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Solar eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

The solar industry is booming. The market for solar panels has grown exponentially in the past few years, and new opportunities are emerging every day. Solar eCommerce websites have become an integral part of this growth - they provide a platform to educate customers about renewable energy resources, as well as a way to purchase products related to sustainable living. But how can you increase your conversion rates on these sites? We'll discuss how to improve your conversion rate and increase sales for your solar products.

What is conversion rate optimization? How can it impact your solar eCommerce website?

In Internet marketing, conversion optimization, or conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of finding the best possible way to turn site visitors into paying customers. CRO is a precise, careful strategy that takes into account the needs and limitations of customers, and it has been shown to be an effective way to increase sales.

Some people say that CRO doesn't work because they've tried it before with limited success. You might have different goals you are trying to optimize for with your solar eCommerce website. The truth about conversion rate optimization is that it's an iterative process. You must take a testing and experimentation approach to this CRO process. Keep an open mind with solar website conversion experiments, and take a marathon approach to your conversion and online revenue goals.

Solar Website Conversion Experiments

You might have different goals you are trying to optimize for with your solar eCommerce website. Try out these different conversion optimization experiments:

Understanding Online Store Conversion Rates

The conversion rate tells you how many visitors to your store turn into customers, and it is one of the most important metrics in Internet marketing. Research shows that a higher conversion rate will result in more revenue for your business.

How does conversion rate optimization work for solar eCommerce websites?

Your solar eCommerce conversion rate is the #1 metric to track to optimize your business for more sales. Here's exactly how to do it.

  1. Optimize your website with the KISS principle in mind. Read more about how to do this below.
  2. Create a conversion map of where customers go on your site, and optimize for conversions at those points. The solar eCommerce companies I work with often find that they need to make changes around their "Contact Us" page or shopping cart process, for example.
  3. Run A/B tests by giving half of the site visitors one call to action (CTA) versus another CTA so you can compare which conversion rate is better without making any other changes to the website design or copywriting all together. This will help you understand what type of CTA resonates best with people browsing your solar eCommerce store online.

How do you optimize conversion rate?

It starts with high search rankings on all relevant search engines like Google or Bing. This will make it easier for people to find your website and products.

Next, optimize the user experience as much as possible with a focus on improving conversions (online purchases). This could be anything from making forms shorter to removing confusing language in product descriptions.

Also consider when you're designing your site: is there anywhere where additional content can be added to make your website more user friendly for site visitors?

How Do You Calculate Conversion Rate for a Solar eCommerce Website?

This is a simple formula:

New Customers/Total Visitors X 100% = ____________.

The conversion rate for your solar eCommerce website can also be calculated based on the number of items sold per visitor to your store. This will show you how many visitors are buying something from your site, compared to the total amount of visitors who land on your website.

What is a good conversion rate for a solar eCommerce website?

This depends on your goals, but a good rule of thumb is between four and twenty five percent.

What are the Benefits of a Good Conversion Rate?

A high conversion rate means that you're not wasting time marketing to people who will never buy from you. It also indicates that customers have been satisfied with their purchase and they may be more likely to return for repeat purchases.

Why an Average Conversion Rate is Not Good Enough

You need to be doing everything possible to increase your conversion rate. Think of it this way: you have a hundred people visit your site and only two purchase anything - those two customers are worth more than the other 98 combined! So, if you can get just five or ten percent more visitors buying from you each time they land on your website, you will improvements that impact your brand's bottom line.

How to Improve Low Conversion Rates for a Solar eCommerce Website?

There are many ways to improve your conversion rates, but the following highlights a few of the key elements for quality web conversion metrics:

Create an offer and landing pages that compel people to buy. The goal is for customers to be so convinced of why they need what you're selling that they see no reason not to purchase it!

Include strong calls-to-action on every page. It might seem like overkill, but users needs to be led throughout your website.

High Credibility Factors on Your Home and Product Pages

Your credibility factors are what make or break you. They can be summed up as the confidence that your visitors feel when they know who you are, how long you've been in business, and why they should buy from you instead of someone else.

Incorporate the folllowing tips for a high converting solar eCommerce website:

  • Professional & Consistent Branding – Using a professional brand with consistent graphics and colors is usually enough to create a strong foundation of credibility with your users.
  • The Long Haul – It's not enough to have a professional website, you need to be consistent. That means posting content regularly and always keeping up with social media feeds
  • Offering Valuable Content & Best in Class Products – Providing valuable free material is one of the best ways to build trust with your users. This includes articles, how-to guides, and other supportive content. Position yourself as a partner to your customers, not a vendor.

Highly Motivated Users Drive Higher Conversions

If you want to convert your visitors into customers, motivate them. Offering free information is a great way to do this with the added advantage of boosting customer loyalty and converting at 10% (or higher!)

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