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How to Perfect Commercial Solar Lead Generation

There is no such thing as a magic bullet when it comes to commercial solar lead production. To make lead-generation activities pay off, you'll need attention and dedication.

The role of lead generation for companies focusing on the commercial solar market can be difficult. Targeting several decision makers over the course of a long sales period as consumer incentives change will jeopardize your efforts. However, if you take a systematic, integrated marketing strategy, you'll notice an increase in the quantity and consistency of incoming leads, as well as the pace at which you turn those leads to sales.

Begin with the fundamentals: Who is your most valuable customer?

A simple targeting strategy is needed to enhance the quality of leads entering your pipeline. What is the profile of your potential customer? Which sectors are the most receptive to the message of solar's cost-cutting potential? Where are the most enticing benefits, and where are consumers most likely already looking into renewable energy? Knowing what your audience reacts to — and why — will help you gain momentum with potential customers.

Simply refuse the quick fix.

It can be difficult to avoid the urge to stuff the top of the funnel with something simple and tactical, such as a one-time ad or sales bid. However, these one-time attempts almost always attract the wrong kind of leads, are inefficient in terms of ROI, and may even devalue your brand. Maintain your emphasis on your message, which should be reinforced on a regular basis with an integrated marketing plan that involves at least three of the following elements:

  • Customer case studies and solar education fuel content marketing.
  • Emails for nurturing with direct calls to action
  • Using outbound sales calls
  • Public relations on social media

Different types of consumers have different media preferences, even within the commercial solar industry. An integrated approach increases your chances of success and makes prospecting much more successful.

Patience is a virtue that pays off.

You must prepare ahead and allow yourself at least three months to see results for commercial solar lead generation to pay off. Take the time to create a high-quality target list, convincing creative, and a call script with effective messaging.

Your message can be fine-tuned during the early stages of your outreach. What are the callers picking up on? Are you getting a lot of popular questions that you can answer with nurture emails? What are the most common stumbling blocks, and how do you solve them? A successful call campaign or email marketing campaign will generate a wealth of data; keep track of it in your CRM so that your sales team understands the customer's mindset.

Rinse and repeat as required

In marketing, the rule of thumb is frequency, frequency, frequency. Before a message sinks in, it must be received (not only sent) three times. Your campaign is probably beginning to gain momentum just when you think it's getting stale. Defy the temptation to alter it!

We're here to assist you.

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