can be a great, you know, High Authority link to get for your site Charities if you're involved with any Charities or community activities, maybe try sponsoring the next event and that can be a great branding for your company. You're [00:16:40] giving Goodwill's back to your giving good back to the community and that brings Good Will and you know, if

Our sponsor you that there is a chance where you can get a link back to your to your website and in professional groups. So if you're not involved, I recommend joining like your local Chamber of Commerce or your local BNI group, if you're in any professional associations, so, you know, the electric Lech electricians [00:17:10] Association of America, I just made that up, but I think you get the point where you just want to see what's available. What's in the budget and join join what you can now before I end this video. Of course, you can do all of these things yourself, but if you're not familiar with SEO, you're never done it before now, I recommend maybe hiring a service or at least a freelancer who does have experience of building out citations building [00:17:40] all branded profiles and doing press releases. There are a lot of press release services out there. So,

I'll share a few links in the video description, but for your citations and grantee profiles is really easy to mess this up. So you want to make sure that you do it right? Otherwise, it can cost you money to get things cleaned up if you're not doing things the right way. So that brings me to the end of the video. I hope this has been helpful as you build your online [00:18:10] presence do your foundational link building. If you have any questions leave a comment below if you haven't yet already subscribe, just click the Subscribe button try to release videos like this at least a few times a week in other than that have a great and productive Wednesday. Take care.


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