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Generac’s new load management system provides smart circuit functionality

Written by: Leonard Parker | solar news | September 21, 2021

Generac is now playing with smart circuits after launching the PWRmanager, a load management system. A physical box installed next to a home’s existing load panel, the PWRmanager increases a homeowner’s choice for accessible circuits that can use power from Generac’s PWRcell backup lithium battery.

Generac PWRmanager

Energy storage systems are typically installed to backup only the most important circuits in a home — maybe only the refrigerator, HVAC and a few smaller circuits. Whole-home backup can only be achieved using a smart loads panel. Some load management systems can boost the number of accessible circuits.

PWRmanager automates control of up to twelve 120-V circuits or six 240-V circuits, plus two thermostats.

Similar to the hardware/software combo from Lumin, the PWRmanager allows homeowners to manage their energy usage and turn circuits on or off via an app.

“A major customer pain point is that most battery systems today can only run a handful of things for a few hours or they simply lack the power output, capacity and smart load control needed to run most of the home throughout the night,” said Russ Minick, chief marketing officer and president of Energy Technology at Generac. “With the new PWRmanager, not only does the PWRcell System work harder to keep loads powered, it also works smarter than other systems.”

PWRmanager will be available for purchase beginning in Spring 2022.

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