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PVHardware unveils solar tracker designed for large-format and bifacial modules

Written by: Leonard Parker | solar news | March 25, 2021

Large-format modules are having a major impact on the PV industry, as the increased size makes solar trackers more susceptible to the effects of wind. In this context, PVHardware (PVH) is launching Monoline+, its new solar tracker redesigned specifically to be compatible with large format modules. Its two configurations, in one-in-portrait and two-in-portrait (2P), are optimized for bifacial modules, making it compatible with a variety of modules from different manufacturers.

Monoline+ single-axis tracker from PVHardware.

Monoline+, developed with CPP in specific static and 3D aeroelastic wind tunnels, and tested at PVH’s Innovation Centre in Cheste, is a solar tracking system, that offers improved yields and adaptability in different terrains and conditions, specifically in its 2P configuration, thanks to its shorter rows.

“The current market trend is towards increasingly larger modules, with cells that produce more power, so at PVH we decided to design a solar tracker that would offer our customers the possibility of using this new generation of high-power modules with guarantees,” said Ivan Arkipoff, CTO of PVH.

According to a Wood Mackenzie analysis, the use of high-power modules will mean cost savings, with gains in energy production, dependent on the size of the module and the technology that goes with it.

“Monoline+, like all PVH products, benefits from advanced solar tracking algorithms and employs LoRa-based long-range communication technology, allowing for optimal control and tracking,” Arkipoff said.

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