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Scale Microgrid Solutions deploys modular system for Trinity Fruit Co.

Written by: Leonard Parker | solar news | December 16, 2021

By Chris Crowell December 15, 2021 View Profile

Trinity Fruit Company in California’s Central Valley features a full line of California fruits supported by a network of worldwide growers. The company is also committed to sustainable agriculture and production, outfitting their facility with motion sensor lighting and solar panels to displace nearly all of its electricity.

With zero dollars down from Trinity, Scale Microgrid Solutions will deploy their Rapid Response Modular Microgrid (R2M2), incorporating solar, energy storage, smart controls, and backup dispatchable generation to provide clean resilience and further reduce the overall environmental footprint of the facility.

“California is currently facing multiple crises including some of the largest ever wildfires and extreme heat waves leading to an energy shortage,” says Tim Hade, Co-Founder and COO of Scale Microgrid Solutions. “Because of this, we are commissioning R2M2 in California at record speed. By partnering with Trinity Fruit Company, we’re able to be a solution to the problem of increasing demand for food needing to be met with increasing energy reliability and efficiency.”

Scale is a vertically integrated distributed energy platform, with a core focus of designing, building, financing, owning and operating cutting-edge distributed energy assets that offer cheaper, cleaner, and more resilient power. Their team of energy and financing experts accelerate growth in distributed energy projects by providing financing to technology providers, energy developers, and OEMs, while also directly helping large energy-consuming customers to take charge of their energy infrastructure and future-proof their businesses.

Scale’s platform has been designed with simplicity in mind. Components are manufactured and tested off site and integrated seamlessly with the facility. Scale will build on to the existing 1320 kW solar PV system with an additional 490 kW. They will also incorporate a 1,072 kW/2,145 kWh battery energy storage system and a 1200 kW dispatchable natural gas system.

The service agreement will not only provide uninterruptible power and sustainability but will also save Trinity over $3 million dollars during the scope of the contract.

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