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What is Blog Commenting in SEO?


Video Transcript for What is Blog Commenting in SEO?


[00:00:00] Good morning, everyone Leonard Parker here in this video. I'm going to respond to a question. I saw on quora about what is blog commenting in SEO and blog commenting, especially in SEO circles that has a bad rap because it's a tactic that has been spammed to death and many times these blog comments. They're going to provide no follow links to your site. However, I still think that they are [00:00:30] an important part of a link building strategy of overall SEO strategy because if you're actually going out to relevant blogs and web sites in your Niche that where your Target customer your target audience is reading then, you know providing an insightful comment is a great way to build your brand equity and eventually you'll see

Now people will actually reach your comments. [00:01:00] Maybe they'll do a Google search for you or click click directly in the profile link of your comment that goes to your website. So blog comments when you're actually providing value providing unique insights and complementing the article or content where you're commenting it can go a long way in building a referral traffic source to your site and the more traffic to your site the more opportunities, you have to convert visitors [00:01:30] into new customers. So that's when blog commenting works. There is a common practice and SEO to automate this process. So there's software out there that will automatically go out to any website thats related to your keyword and might not actually be relevant and add a comment with a link back to your website.

So I think those tactics do play a role [00:02:00] in SEO. However, I would never do that and Link directly to your website instead. I will use anything automated on tier 2. So to give you a simple example.

Going to my whiteboard here. So let's say

you have this this [00:02:30] and then this and let's say

I don't know what's going on with that today. But this is your website. And then this is your Facebook page.

And then this is a automated blah coming. So this is a website where you're doing automated blog commenting. [00:03:00] So there's just put second.

It's here.

I know my handwriting is beautiful here. So, you know, I like this opportunity to show it off but and let's say okay. So now of course your Facebook business page has been set up correctly. It's going to link to your website. But if you're looking to do automated [00:03:30] blog commenting and really anything automated when it comes to backlinks, I recommend that you don't link directly to your website as your Facebook page would be but you link to that tier one of your of your your backlinks. So Facebook would be a tier-one website because it links directly to your website and by linking to it Facebook has so much Authority that even if that link is spammy, [00:04:00] it's not going to really affect the standing of your Facebook page another example of a tear.

Comments here one website would be something like YouTube. So you have a YouTube channel a LinkedIn company page. These are all examples of Tier 1 backlinks. So really the key takeaway here is if you're doing anything automated Stick it to tier 2 or lower now going back to the question. [00:04:30] So we already talked about how you can really benefit from doing manual blog commenting and what you should do. If you want to incorporate automated blog commenting and your be your link building strategy now to end this video I'm going to talk about if you have a website you're getting tons of traffic and you actually have folks commenting on your content. So in those cases those are great opportunities [00:05:02] to build backlinks to your site if these individuals have engaged with your

Onto the enough where they felt that they should leave a comment and it's a great chance that they would also link back to you. So there are few Chrome extensions out there that will allow you to scrape the comments from your comments section, but most importantly they'll allow you to scrape those links to those product those profile links that usually goes [00:05:32] back to the commenters website. And then from there you would just you know, build your Outreach list make sure that you have the contact information and then just do an email campaign where you're emailing these different individuals who come and sit on your website or your content and ask them for a backlink. It's low-hanging fruit way because they have already expressed and demonstrated interest. And as I mentioned in many of my videos backlinks, they're one of the Holy Grails of proper [00:06:02] SEO. So hopefully this video has provided some insight on blog comments.

For SEO, but if you have any other questions, I'll leave the transcript of link to the transcript here in the in my answer. You can reach out to me we can discuss more. Thanks and have a great rest of your day.


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