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B2B Marketing Tactics that Get Your Solar Brand Attention

With all of the hype around solar energy, innovative approaches are the perfect way to boost your inbound marketing activities. These B2B marketing ideas pave the way for successful outcomes.


Have you ever been in a room with a lot of background noise and had a conversation? If so, you know what it's like to struggle for your voice to be heard — and you're not alone.


Navigating the field of B2B marketing for solar companies may be similar. Many other business leaders and companies willing to engage with your target audience share the digital stage with you. Some people are effective, while others find it difficult to stand out.


It's time to invest in inbound marketing if you want to get ahead of the competition. This type of marketing draws interested leads into the pipeline by providing them with information that meets their desires and needs, using a variety of methods and platforms. These eligible leads will become valued customers as you earn their confidence and gain reputation.


The numbers bear this out. Inbound marketing strategies that are properly implemented are 10 times more effective for lead conversion than outbound marketing tactics and cost less than 61 percent on average.


With all of the hype around solar energy, innovative approaches are the perfect way to boost your inbound marketing activities. These B2B marketing ideas pave the way for successful outcomes.


Idea #1 for B2B Marketing: Develop a Unique Value Proposition


What makes you so special that I should choose you? When companies visit your website or meet with you in person, they're looking for distinguishing characteristics that make you stand out from the competition.


Your value proposition is one of the most powerful ways to convey what makes your solar company special. This argument, rather than a slogan or tagline, tells prospects why they should buy from you. Your message should be simple and straightforward, with concrete outcomes in mind, and it should be prominently displayed on your website.


Perhaps your solar panels are more efficient than the industry standard. Perhaps you have more flexibility in terms of solar panel design. Here are some suggestions for incorporating these differentiators into the value proposition:


“Generate more fuel, and your cost savings will increase.”


“Get tailored strategies that help you succeed.”


B2B Marketing Idea #2: Use Keyword Research to Create Educational Content


Whether a solar installer is a novice or a seasoned pro, education is a never-ending method. They want to keep current on industry trends, get answers to frequently asked questions, and learn best practices to ensure installation success.


You can provide prospects with the tools they need — and make them more likely to select your product — by creating educational content around these topics (e.g., blogs and long-form webpages). After all, they'll regard you as an expert in the area.


Although email and social media ads can help drive traffic to your content, search engine optimization is the best way to build long-term value (SEO). Keyword research aids in the creation of a content strategy centered on keywords that are important to your market, have a high search volume, and are feasible to pursue in terms of ranking difficulty.


Consider writing a blog post that compares the types of solar panels you sell (monocrystalline) to another industry choice (polycrystalline). If you build this around the keyword monocrystalline vs polycrystalline solar panels, you'll be able to be found in related search queries.


B2B Marketing Idea #3: Collaboration with Social Media Influencers in the Field


Social networking has long been regarded as a valuable tool for increasing brand recognition, attracting consumers, increasing sales, and maintaining consumer relationships. A new project has taken shape to help strengthen these initiatives and engage with a broader audience: developing one-on-one relationships with key industry influencers.


You've also encountered social media influencers if you've seen celebrity endorsements of shoes and clothing on your social media feed. The same approach can be helpful to solar manufacturers. Connecting with a key influencer in the solar field who has gained reputation and a broad social media following can have a significant impact.


Let's take your own customer base as an example. You might ask a licensed installer with years of experience and a large network to talk about their experience with your solar products if you have one. These stories will help you reach a new audience while also providing you with additional tools to promote on your own social media platforms and website.


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