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Prairie Grove, Arkansas and Entegrity turn on 498-kW solar array

Written by: Leonard Parker | solar news | April 21, 2021

A Flip the Switch ceremony by the city of Prairie Grove, Ark., and Entegrity celebrated the city’s new solar array. Entegrity designed and installed the 498-kW array that will generate $28,000 in yearly savings for Prairie Grove. The array is located onsite where the majority of the city’s energy usage occurs, the wastewater treatment plant. By pairing use of the water plant and solar array, Prairie Grove secures the future resiliency of critical infrastructure while reducing the cost of operation.

“We wanted to take charge and reduce utility expenses by being wise with our resources and taxpayer money. Our new solar array will become an exciting part of the community,” stated Mayor Sonny Hudson.

As the cost of solar energy lowers and legislation opens the market, the ability to be independent and reduce utility costs becomes available for smaller entities, making self-sufficiency worthwhile. The 2019 Solar Access Act made this project possible by allowing the city to use third-party ownership. “With this new solar array, Prairie Grove will be able to stabilize water rates for its citizens. I am happy to see the Solar Access Act I voted to pass make a positive impact on this community,” stated State Representative Charlene Fite.

“I am proud to see city officials employ their resources to improve the city’s quality of life with this solar array. The infrastructure will add value to Prairie Grove and boost Northwest Arkansas’s economic development,” added State Senator Jim Hendren.