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What is the Best Way to Improve SEO? Part 5C: How to Use Competitive Research for Link Building Ideas


Video Transcript for How to Use Competitive Research for Link Building Ideas:


[00:00:02] Good afternoon, everyone Leonard Parker here. And today I'm going to talk a bit about how you can do some competitor research. So you get some direction on your backlink campaign. Now, if you see that there are competitors, maybe your ranking at the bottom of page one for your company's website or maybe you're on page two or three or even further back than that then figuring out those those websites those companies that are ranking. Well for your Target [00:00:32] keywords is a great way to what to figure out kind of a game plan on how you can improve your organic visibility and get more traffic you get more leads and business through your organic Google search result and that applies to the content that they're publishing on their website. It applies to how they're doing. They're on page SEO and it also applies to their backlinks. So for today, I'm going to focus on the backlinks piece.

[00:01:02] Now for the example today, I just did some yoga few hours ago. So I'm going to yoga mood. Let's say that you're a Yoga Studio owner here in Houston. And we're going to pretend that Black Swan Yoga. These guys are your top competitor and we can see this little black bar. Here is the Moss barf and it's a Chrome extensions free if you're doing this highly recommend [00:01:32] it, but you see here, they have 103 links back to their website now, let's scroll down a bit further.

And let's say we're High over Houston. So we own a yoga Houston that studio and this is our website. It means he our website has 36 backlinks pointing to it according to Moz. So 36

[00:02:04] 103 so that's a pretty big gap. And you know, since we in our earlier video we went over how links are like links of confidence vote of confidence to your website quantity is an everything but with a gap that large we definitely need to improve our backlink profile. So so we have a few ways we can go about this. So I use Neil [00:02:34] Patel scoober suggest tool. It's a free tool gives you a lot of great information. Of course, there are also premium tools out there like ahrefs sem Rush Majestic SEO monocyte explore and so on but none of these tools are perfect. So the best way to do a back link audit of your own website and of your competitors website is to maybe other suggest using at least two or three of these tools that way you can get a

[00:03:04] Comprehensive less and if they're duplicates you can just do some magic in Excel. So and you can remove those duplicates now, let's just take a look at Moss first. So we have 103 links here.

So we have 103 links [00:03:34] but we have 46 websites linking to Black Swan and of those linking the mains we can actually see a list of those links. So we just go to in fact, I want to look at the links. So we'll just go to export CSV. Then it will take some time to have that report ready for me. So whatever Port is running we can look at so a few [00:04:04] things here. So linking the means the difference here is you can have several inbound links from the same domain. So let's say if I have a website and I was looking to linking to Black Swan Yoga. Maybe I'll link to them from their home page or to their home pay on my on my homepage and I also link to them from one of my blog.

Well that would count as two inbound links falling one linking domain. And so it's that's pretty much [00:04:34] how it works. So another something else. I want to point out here. You'll see this phrase called follow links. So follow links are backlinks to actually pass SEO Equity to your website and depending on your industry this can vary I'll also look at what my competitors are doing but a typical ratio a general ratio to go by is 80% do follow links 20% nofollow. [00:05:04] But again, it's almost impossible to get that perfect ratio, but that's a good starting point. But no follow links. They do have an important place in your SEO strategy and your backlink campaign if website just had 100% do follow links, then that's a bit unnatural and you want to make sure that your edges As Natural as possible.

With your backlink strategy, so some of those should be no follow links. So very important to not only go after do [00:05:34] follow links. So looks like I report is ready. So let's go ahead and pull that.

And one quick thing you can actually sign up for a free account on Moz. You can actually get some really good information. So just to kind of amusing today. This is my free account. You can get this pulley same reports for your for your competitor research [00:06:04] and you get 10 of these reports or 10 of those searches. I should say per month. So if you're just starting out, that could be all you need to get started.

So that's going to download.

So we have our links from us. So these are length. These are the links for our for from our top competitor Black Swan Yoga.

Let's see what we have here. So I believe this is just a preview. [00:06:35] Unfortunately, we're not able to get the full report. I think it's enough for you to get the idea. So we see here that the URLs these sort of different URLs that this particular website is gaining and then we can see the da in a PA. So the DEA is the dority of the entire website. The PA is the authority of that specific page on a website that's linking to that to that to that website. So [00:07:06] so really what all I would do here is I would go out to these different websites and if I don't have a profile or if I get There's an opportunity to get a link from that website, then I will proceed with getting that link. So that's pretty much it in a nutshell, but I also want to show you Neil Patel stool.

Would provide a longer less for us.

So, let's see here. [00:07:37] So we'll just plug in at the me here again.

Okay, so we forgot to do its thing.

Okay. So this is the main screen that you'll land on. So you see these guys they ring for quite a few keywords and they get some decent traffic [00:08:08] and they have six thousand two hundred eighty seven backlinks. So compare that to the number we saw before, I believe it was.

something around 46 I think or it was 46 referring domains and

we're ensuring Three Links so you can see just between these sheet these two tools that big gap there. So that's why I recommend using at least two [00:08:38] of the three tools to make sure that you're getting a accurate picture as possible of your backlink profile of your competitors backlink profile. Now now we have a full list of links. Let's export this 122 CSV.

Here we go.

And from there, you know, we have our item a score, [00:09:09] you know, if I was doing the campaign and I would definitely prioritize no sore from the highest amazing score to the lowest also keeping in mind the weather that backlink is snow follow or do follow but really the strategy is the same so we actually go out visit each of these websites see how they are linking to my competitor is see if I can reiterate or recreate how they got that back [00:09:39] link. So, you know see something here from Flickr. So that's probably just a picture we see something here for Eventbrite. So they probably hosted an event or sponsored event. But I am interested in is Airbnb link. That's a very good link.

So we got here.

[00:10:15] For some reason I don't know. Maybe they have a location Austin. I don't know but what's the anchor text? So the anchor tags is

Black Swan you will not calm and if you're not familiar with anchor text, that's just the actual text that's linking to their website.

[00:10:46] So I don't even see it here, but maybe you know something where we have to maybe it's on a different page or something, but nevertheless they've found a way to get a backlink from this from this particular site. So all of the backlinks, you won't be able to get some come through personal relationships or personal affiliations. But this is a great way to figure out where you should be getting backlinks now word of caution. If you're taking a strategy for your business [00:11:17] now, I would just kind of be mindful of quality. So if you see something like this, you know looks like it looks like this maybe Japanese maybe that's someone who speaks Japanese has their first language and they wrote a review on this business, but you'll see other instances where you'll see something that's not even relevant backlinks to the

Tickler into your particular industry for those I was just skip because yeah, [00:11:47] the main scorer and Authority that's important number of backlinks is important, but what's probably even more probably most important is relevancy. So if your you own a yoga studio, but you're getting you have 50 links from websites about Plumbing. Well, it might not that doesn't really fit. Maybe you specialize in you'll go for plumbers. I don't know but at the surface level that doesn't really match so you always want to make sure that you're getting relevant backlinks. [00:12:17] And even though you're with your competitor might be all ranking. You just consider that this is only one factor to that ranking and these might actually be bad backlinks that you should stay away from so just keep that in mind. So I'll share links to these tools. I've use along with a few others. I'll do a good mix of free tools and premium tools and

This video has been helpful for you as you Gear Up for your own link building campaign. [00:12:48] Thanks for watching. Take care, and I look forward to seeing you in the next video.


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