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How to Do Link Acquisition for SEO?


Video Transcript for What is Link Acquisition for SEO?:


[00:00:02] Hi there. So I'm making this quick video to answer your question. What is link acquisition in SEO? So link acquisition simply is the process of building backlinks to your website backlinks are an important part of any SEO campaign regardless of your business type or where your business is located. If you're trying to improve your organic visibility, [00:00:32] especially in the Google search results, in other words improve your rankings as link building plays a major part in that process. So what is the link so a link is essentially a vote of confidence for your website. So to give you an offline example, let's say there are two people they both run for president of their or let's go

Say they [00:01:02] both run for class president for their high school and one person they receive 100 votes, but they receive all of those votes from their best friend. So their best friend voted for them 100 times. Whereas the other person they receive 100 votes and they actually have one vote from 100 different people. Well, obviously the person who has those 100 votes from different people they're going to win [00:01:32] the election and become the next class president. So basically and let's say let's use a different time. Let's say one person gets one vote. The other person gets ten votes. Well the votes of confidence to that person that guy or girl who receives 10 votes. They have more confidence. They're going to win the election. So quantity does matter but taking this back to back.

Links you [00:02:02] have something called referring domains or free websites and you also have backlinks. So referring domains are referring websites are the unique number of web sites that are linking back to you. So let's say if you have 100 websites linking to your website. Well, you have 100 referring domains, [00:02:32] but each website could link to your site more than once. So let's say we have five websites that link to your website two times each so total that would be ten backlinks. But what's more important is improving your number of referring domains or referring websites going back to our example, that's more votes from unique websites or you need people so very important metric.

You increase that [00:03:02] number of referring domains over time now as far as link acquisition know, how do you approach it? So let's erase this.


Let's get that out of here. So I'm going to put on a showcase my artistic skills here for a bit. So let's say that sure website.

[00:03:36] And let's say let's say it's a brand new website, right? So there's a method article way. You should go about building backlinks to your website. So if you have a brand new website, or you have a website where you've never done any SEO or any link building, there's a few things to keep in mind. You want to kind of build your link building process roll it out over time. That way nothing look [00:04:06] spammy if you were to launch your web sites today, and then tomorrow it has 100 referring domains to it. Well, unless you're already a major brand that just doesn't make sense. That's like if you decided that you want to run for president of the u.s. Today and then the next hour you have when million votes and no one's ever heard of you before that just doesn't make sense. So you want to make sure that you

Slowly build out your links over time [00:04:36] now usually example of a brand new website. There's a few types of backlinks you want to go for so social profiles.

Citations. So these are really more relevant if you're a local business, so getting your your listing on Google my business getting your listing on being places super Pages Yelp Facebook for business places like that. And you also want to [00:05:06] look at maybe having one guest blog posts. Maybe you know, you definitely want to focus more on these top two, but then having one guest blog posts and those are the main three tactics, but you can also look at press releases infographic so you can have an infographic created for something related to your business and then add that infographic to different directories online that it's up infographics. And then of course if [00:05:36] you're affiliated with any organizations, maybe your University's alumni website that can be a good backlinks to your website if you're affiliated with any

Professional or local organizations or charitable causes those are all great places to get your first backlinks from so once you've built these backlinks and your website is how the sandbox meaning you are seeing some ranking improvements. Maybe [00:06:06] you're at the bottom of the first page for non-competitive terms or on page 2 or 3. Then it's time to kick things up a notch. And so in this case, you're really want to start building a dority to your website so we can say wait so we can say

This is phase one now phase two of your link building.

[00:06:37] Want to look at some no more impactful links. So you maybe want to Double Down On guest blogs. You maybe want to do some expert roundups, you know, maybe if you have the budget you want to do some editorial post maybe, you know, not so much on that just yet. And then for those specific keywords where your ranking on the bottom of page one or Pages 2 & 3 [00:07:07] now you want to do what's called PBS sniping. So basically sending were to call pbn links private blog Network links with the anchor text of those phrases where you're on the bottom of page one and you're looking to move up to the top of page one and pbn still there. It's a controversial tactic. It's something called black hat, but you know, I'm answering your question. I want to provide all the information that I can so the challenge.

Black [00:07:37] hat is if it's not done correctly. It can really really cause Havoc for your website. So if you're not properly vetting your pbn links or you're not working with someone who has some knowledge to vet those links. Well, you can definitely fall out of the Google rankings completely and just something to be careful with and if you don't know what you're doing, I would say stick to white hat. So what we just kind of went over here [00:08:07] with the phase one and then guest blogs expert roundups and editorial post and Y hat, you know, as long as you're not over optimizing for your anchor tags or not doing anything. That's unnatural. You should be good to go now. So let's say now you're in Phase 2, you've built your backlinks and you're starting to see as soon as you publish a blog post. It's ranking right away. So that's a sign that you now have some adorable.

T [00:08:37] and E eyes of Google's algorithm. I know get a guru of them doesn't have eyes, but I couldn't think of another phrase. So what you want to do now is really go after those big backlinks. And so this would be effectively your face 3

So this is where you maybe want to double down on editorial posts. So by now see

[00:09:07] so by now if you have if your website has an authority, I think it's safe to assume that you're getting some really good website traffic. You are really making your business is growing people know about you and they're probably you know, you're probably seeing your your budget and your Revenue growing as well. So now you have more means to go out and get more high quality backlinks. So editorial post an example would be an article in Forbes [00:09:37] or Business Insider or whatever major Publications are available in your Niche or area of expertise. Now, you probably have the budget to actually go out and get those links. You also want maybe you want to look at interviews, you know, these neither be you working with a local or Niche publication and they're basically interviewing you it's a it's a feature on you and your business that's you [00:10:07] know,

One really good way other things looking at podcast interviews that still falls on their interviews, but you really want to go after those links that are you know, really difficult to obtain or really expensive to obtain. So one good way to think about that is looking at your domain Authority and your demented already basically tells you how much Authority a website has and I'm [00:10:37] using this is a free Chrome extension called Demas bar. And it shows you this da is the main authorities shows you how much Authority a specific website has and what I wrote what I would look at look at those news channels. Look at those different Niche related Publications that have a high domain Authority. And those are these are the types of links that you want to focus on during phase 3 you get you know, by all means you can do.

[00:11:07] Build these types of backlinks and Phase 1 and Phase 2, but just looking at the growth and and you know how much, you know means budget or timelines. You have to invest it might be best to go after these and phase 3, so there's also this idea when you're building links called trust power and relevancy, and I won't go too far in detail here on that. I'll share a few screenshots from a very renowned SEO expert [00:11:37] Matt Diggity, and I'll even share a link to his video, but those can really help kind of give you an idea on how to approach your link building. So that one you actually see some impact on your organic visibility and to you prevent the potential or you lower the potential of your website getting penalized. So hopefully this video has been helpful and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Take care.


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