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Today, Texas is home to over 2.8 million small businesses. This inspiring figure makes Texas the 2nd largest economy in the USA and the 12th largest in the world! When we zoom into the existence and struggles of small businesses, their need for marketing and advertising agency becomes quite evident.


The market in Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, and other cities of Texas is so saturated that creating a brand identity requires input from a digital marketing agency. With top-notch digital advertising and social media marketing, businesses in Texas enhance their online presence, build public relations, reach their target audience, and improve ROI.


How does this happen? Continue reading to find out more about advertising and marketing firms in Texas!


Recognition of Digital Advertising Agencies


recognition of digital advertising agencies destiny marketing solutions


A few decades back, traditional advertising by a typical advertising agency was the center of marketing business in the United States. Soon the businesses recognized the limitations that came with traditional marketing and decided to take a step forward into marketing SEO.


The next stop was familiarizing the world with the internet. When the internet became a second home for everyone, advertising digital companies rose.


Today, the internet does not need businesses but businesses need the internet. Internet marketing, also called online marketing and digital marketing, became inevitable. Business revolves around digital marketing!


There is nothing better than knowing how digital advertising and marketing work. When you scroll through your social media feed or search for a video on YouTube, you are directly or indirectly witnessing creative advertising services of an ad agency. Very surprisingly, you are an integral part of every marketing strategy launched by an advertising agency.


Ready to see how? Let's go! 


Here Are the Different Types of Digital Advertising and Marketing!


Social Media Marketing and Advertising


social media marketing and advertising destiny marketing solutions


Social media marketing and advertising is the easiest form of digital marketing to understand and implement as well! Do you know in the USA alone there are 2.6 billion users of Facebook? Instagram and Twitter have over 130 million and 68.7 million users respectively in the USA alone. The figures are quite motivating. This is the right time to invest in social media marketing and make the most out of it!


Social media marketing involves other types of digital marketing techniques as well. In social media, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, pay-per-click marketing, remarketing, and video marketing are exclusively involved. Facebook and Instagram are award-winning platforms that every digital agency favors. On these social media platforms, you can share posts, put up ads to target an audience, and get in touch with clients.


Facebook charges $0.5 to $2 per click while Instagram charges $0.5 to $1 per click. Charges may differ depending upon the industry.


Content Marketing and Advertising


content marketing and advertising destiny marketing solutions


Do you know 58% of advertising and marketing services acknowledge the power of freshly-brewed and original written content? This makes content marketing one of the most reliable and affordable marketing services of every advertising agency in Dallas and beyond.


69% of digital marketing enthusiasts believe that content marketing is better than email marketing and PR! This shows how trustworthy content marketing is when it comes to deciding on a digital strategy for your Dallas-based service.


Both content marketing and advertising favor the budget of a small business owner in Dallas. Every business wants to run a creative yet pocket-friendly marketing campaign. Our ad agency in Texas offers content writing services for Texas businesses.


According to statistics, content marketing is 62% less expensive than social media marketing, website design, and development, graphic design, SEO, and any other digital marketing strategy in Dallas.


Website Design, Graphic Design, and Web Development


website design and graphic design destiny marketing solutions


Do you know the public relations of a business in Dallas are at risk if the loading time of a business is more than 5 seconds? It takes a visitor 0.05 seconds to create an opinion about your business website in Texas. Furthermore, if you think appearance, website design, graphics, and web development don’t matter then think again. 57% of the internet users favor not suggesting a website to others if the web design is poor and outdated. Let that sink in!


The business services you offer in Texas might be applaudable but if the web design and graphic design do not tempt the interest of the internet users, you are in trouble. Every marketing firm in Dallas, Austin, or other cities of Texas promotes the significance of website design. This is an important part of marketing SEO.


Most of the business owners focus only on the business services and targeting the audience in Texas. They don’t realize that when the audience clicks their links via a digital strategy they see an outdated web design with poor typography and irrelevant photos and graphics.


Dallas-based marketing firms provide services for web design and web development to leverage every company based in Dallas and other cities of Texas. Web design is a creative approach to marketing and one of the most important marketing services of an ad agency.


What is web design supposed to be like?  Responsive design, unique typography, format, and color, easy to navigate and cohesive design with eye-pleasing graphics, fast loading speed, and attention-seeking call-to-action (CTA) buttons are all key components of ideal web design. With creative website design and marketing SEO, every marketing firm succeeds in providing top advertising services for search engine optimization!


Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaigns


pay per click marketing campaigns destiny marketing solutions


Do you know more than 75% of businesses count on pay-per-click digital marketing strategies for their businesses? The figures are equally uplifting for the businesses in Dallas, Fort Worth, and other cities in Texas.


You must have seen the first three to four results on Google with a label of an ad. More than 40% of the browsers click on the first three Google results. Hence, advertising agencies took benefit of it and put paid ads as the first three Google results. This is how the very famous Google ads work. Now, there is a high chance for the paid ads to be clicked. More clicks mean more engagement and better conversion rates!


Advertising agencies in our great state provide services for Google ads management for Texas businesses. Would you believe that Google generates 97% of revenue from Google advertisements? Every marketer relies on this digital strategy, making it the most demanded one for the marketing of products and services.


Google Ads, the most popular PPC network, is the most successful and cost-effective digital strategy for the marketing of a company based in Dallas, Fort Worth, or anywhere else in Texas. On average, small businesses spend a budget of $9000 to $10000 on Google Ads.


A digital agency or a digital marketing and ad agency in Texas usually runs PPC campaigns on social media and search engines, mainly Google.


Email Marketing


email marketing campaigns destiny marketing solutions


Do you know that 78% of marketers observed a hike in customer engagement in the last year with email marketing? This encouraging percentage convinces other businesses in Dallas to invest in email marketing and reach their target audience. Even more encouraging is the response of email recipients. Effective and well-composed email copy convinces 59% of the recipients to make a purchase.


Digital marketing and advertising agencies provide link building services for Texas business websites. Email marketing increases the ROI by 760%! This marketing strategy of advertising agencies in Texas is all about better customer engagement and high revenue.


Digital agencies in Dallas believe in the potential of email marketing. In the era of social media marketing and traditional advertising, businesses seem to neglect the significance of email marketing. However, the strength of good email copy is admirable.


Small businesses in Texas need quick, effective, and pocket-friendly marketing solutions for their businesses. A commercial email directed into the inbox of an email user produces revenue of $40 for the expense of $1 only! Even more interesting is the lowering of cost per commercial email upon a better response from recipients. Better customer engagement, better ROI, and lower cost!


What should an email copy look like? It should be personalized and mobile-friendly with big catchy fonts, bright colors, and glossy graphics. According to a study, 94% of the email users have a smartphone on hand. Whenever the mobile buzzes they take it out to have a look at the notification. If the reader sees thick and lengthy text, they are surely going to put it back inside. Too boring! With bright and elegant colors and excellent typography and photography, you can catch their attention.


Video Marketing


video marketing campaigns destiny marketing solutions


Do you know 88% of businesses count on video production for advertising their products and services? In 2015, the percentage was only 33%! This shows an increase in interest and engagement of customers in social video marketing of a company. Marketers claim to observe a hike in the conversion rate by 80% upon incorporating an explanatory video on a landing page or web page of a business website in Texas.


Top advertising agencies in Texas find creative video production to be the most lucrative tool for advertising and marketing of products and services. Mind-blowing statistics reveal 59% of the global population, that is 4.66 billion people, have internet access. The United States alone is home to more than 300 million internet users.


Simple mathematics uncovers the marketing strategy of video production for advertising of products and services in Texas. People spend a huge sum of their time on the internet for education, work, shopping, awareness, health care, or entertainment. As long as they are browsing, they can see the videos of your business. YouTube and social media are the most reliable and cost-effective platforms for video advertising. Viewers are bound to watch. The more they watch, the more they move towards an affinity for your brand.


What should your videos be about? Be it Dallas, Austin, or Fort Worth, this question bothers every business owner in Texas. It is a global question! The secret of video production lies in interactivity and personalization. 48% of consumers want to watch advertisements about their interests. Pick sensitive issues closer to humanity, human life, interactions, and versatility. Soon, you will be among the 88% of the marketers who achieve high ROI with a video production marketing strategy.


About Destiny Marketing Solutions


Destiny Marketing Solutions is an award-winning Texas SEO company. We maintain a spotless reputation in the industry of advertising and marketing. Our services include social media marketing, social media management, web design and web development, search engine optimization, video production, content marketing, advertising campaigns, Google AdWords, graphic design, email marketing, app development, local SEO for brick and mortar businesses, and any other creative marketing strategy for every business and company located in Texas. 


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