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Schneider Electric’s XW Pro earns UL 9540 certification with AES batteries

Written by: Leonard Parker | solar news | May 25, 2021

Schneider Electric Solar and Discover Battery announced UL 9540 safety certification for Schneider Electric’s XW Pro hybrid inverter and Discover Battery’s Advanced Energy System (AES) LiFePO4 lithium battery. UL9540 certification simplifies the design and installation approval process for residential energy storage systems.

Discover AES LiFePO4 lithium batteries feature a proprietary high current Battery Management System (BMS) that easily integrates with Schneider Electric’s hybrid inverters. The battery’s internal BMS automatically sets and dynamically manages the inverter’s charge and discharge configuration, improving recharge time by up to 25% when compared with open-loop control.

UL9540 approved designs with the XW Pro for both the AES LiFePO4 7.4 kWh and 3.0 kWh battery models, which provides installers with design flexibility and paralleling options for ESS.

The Schneider Electric XW Pro connects solar and battery storage with the grid and an optional generator for backup power and energy security. The XW Pro offers backup power performance with a high overload rating (2x power). The XW Pro also provides the flexibility to match desired energy capacity with power output requirements. With the ability to select the battery size per inverter, installers can tailor the system design to the needs of their clients.

“Integrating AES LiFePO4 batteries with the XW Pro platform delivers best-in-class performance, real-time battery status, dynamic charging and data-logging for system owners,” said David Norman, VP Solar Sales, Discover Battery. “With UL 9540 certification, North American installers can be confident that the pairing of XW Pro with Discover AES LiFePO4 batteries meets the highest safety standards. Furthermore, the permitting process should now be a smooth and routine matter with the local inspector and Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).”

“As recent weather extremes tested the grid resilience in North America, we have seen paring Solar with Storage has become increasingly popular,” said Bernhard Kiechl, VP of Marketing, Research & Development, Schneider Electric Solar. “At Schneider Electric Solar, we’re focused on providing safe and reliable solutions for homeowners and business owners while making the system design and installation easy. The UL 9540 certification with Discover Battery provides another well-integrated solar and storage system combination for the XW Pro hybrid inverter with the comprehensive safety standard.”

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