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Why Blue Horizon Energy is opening an office in Marcus, Iowa

Written by: Leonard Parker | solar news | March 24, 2021


In an interesting move, Blue Horizon Energy, a Twin Cities-based full service clean energy development company, is opening an office in Marcus, Iowa. Why is a big-city solar provider eyeing this small town in Iowa? Local farmers and business owners in Marcus have welcomed solar and continue to drive demand in Northern Iowa and the state as a whole. Since 2009, Blue Horizon Energy has delivered hundreds of solar energy and battery storage projects for farms and businesses, and this expansion is doubling down on this focus.

“We’re very proud to expand our presence in Marcus as the foundation of our growing business in Iowa,” said Griffin Dooling, CEO of Blue Horizon Energy. “Since we entered Iowa two and a half years ago, the Marcus community has been tremendously supportive. This is a town with exceptional energy and it will continue to lead the charge as Iowa advances clean energy.”

The solar industry is growing rapidly across the Midwest and around the country as farms and businesses realize the long-term benefits of generating their own clean energy. In addition, the advancing technology and declining costs of solar energy and battery storage are making these solutions more profitable and accessible for organizations of all sizes and types.

“Integrating solar energy and battery storage into your operation is more affordable than ever, allowing businesses to invest in their financial future while also becoming more sustainable,” said Marilyn Hardy, Vice President of Business Development of Blue Horizon Energy. “In agribusiness, labor, weather, and market conditions can vary year-over-year, but solar energy offers a reliable, predictable reduction in operating expenses long-term.”

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