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How to Generate Commercial Solar Leads

How do the best solar installers find commercial leads?

Solar companies used to gather leads primarily through telemarketing and door-to-door sales.

However, these strategies are now proven to be excessively time-consuming in most cases, leaving them without the good impact they formerly had.

The industry's leading solar installers are now armed with technology and other resources that help them create commercial solar leads in a tenth of the time it used to take.

We'll show you two common methods in this article:

Part One: How Property Intelligence Can Help You

Part 2: Through Lead Generation Firms

  1. Using Property Intelligence to Find Solar Leads

Property intelligence is gaining traction among solar and roofing contractors since it allows you to find leads very instantly while also proactively filtering out leads that don't fit your regular project scope.

The easier it is to get your hands on a leads list, the lower the quality of the leads will usually be.

Lists available for purchase may not be specifically tailored for you and are typically priced based on quantity.

On a subscription basis, the Destiny Marketing Solutions platform allows you to freely scan any US market based on highly specific qualifications.

You have complete control while also being able to create leads rapidly and repeatedly.

Commercial Solar Leads from Destiny Marketing Solutions

Because you are chasing them down yourself in a very tailored manner, the leads you obtain on Destiny Marketing Solutions can be regarded quite special.

Imagine searching Google for “solar installer jobs near me” and receiving a list of relevant projects complete with property and owner information.

That's exactly what Destiny Marketing Solutions can assist you with.

Using the search criteria that best cater to your specific business needs is the key to establishing a solid lead list with Destiny Marketing Solutions.

The most popular search filters used by leading solar installers to win new business with property intelligence are listed below.

Recognize Opportunities in a Specific Geographical Area

Destiny Marketing Solutions has a number of geographic criteria to make sure you're only working leads in your local area.

Property listings can be filtered by state, city, county, zip code, street name, and specific address.

You can also use Destiny Marketing Solutions's interactive map to search your local area, which has Draw and Radius options to highlight certain locations.

This is especially popular among off-grid solar energy contractors who are familiar with difficult-to-connect-to-the-grid places.

All of the commercial entities in this area can be found with a quick radius draw or street input.

Property Type Leads

The Asset Type filter is the next most frequent filter used by solar installers.

You can use it to find leads based on a specific property type.

Except for single-family dwellings, Destiny Marketing Solutions comprises all assets. Make a list of multifamily leads, industrial leads, office leads, retail leads, and everything else you can think of.

For larger projects, you might look for parking lots, storage facilities, golf courses, or shopping malls.

Consider the following scenario: you primarily install solar PV for warehouses. Based on that and a variety of other industrial real estate property kinds, you can filter down your list of leads.

Identify Opportunities Based on Their Size

Obviously, you'll want to look for tasks of a specific size.

Solar specialists frequently use Destiny Marketing Solutions to find prospects based on the size of a parcel's building and lot.

This includes the ability to filter within a range of values, such as properties having a building area square footage of between $50,000 and $100,000.

Investigate a property's ownership and find out who owns it.

You can quickly find out who the owners are, as well as their contact information, once you've chosen properties that appear to be winnable proposals.

You may want to contact them right away, or you may want to file the property away as a lead to follow up on later (note: you can gather owner information in bulk across many properties).

When you find a match, you'll be able to see each owner's phone number, email address, and/or mailing address linked with the property.

In-Depth Knowledge of Owners

You can identify other properties related with a property owner if you already know their name or if you use Destiny Marketing Solutions to identify them.

This technique is popular among top solar installers since it helps them to concentrate their lead generation efforts on the largest commercial property owners and set up major projects.

This information can also be used to help you prepare a solar sales pitch.

  1. Companies that generate solar leads

Working with a lead generation business, which can source suitable projects for you, is another option for acquiring commercial solar leads.

Some businesses may provide broader, more generic lead lists, while others may provide “exclusive” leads.

It's basically a question of quantity vs. quality, which varies from one lead generation resource to the next.

The following are some of the best solar lead generation companies:


Because they service more than just solar professionals, LeadGenius provides broad solar leads to its consumers.

One way its research team finds leads is by utilizing Google Earth to locate commercial structures with at least 600 feet of Southern exposure in each given city.

The contact information for each of those buildings, including the owner and property management information for each building location, is then mined by another team.

According to LeadGenius, they can give leads with a variety of supporting data points that are tailored to the needs of solar specialists, including:

  • Demographics
  • Firmographics
  • Buying indications
  • Information about how to contact us

The annual revenue, capital events, market share, staff count, and growth rate of a company are referred to as "firmographics."

Buying signals, such as a recent change in property ownership—an important buying signal for solar installers—indicate a prospect's interest in a specific product or service.

Solar Lead Manufacturing Facility

Solar Lead Factory targets potential solar consumers and builds high-quality lead lists for solar installers to purchase using cutting-edge marketing and technology.

Depending on the kind of projects an installer is searching for, Solar Lead Factory offers both exclusive and non-exclusive solutions.

Solar Leads Providers That Offer "Exclusive" Leads

Working with a lead generation company has the potential to result in you receiving some (or many) of the same leads as another comparable company.

The value of leads is diluted as a result of this. It's possible that your competitors have already made contact with the folks on that list.

This is where the concept of "exclusive" leads comes into play—and where Destiny Marketing Solutions can come in handy.

The lead generation firms listed below promote their capacity to provide solar enterprises with exclusive leads.

  • Connexion Solutions is a company that provides connectivity solutions.
  • Connexion Solutions has a two-pronged approach to commercial solar lead generation.

The technique begins with giving solar installers with highly hands-on assistance.

They offer a full marketing strategy that includes help with all aspects of advertising, marketing, social media, and SEO.

They offer a no-risk pay-per-lead scheme in which solar installers only pay for live leads provided to their phone or email.

Each lead belongs to a single client.

Exclusivity allows you to form a more personal and meaningful connection with a lead, boosting the chances that they will convert and become a client.

In addition, Connexion Solutions offers a "100% Lead Guarantee."

That implies you'll get a refund if they send you a live lead that turns out to be a complete dud.


CraftJack is a solar lead generation firm that has compiled approximately one million leads for solar specialists.

All leads are phone-verified and quality-screened in advance.

Each expert is allocated a dedicated account manager who determines whether a lead is a good fit for that organization.

CraftJack acknowledges that their leads are not 100 percent exclusive.

Their leads are sold to up to four commercial installation businesses, but only to a small number of them.

When compared to solar leads sold to the general public, this creates a narrower pool of competition.

Choosing the Best Solar Lead Generation Strategy for You

It might be challenging to navigate the many tactics and determine what the most cost-effective resources are when trying to generate new commercial solar leads.

How can you know which strategy is right for you?

A excellent place to start is to take a step back and assess your team's resources.

Do you have the resources to bring your lead generation and business development operations in-house?

If you go this method, how consistent will your team be?

If you want to be effective in producing solar leads in-house, you might want to hire someone who specializes in that area—someone who knows how to use social media, paid media, earned media, and other methods efficiently.

Having someone entirely responsible for business development will allow you to ensure that your pipeline is consistently filled with prospective new projects.

Working with a solar lead generation firm may be worthwhile for companies who don't have the capability in-house.

When it comes to generating and converting new commercial solar leads, these companies take the uncertainty out of marketing and give consistency.

This frees up your team's time to concentrate on what matters most: engaging with property owners and installing commercial solar for them!

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