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The Five Steps to Reselling SEO


If you work in internet marketing or website creation, you understand how critical search engine optimization is to your company's success. Users prefer organic results over paid results 70% to 80% of the time, and 93 percent of web encounters begin with a search engine query. However, establishing an SEO program demands a great amount of effort and knowledge.


Reselling SEO plans from a larger company is a better option for many small agencies to break into the industry.


To resell SEO, you'll need the following:


1. Excellent selling abilities


Surprisingly, the most important talent you'll need to resale SEO is a strong sales background. In some ways, your job is less about selling SEO services and more about selling SEO ideas; the details will be handled by others, but you must be able to communicate what SEO is and why it matters. The most crucial element of that process is how you share that expertise and the rapport you've developed with a potential client.


2. Product Expertise


You don't have to be an expert at all of the stages that make up a successful SEO campaign. However, you must be knowledgeable enough about basic SEO concepts and the methods underlying your outsourced reseller's products in order to persuade and direct your clients to the product plans that will be most beneficial to their specific circumstances. What type of material should be used? How much time and money should be spent on SEO against other processes like pay-per-click advertising and social media engagement? However, you should find an SEO reseller program that provides regular training and doesn't abandon you when you're having trouble answering those questions.


3. Training on the Platform


This is merely a procedure that you will need to follow, rather than a skill that you should already possess. White label (also known as private label) SEO services can be offered by resellers, however this is done mostly through a web-based platform. As a result, you'll need to acquaint yourself with it to the point where you can both browse it and instruct your client on how to utilize it.


4. Customer Support


Your final client will have no idea that you've outsourced the technical specifics if you use a white label SEO firm. That means both positive and negative client experiences will reflect negatively on you and your organization, so you must be proactive in providing prompt, personal, and friendly customer service.


5. Client End-of-Session Meetings


Your reseller's ability to design an effective SEO strategy is primarily dependent on the information you provide. Because your reseller will only have limited electronic communication with your end clients, one-on-one meetings should be held at least once a month to ensure that everything is still functioning properly.


Have you considered reselling white label SEO services, or do you have any fantastic SEO ideas to share? Discuss and contribute your opinions to the discussion in the comments section.