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Build Trust In Your B2B Solar Brand With Content Marketing

If you're a B2B solar business, you probably have a long sales cycle. With a longer sales cycle, you'll need to inform your prospects with content and explain why you're the right fit for their project—in other words, you'll need to establish confidence.


Is it possible to create confidence with content marketing as a B2B company? Yes, indeed.


You may be unsure which direction to take when it comes to content marketing because there are so many options. Your options in the world of B2B business would be vastly different from those in the world of B2C.


What is the reason for this? You, on the other hand, have a variety of issues to deal with. Here are several strategies for the brand trust and closing further sales:


Case studies and press releases: Use previous ventures to illustrate your ability to solve difficult business issues. Be sure to provide project statistics as well as some high-quality images to demonstrate your work.


Fact: Before meeting with a sales rep, 47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of material. (2016 Demand Generation Report)


White Papers: Educate B2B customers on important issues and emerging trends to establish yourself as an industry expert.


Search engine optimization (SEO) will help the company rank higher in Google and Bing. The following are some examples of techniques:


On-site SEO Optimization: Research keywords you want to rank for and optimize your website pages for them online, especially in blog and news posts and case studies.


Off-site SEO Optimization: Complete and optimize your company listing pages, distribute press releases, and have articles posted on other websites, among other things.


Fact: Only 29% of people choose to speak with a salesperson in order to learn more about a product, while 62% prefer to use a search engine. 2016 (HubSpot)


Nurture Your Contacts: Your contacts, whether prospects or customers, should be nurtured. Prospects for new companies, as well as customers who may return or refer others. Email marketing automation can be used to nurture contacts by sending them the most recent case study, press release, white paper, and other materials.


In comparison to non-nurtured leads, nurtured leads yield a 20% rise in sales opportunities. (2014 Demand Generation Report)


Linkedin: Use Linkedin to promote your content and build B2B relationships.


Awards, certifications, and memberships: Use association memberships, awards, and certifications to earn the confidence of potential customers.


Workshops, trade shows, and speaking engagements encourage you to meet with prospects face to face, where you can hand out brochures and collect contact details to continue the discussion.


Client List: In your solar marketing materials, prominently display your client list (complete with logos). If others have already interacted with you, you must obviously know what you're doing. This is especially useful if you want to target a specific industry.


Content Marketing: An Overview


As a B2B company, you must not only recognize the value of producing high-quality material, but you must also do so with your customers' issues in mind, including examples of how you've successfully solved the problem in the past.


Let's say one of the prospects' main concerns is that they must fulfill certain LEED criteria. You might compose a piece of educational content on the subject and conclude it with an example of how you assisted XYZ company in resolving the issue.


In the B2B world, people want to see statistics and outcomes. Your chances of making the sale increase dramatically if you provide them with the material they want to see up front.


It's no longer all about the material. You will have to look decent when doing it. As a result, if you intend to create new content, make sure it looks as professional as you do and emphasizes how your product/service best solves your prospect's problems.


Keep in mind that continuity is crucial. Content marketing is a continuous process that necessitates constant attention and care.


B2B Content Marketing: How to Get Started


Schedule a free analysis today to explore your options if you're ready to start closing more sales with B2B content marketing that creates brand confidence.


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