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Pine Gate Renewables completes nearly 100 MW solar project in South Carolina

Written by: Leonard Parker | solar news | March 26, 2021

Pine Gate Renewables announced that its Centerfield Solar project in Chesterfield, South Carolina, is now online and supplying 98 MW of renewable energy to the community through its purchase power agreement with Santee Cooper.

“Centerfield Solar is a testament to the creativity and expertise of our EPC team, which skillfully executed such a large-scale project,” said Pine Gate Renewables CEO Ben Catt. “From a bird’s eye view, you really get a picture of everything that went into creating this incredible project, from stabilizing the terrain to installation of the equipment to the complete build-out of the substation.”

Under the leadership of chief construction officer Chris Dunbar and senior VP of construction Tripp McSwain, the team managed the daily logistics, construction and safety for Centerfield Solar, ultimately completing it this month. Construction began on Centerfield Solar in June 2020 and included the installation of 246,176 solar panels. Spread out over 590 acres, Centerfield Solar is a significant and unique solar footprint.

“Our team is resourceful and solutions-minded,” said Chris Dunbar. “Centerfield was a real showcase of the hard work and creativity that of our employees bring to every project.”

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