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Solar Marketing in 2022: What Companies Need to Know

Demand for solar energy is at an all-time high, but there are millions of people ready and prepared to spend their hard-earned money on your product. How can you contact those people? It is crucial to make wise marketing selections when marketing to a younger audience. I've done some research on the business of owning and operating a solar company, and know from personal experience that marketing can be a challenging task. Competition will be as strong in 2022 as it has never been, meaning it is imperative to stay on the cutting edge with innovative methods instead of continuing to use traditional marketing tactics that millions of other organizations are already utilizing. It is vital to keep the following three elements in mind if you want to provide good lead generation and end up with excellent client acquisition.

Give everyone an in-depth education on the benefits of going solar. In order to succeed in the solar market, I have discovered that teaching customers about the benefits of solar energy is crucial. A number of advantages to homeowners become apparent when they move to an energy-saving home. Those who live in the house may not realize the financial savings, which is enough to excite people into finding out more about solar energy. Additionally, I have discovered that clients are interested in learning about the physics underlying solar energy, as well as the technical details and environmental benefits associated with it.

Back in 2016 and 2017, social media was the obvious choice, since we could obtain a large number of leads for a fraction of the cost and we could promote our business solely on Facebook. Because the price of someone's ability to view Facebook ads is becoming more and more expensive, and because the ad inventory available on Facebook is over 180,000, we now find that purchasing ads on Facebook is among the most competitive advertising options.

During the past few years, we at Solar Exclusive have found the greatest method to reach out to those who might want to do business with us is by generating films. We initially put our notion to the test on some of our larger clients. With just 35% of those who were new to the site returning, the retention rate soared to 93% from those who already used the site. By harnessing the power of Google and YouTube, as well as our Facebook ads, we've been able to earn over $800 million in additional revenue.

The discovery of the great number of YouTube searches for home remodeling proved that homeowners rely on the site for those purposes. Homeowners want to be taught and aren't interested in just being told what is best for their property and budget. The solar energy business wouldn't think twice about taking advantage of the opportunity. I firmly believe that educating consumers on several social platforms, like YouTube, will continue to be the best approach to inform clients about the long-term benefits of installing solar panels in the years to come.

Stop worrying about the term free. There has to be a way to grab the attention of potential customers and entice them to try your goods. A valuable tool for any organization is the creation of a distinctive logo and brand identity. There are many ways to sell your business, but using the language you use to connect with your customers is another great method. Go ahead and let marketing firms implement your marketing strategies, while also making solar energy accessible to more potential customers. Never hesitate to use the word “free” as part of your process; it's all a part of making it easier for people to be interested in learning more about solar energy.

To meet our clients' needs, we design personalized campaigns depending on their choices. Some clients prefer not to use the word “free” in their advertisements, and that is quite OK. However, we can see that a significant portion of prospective customers, even after hearing statements like “$0 money down” or “No cost upfront,” are still puzzled. Even while in many cases homeowners perceive this as “$0 total,” or “no cost ever,” it is a misunderstanding to believe such to be the case.

No matter how well you plan, you are going to encounter challenges and opponents, and you must respond to them accordingly. You should examine whether or not you should utilize the word "free" in your marketing approach, since it can lower cost per acquisition by as much as 30-40 percent in some circumstances.

Spending money is not something to be terrified of. There is no such thing as a free lunch or free dinners for customers. Your aim is to generate adverts that help clients understand the benefits they will experience when they make a purchase of solar. Utilizing your resources across all social media, instead of only on Facebook, lets you connect with a broader audience, but this comes at a cost.

One approach for spending advertising dollars that yields solid results is finding clients who are interested in your product or service and marketing to them directly. It is possible for corporations to profit from developing a customer base faster than other companies can profit from an already-built client base.

When you educate your YouTube consumers on a site like YouTube where they already have viewers in learning mode, it is simple to encourage them to request a quote. This is when money invested in lead generation will result in new clients or customers, resulting in every dollar spent providing a profit. In order to locate suitable consumers who have a credit score high enough to handle solar power payments, and also to remove those who aren't excellent fits for solar power, you must look for clients with roofs that can support solar panels.

Due to its abundance, the future of solar energy looks brighter today than it has at any other point in history. However, as with all hot commodities, heated rivalry will ensue. There are unique approaches you can use to your marketing plan, teaching clients about the benefits of solar energy, that will allow you to outperform your competition.

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