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Solar eCommerce Google Ads Management

Google Ads are a great way to advertise your business and generate more revenue. Solar eCommerce companies should have Google Ads set up for their websites, so they can get the most out of their advertising dollars. For many businesses in the solar panel industry, Google Ads can seem like a waste of money. It can be hard to get the right people to click on your ads. Google Ads are intended to be set up in a way that will help you get the most out of your advertising dollars.

Google is one of the world's largest search engines, which means that if people don't click on your ads it doesn't mean they're not finding what they want from your site - many times this just means they aren't convinced that you're the right provider to address their needs.

Google Ads has something for businesses of all sizes by offering a range of budgets, different target audiences, and various advertising options.

Google Ads is a great way to test out different ads and see which ones get the best results for your business, all while getting data for iterative improvements.

Businesses use Google Ads as part of their digital marketing strategy because it means meeting people where they go to buy solar panels, online. Another reason Google Ads are so effective is because they’re easy to set up, and the process takes just a few minutes. The first thing you need to do is create an account with Google Adwords by signing into their website using your email address or Gmail username. Next, select “Create an ad group for this campaign.

This post will go over how to set up Google Ads for solar eCommerce brands.

How to Setup Google Ads for Your Solar Brand

The first step in setting up Google Ads is to set your pay per click (PPC) advertising budget. Google has a very detailed guide on how to do this here:

After you have chosen your budget, it's time to create an ad group based around keywords and topics related to the solar space. For instance, if we're advertising for SunPower solar panels, then our ad groups might be "Sunpower Solar" or "Solar Power." Within these groups will be keywords pertaining specifically to that topic such as “cadmium telluride” or “solar cells." Ad text should also contain relevant terms so potential customers can find your messages when searching online. In addition, company logos are recommended because they help build trust with consumers who may not be familiar with your brand.

Test Ad Copy and Landing Pages

You should create multiple versions of ad copy so that you can test which ad variation is most effective. You can also split test by location (at the zip code level) and specify dayparting (specific days and times of the week).

For your headlines, always highlight the benefit for your target customer. Keep these in mind when writing headlines for your paid search ads. "Cut Your Utility Bills Today" and "Reduce Your Carbon Footprint" are just two examples of headlines that highlight a benefit for the customer.

A landing page is an important component of Google Ads because this is where you can collect your prospects email addresses, phone numbers, and other pertinet information for your sales process.

Next consider the landing page for your solar brand's Google ads. You should optimize the landing page for conversions by including a clear and concise call-to-action (CTA) to buy solar panels or other relevant products.

Finally, follow Google's quality score guidelines to maintain your ad position and ensure that no ads are disapproved because of poor performance. The "quality" is measured according to three metrics. These three metrics include:

  • Ad relevance to the search query
  • Landing page experience (landing page is relevant and loads quickly)
  • Clickthrough rate (high CTRs are good for Google's Quality Score)

Use Google Display Ads for Your Solar eCommerce Brand

In addition to text ads, display ads can be a great strategy, especially if you are targeting commercial customers.

You can run Google display ads on Google's Display Network, allowing your brand visibility on websites within Google Partner network. You can use images and/or video with your display ads.

If you have an established Google AdWords account, you can create a display ad campaign in minutes.

The Display Network includes over two million websites and reaches 97% of internet users worldwide so it's worth exploring Google Ads for solar ecommerce brands!

Nuture Customer Relationships with Solar Remarketing Ads

The Google Remarketing List Builder allows you to create a list of people who have previously visited your website and show ads tailored for them on Google's Search Network.

This can be an effective way to convert customers when they are in the research stage or allow you to remind potential solar consumers that their specific needs would be fulfilled by buying from your eCommerce store.

Leverage Audience Targeting for Display and Remarketing Ads

If you don't have much website traffic, you can still leverage audience targeting to get your ads in front of your target customers.

Google also lets you use demographics to target Internet users as well. You can target someone based on their age, location or occupation. With Google ads you have the ability to reach out and offer a product that's been designed with specific needs in mind.

For example, if your target customer uses solar panels for boats, then you will want to advertise only to people who are interested in boating and fishing-related items

There are different dimensions you can use for audience targeting:

  • Demographics
  • Affinity Audiences
  • In-Market Audiences

Use Call Tracking for Your Google Ads

Call tracking can be a great way to track Google Ads, but you need to have your phone line set up in Google's system.

A call that comes into the business number will forward over to an extension on the same account where someone from your team is waiting for calls from customers who are looking at your website or ads and want more information.

You can customize your welcome message to fit your brand, and receive email and/or text notifications for faster followup.

Other Tips to Succeed with Your Solar Google Ad Program

Make sure to sign up for any Google Ads updates so you can get access to Google Ads beta programs and take advantage of premium customer support.

Your Google support team will help, but it's always helpful to get second opinions from a trusted Google Ads managment expert.

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