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What are Article Submissions for SEO?


Video Transcript for What are Article Submissions for SEO?:


[00:00:01] Hi there, Leonard Parker here. I just wanted to respond to your question about what is what our article submissions for SEO. So article submissions, they are a link building tactic that you know, it's pretty simple. You have an article. Maybe it's an article from your current site. Maybe you dropped an article just for this activity, but you submit it to different websites and the whole point of it as many [00:00:32] responders have already noticed built links and I would say it's a foundational or the tactic itself is part of a foundational strategy. But in my experience unless you're in a very, you know, uncompetitive Niche or industry or if you're in an area if if your focus on local SEO if you're in an area where there's so much competition, it's really not going to

The needle [00:01:02] you know, as other as much as other link building strategies, like guest posting link roundups, expert roundups editorial links and so on so I would say, you know, of course do it but really focus on those websites where you going to see the biggest impact and no one quick way to do that. You can install What's called the Moz bar. This is something that's available in Chrome [00:01:32] and it might be available in other browsers. I'm not sure I use it primarily in Chrome. You can see here at the very top here. I have this little black bar. This is the this is the Mounds bar and it has a PA in a DA metric and really for this activity. You're DEA. That's really what you want to focus on that. Sure domain Authority and your domain Authority basically tells you how much Authority that website has so

You see here. I'm Cora. [00:02:03] We have a domain authority of 93, which is very high. And that makes sense right chorus a very popular website. I'm sure they get tons of traffic every day and people always return to it. So you want to make sure that the main Authority that you're targeting is at least higher than your current web sites domain Authority if it's lower than it than it might not be a good Target [00:02:33] for your article submission strategy. So that's it. If you click through to the link here, I will share a few a few search queries that you can put into Google they'll help you find a good article submission websites. So one other thing that you might find more impact and it's somewhat related to article submission is setting up a Google stack.

For your blog and basically [00:03:03] this is all directed through your RSS feed. So basically what you would do is set up different triggers and a tool called if this then that I'll include a link here in the in my answer and basically whenever you post to your blog, it will automatically go to these other properties online, and I'm actually seeing in 2019 that you get more benefit from a strategy like that then using focusing solely on an [00:03:33] article submission strategy. So hopefully that that answers your question that's helpful and feel free to reach out if you have any more SEO related questions. Thanks.


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