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Tigo Unveils New IEC-Certified Optimizer

Written by: Leonard Parker | solar news | March 26, 2021

Tigo Energy Inc., a company that specializes in Flex-MLPE (module-level power electronics), has unveiled a new version of its IEC-certified TS4-A-O optimizer which increases its rated module power to 700 W.

Tigo says the TS4-A-O optimizer has the highest per-module wattage of any commercially available optimizer on the market, enabling it to work with the newest PV technologies, including high-efficiency and bifacial modules.

“We are experiencing increased demand for our optimization solutions on large-scale PV installations which tend to use higher wattage and higher current PV modules,” says Zvi Alon, chairman and CEO of Tigo. “This lays the foundation for Tigo’s success with our MLPE family with the next generation of PV modules.”

Highlights of the 700 W TS4-A-O include:

-Maximum current: 15 A
-Maximum wattage: 700 W
-Maximum voltage: 80 V

The new product retains the same form factor as the previous generation TS4-A-O and works with the same equipment that installers are familiar with. It will be rolled out internationally beginning in Australia and South America, followed by Europe. The 700 W TS4-A-O is open for new orders with delivery expected by the end of Q2.

Photo: Tigo Energy’s TS4-A-O web page