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White Label PPC

PPC Services with a Private Label


white label ppc destiny marketing solutions


What is white label PPC, and how does it work?


Using another agency's PPC service and selling it to your clients as your own is known as white labeling PPC.


This means that you must know the ins and outs of your provider's service in order to properly market it to your clients.


It's another method to expand and develop your company without the bother of working with untrustworthy contractors or the cost of recruiting in-house. It also eliminates the need for pricey bidding and reporting tools, as well as other items that will help you better serve your clients.


Who is it intended for?


Owners of agencies who do not have the capabilities in-house to generate excellent PPC results for their clients.


If you want or need to offer PPC to your clients but don't have the time or abilities to do so, you'll profit from our tried-and-true white label solution.


However, if you're looking for a "set it and forget it" solution, we're probably not the best fit. Communication and teamwork are important to us. Consider us a strategic PPC partner!


What is included in our service?


white label ppc management destiny marketing solutions


Are you looking for a white label PPC management service?




  • Setup of Google Tag Manager
  • Setup for conversion tracking
  • Setup for call tracking and recording
  • All tracking should be thoroughly tested.
  • Each new client receives an onboarding call.
  • Setup of your reporting dashboard


Create a new account


  • Searching for keywords
  • Account structure that has been tried and true
  • Create enticing ad copy
  • Development of a landing page
  • Setting objectives
  • Setup for retargeting (When allowed by Google)


Management of Accounts


  • Weekly management checklist with 25 points
  • Account monitoring on a daily basis
  • Optimization of bids
  • Negative keyword research
  • Optimizations for devices and times of day
  • Split testing of ad copy




  • Call recording is included.
  • Dashboard for agency reporting
  • Access to the white label dashboard for clients
  • Reports are due every month.
  • Calls for evaluation on a regular basis
  • Advanced reporting is available as an option.


Proposals for PPC campaigns with a white label are available for free.


In the previous two years, our proposals have helped our Partners close over $2 million in new ad spend.


Every month, most teams spend hours preparing “hit or miss” proposals for prospects. You obtain access to our pre-sales support resources, which include free proposal building, when you become a Destiny Marketing Solutions partner.


Allow our professionals to create fully white labeled proposals for your team, allowing you to concentrate on the things that will propel your company forward... Developing relationships and closing more business are two of the most important aspects of my job.


ppc landing page destiny marketing solutions


Design of a PPC landing page


Dedicated PPC landing pages will ensure that your clients obtain the best possible conversion rates.


Sending traffic to a page that isn't designed to convert cold traffic is one of the quickest ways to guarantee poor Google Ads performance.


Each and every campaign that goes live relies heavily on the performance of its PPC landing pages. Our design team has spent years creating and optimizing high-converting landing pages to ensure that your clients receive the best results possible.


Design of a white label banner ad


With carefully created eye-catching banners, you may increase click through rates on your client's display advertising.

Display advertisements can be an effective approach to raise brand awareness or retarget past site visitors, but with attention spans at an all-time low, your clients' ads must stand out.


Our custom banner ad design solution ensures that your customer is not only noticed but also seen. Any display ad that succeeds in getting noticed will see a significant increase in click through rates and, ultimately, conversions.


What is the process of communication?


Between you and Destiny Marketing Solutions


Your monthly review call with your Destiny Marketing Solutions account director will be your primary means of communication.


These calls will be scheduled so that you can meet on a monthly basis to discuss performance, strategy, and any concerns. This allows you to ask any and all questions before diving into a particular account strategy with your specialized specialist.


Of course, if a true emergency arises that requires immediate attention, our support team will be there to assist you in putting out the fires!

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